Just What Does Your Cat Do At Night? Secret “Cat-Cam” Gives Answer to That Elusive Question

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What happens while we are sleeping? Do the cats take it upon themselves to get caught up on reading… Maybe a classic like War and Peace, but probably more likely to be Puss in Boots!

Let’s face it, if there’s one thing we’d like to know about our cats, it’s what the heck to they do at night while we are sleeping. Do they get caught up on reading? Play poker? Watch reruns of Everyone Loves Raymond? Sometimes I will wake up and find all of them sleeping on the couch, innocent and precious looking as little lambs, yet the living room floor is covered with toys and decorative pillows and a plant will have been knocked over…

Usually I don’t even get that far. Normally when I wake up, it’s to the greeting of 14 eyes staring at me and the extraordinarily loud (and completely unnecessary in my opinion) chorus of assorted pitches of meows telling Dan and I to get up. I feel that most of them sleep with us at night, because heaven knows I don’t have any room in the bed, but do they really? I’ve already shared with you the fact that Zee will venture in and out of the bedroom all night long as he brings in his nightly homage of stuffed kill to us. Is it to ward off evil spirits or just his way of ensuring this ritual will get us up every morning so that we will feed him breakfast? Either way, he is adamant that the task must be done and I shudder to think that the world might perhaps come to an early end if he did not. Never mind the Mayan calendar predictions that the world will end this December…

The other night during the Supermoon, Dan and I decided that we needed to answer the “what the heck do they do at night while we are sleeping” question and Dan set up a night cam to document the events. What he captured on camera represents about an hour’s worth of time and was relegated to the walkway area of the bedroom. The cats were extremely curious about the camera, so I can’t really say that our findings were completely genuine, as they were a bit preoccupied with the camera and we did not see into the living room. Nonetheless, the video we captured was absolutely fascinating and I think you will thoroughly enjoy the show!!

What we found to be most surprising were two things – one, that Zee would bring his stuffed kitty (he brings in between 5 – 7 toys each night and Kitty almost always makes the cut) in and out of the bedroom several times  before it permanently settled on the floor, and two, that Jazz who I thought stuck to me like glue, actually does wander around a bit at night before he settles in with me. The only cat who remained completely predictable, was Harley. She stayed on the bed the whole night and was the only cat who did not make it on camera!!

How Zee is able to pick out his same favorite toys each and every night for his homage ritual never fails to amaze me…. just look at all the loot he has to rifle through!!

A special thank you to Debbie and Katie over at Glogirly and Kjelle Bus for sharing the PhotoFunia site so that we could have our sweet Zee grace the pages of a book with such style! And thank you to Caren Gittleman of Cat Chat for bringing it all to my attention via facebook!!!

The credits were already rolling and I thought this post was done… turns out there was one more surprise in store for us!! Seems Peanut has not taken too kindly to the toys that keep being stolen from HER basket every night and is now guarding them diligiently!!  Beware of the vicious cat!!

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  1. meowmeowmans says:

    What a great post and video! That is one busy thoroughfare you have there! 🙂