Cat Ruler 2012 Contest

1000 Halo / Free Kibble Meals Shelter Winner, Winners, and Tiniest Tiger Tote Winner Annoucements!

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On the heels of crowning Katie of Glogirly as the official Cat Ruler of the World last week, we still have a few more announcements to make and prizes to give away. As you may recall, the dapper Austin of CATachresis was unable to win the runner-up prize of 1000 cat food meals from Halo / Free Kibble for the shelter he was campaigning for, Freshfield’s Animal Rescue, because they cannot ship outside of the U.S. and Austin is a Brit through and through.

Being the benevolent chap he is [this might be an exaggerated and unconfirmed point], he offered to donate his share of the meals to a U.S. shelter and we loved the idea so much that we asked readers to leave a comment as to which shelter they wanted to donate them to.

The response was absolutely overwhelming – so many wonderful people are grateful for all the shelters across the country and we are so glad that the drawing was random, because all the shelters are so deserving. Now that we have the winner, we decided that Austin should get to wear his tux one more time and make the announcement. We are also letting him announce all the $20.00 gift certificate winners provided by our friends at, as well as who won our Tiniest Tiger Tote from the Red Carpet Cat Twitter Party that we were part of last week.


We also decided not to tell Katie about giving this honor to Austin, but somehow I don’t think she will mind. So, please Austin, the winners are: Read more

And the Winner of Zee & Zoey’s Cat Ruler of the World Contest and Campaign for a Cause is…

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From the silly to the serious, it’s been a lot of fun following all the Cat-idates the past four weeks in Zee & Zoey’s Cat Ruler of the World Contest and Campaign for a Cause. These creative and crafty kitties entertained us day after day as they hit the political trails campaigning their furry little hearts out for the title and their respective shelter. Even though they are all winners in their own right, as ALL cats are, we need to crown who you voted to be your CAT RULER OF THE WORLD!! Drum Roll, Please…. Read more

Zee & Zoey’s Rule the World Contest – Closing Arguments and Polls are Opened for Voting!

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It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting weeks for – casting our ballet to elect the Cat Ruler of the World for 2012! For those of you that have already made up your mind, we have the link handy right here for you. But, we really, really, really hope out of respect to all involved in this election that you read the Cat-idates closing arguments BEFORE you make your final decision. We also have a few things we would like to say before the proceedings begin, but as promised, here is the link:

→ → → CLICK HERE TO VOTE ← ← ←

Okay, first of all, we would just like to take a brief moment to pay respect and tribute to all those affected by the tragedies of 9/11. From the senseless deaths of the victims, to the survivors who have to suffer the pain of remembering the day, to even the animals that were left homeless in some cases, wondering when their loving caretaker would come home for the day, of which some who never did, we give a moment of silence to all of you. Read more

Stop the Presses!! Another Myth Debunked in Zee & Zoey’s Cat Ruler of the World Contest as BarkWorld Exposes Truth…

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Okay all you cats and kittens – please be forewarned that the statement to follow may be a bit graphic and shocking and you may want to leave the room. Breaking news – Zee and Zoey are admitting to the world that they like dogs. Not just like, they love dogs!

This poorly taken image was shot in 2005 before we had a digital camera and BZ (before Zoey). We no longer have dogs, but cherish the memories of our multi-pet household. Left to right - Harley, Bandit, Zee, and Jazz.

We admit that during the course of the campaign that we may have been a bit harsh when it comes to the opinion of cats versus dogs. We remain steadfast that cats should rule the world – that fact will never change, but we also admit that dogs do make great pets and companions and that many a cat and dog can actually have a fulfilling and wonderful relationship together despite what the naysayers may believe. Read more

The Soapy Side of Zee & Zoey’s Cat Ruler of the World Contest and Campaign for a Cause

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I’ll be the first to admit it. While I am a very logical, stoic, and even keeled person who is a compulsive over-achiever and ridiculously goal-oriented to the point of driving herself to the ground, I am also a huge fan of over the top television and the flamboyant drama that comes with it. Go figure says the lady who wears leopard ears… I know who shot JR, I remember when Pam Ewing woke up during Season Ten of Dallas to find out the whole previous season was a dream, and I found it to be a very sad day when All My Children was canceled last year. I follow much of reality TV and even know the names of all the Kardashians… Read more