Sleepy Cat Saturday…

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The female human insists on droning on and on about being tired… working all day then coming home at night to get caught up on emails and blogging… writing intense and informative articles about spay/neuter all month that are taking all her time… having to pay the bills and clean the house and on and on…. Dear heavens woman, get a grip. No one cares and the whole conversation is dreadfully boring. Everybody is busy and everyone wishes they had more hours in the day to get stuff done. It truly is simple… just post some pictures of what we will be doing all day Saturday and we suggest you take our advice and do the same… Sigh… humans…. why do they have to make everything so complicated? Read more

Wordless Wednesday – The Very Serious Mystery of Bird Feathers on the Floor and Cats Licking Chops…

Umm…. seriously kitties, I’m an award winning blogger with an image to uphold and have been working my little butt off all week trying to educate people about some really serious stuff – the importance of spay/neuter for kittens and dispelling the over-sensationalized cat killing birds debate that has really put our free roaming and feral cat friends in a bad light. So, what am I to think when I see feathers… yes, feathers on the floor… and why is it you are all licking your chops? I told everyone that you are good kitties and that you have never killed a bird. I demand an explanation, pronto! This simply can’t be happening… what is the world to think of you all?

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No Words Necessary – Zoey on Video Grooming and Nurturing Kizmet

I shared a post on Saturday about how incredible it was to see Zoey play and groom with Kizmet as if he were one of her own litter (if you missed it, please be sure to click here – it really was a very special and heartwarming story). She is a mother at heart and despite not immediately liking Kizmet when we first brought him home, her maternal instincts were so strong that she felt compelled a couple of short weeks later to interact, bond, and share important behavioral lessons and manners with him. On this Wordless Wednesday, I am thrilled to let you know that Dan was able to capture one of those moments on video as Zoey turns an overly aggressive playtime with Kizmet into a loving and nurturing grooming session.

Kizmet’s Korner – And So It Begins!

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I told you when I first locked eyes with Kizmet at Pet Supermarket a couple weeks ago that I did not know why he was destined to be in my life, but I felt intuitively that there was a reason. It turns out that this little guy not only stolen my heart, but he has captivated many others and has become an ambassador to promote adoptions in households that already have a cat(s) and I could not be more happy.

In his case, it’s really the pictures that tell the story and what a better way to do that than with video – pictures come to life!! In our first installment of “Kizmet’s Korner,” we share a typical day with this heart breaker as he interacts with his human and feline family!

I will forewarn you that this is a sneaky and unfair tactic – if you did not want to adopt another cat before, you will after seeing this video!! There is also a cameo appearance of Zoey on the couch with her daughter Mia – you will see firsthand what I told you about Zoey being both a growler and a loving mother as you watch her interact with Mia!

Enjoy and Happy Caturday!

A “Thank Goodness it’s Friday” Video – Zoey Style!

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This video of Zoey was taken a few years ago when she was just a youngster, but the premise is purr-fect for Friday!! She is saying, “Put down the camera, stop working, and get ready to enjoy the weekend!!”

I couldn’t agree with her more – I am exhausted from a grueling week and am looking forward to a break from the corporate world that I work in so that I can spend the weekend working on stuff I enjoy – cat stuff!!

See you tomorrow – I have a great post that I am so excited to share – it involves a book review, a giveaway, and a very special Q & A with someone who I have been a fan of since I was a little girl!!