Mancats Monday

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I thought for this Mancat Monday I would share a trip down memory lane with Zee and his son Rolz in this video that was taken several years ago when Rolz was about 10 weeks old. What is of most interest, is that this is the first father/son bonding moment the two of them shared and you can see that Rolz was quite pleased with his bold interaction with his father.

Now, as time has moved on, Zee and Rolz really don’t wrestle any more. Zoey as Mama is more of the wrestling instigator and usually the play is reserved for the girls, Mia and Peanut. Rolz tends to be a bit of a bully and likes to fight with the older cats, Harley and Jazz, who are not part of his bloodline. But, sometimes father and son still do share time together, as seen in the below picture and they do share one common trait – they both have that stunning, regal look about them.

Zee and Rolz

Raising Awareness and a Pet Adoption Facts Video From Petco

As the seasons begin to change and we enter the month of October, we find that this is a time of awareness on many different levels. It is National Breast Cancer Month, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, National Information Literacy Awareness Month, Pit Bull Awareness Month, and Adopt a Dog Month. Read more

Just What Does Your Cat Do At Night? Secret “Cat-Cam” Gives Answer to That Elusive Question

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What happens while we are sleeping? Do the cats take it upon themselves to get caught up on reading… Maybe a classic like War and Peace, but probably more likely to be Puss in Boots!

Let’s face it, if there’s one thing we’d like to know about our cats, it’s what the heck to they do at night while we are sleeping. Do they get caught up on reading? Play poker? Watch reruns of Everyone Loves Raymond? Sometimes I will wake up and find all of them sleeping on the couch, innocent and precious looking as little lambs, yet the living room floor is covered with toys and decorative pillows and a plant will have been knocked over… Read more

Media Monday – Zee and Zoey Make the Big Time in Season 2 of the Real Housecats of the Blogosphere

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There is nothing better than being part of something wonderful and exciting, but having someone else do all the hard work!! In this case, thank you to the incredibly talented Debbie Glovatsky and her cat Katie over at the Glorgirly site for coming up with the Real Housecats of the Blogosphere concept!! Zee and Zoey are thrilled to be part of the Season 2 cast and all I had to do was send over some glossy images of the furballs and the rest is history!

Zoey is acting like an insufferable Diva, meaning that nothing has changed with her since this eposide has aired and Zee remains true to form as well – as in, completely oblivious to the entire ordeal. Poor dear, maybe one day he will catch himself on reruns…

The kids, well, lets just say there is A LOT of explaining to do. It seems Mom and Dad have been doing some cat-clubbing at night when we were all under the impression they were taking night classes to learn about the finer techniques of furniture scratching and mouse pouncing. Not to mention, my credit card has charges on it that are all now starting to make sense… Glitter Box indeed!

Check out the video to see for yourself!!

It’s Caturday – From Boston to Amsterdam!!

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Editors Note: Since we last visited Zeuss in Boston a few weeks ago, he was primarily a solitary cat in a human world. Well, he is so excited to say, that has all changed and he decided to share his story with us! As always, I love a guest post from my favorite Boston kitty!

Zeuss and his human, Sean, enjoying some outside time!

Throughout my life most of my friends have been human.  Admittedly, I’ve become fond of a few canines, but for the most part dogs don’t like to keep in touch.  Humans, on the other hand, are so easy to bond with. They play with me when I want to play, pet me when I rub up on them, and pretty much shower me with attention when I’m in their presence.  Humans just “get” me!  And I “get” them. Read more