Caught Red-Pawed in the Act! Jazmine’s Caturday Indiscretion!


This was Jazmine and Kizmet minutes after they had first met. He loved her from the first moment he laid eyes on her!

Well… this is certainly awkward and embarrassing… for Jazmine. Why? Because she and Kizmet have been BFF’s since the moment Jazmine came into our home back in March of 2014. She was about 6 months old when we got her – Dan and I had gone to the Global Pet Expo in Orlando with the intention of meeting people and learning about pet industry trends, but instead came home with a rescue kitten that was not at all on our radar of things to do!! Read more

Jazmine and Kizmet – A Young Love Story of Two Old Souls

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ZZ-cover-04-lowres Most of you that follow my blog know that it was started as a direct result of my writing The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey – A Journey of the Extraordinarily Ordinary, a book about the tumultuous love story of Zee and Zoey. While my writing the book was not initially planned, getting Zee and Zoey very much was. Both cats came from stable homes and I knew their background and history from the minute they were born. Zee was given as a gift from me to Dan and a couple of years after that, we got Zoey because the timing was right.  Zee was going through a very naughty stage in his life and was misdirecting his excessive energy with Mr. Jazz who was with us at the time, as well as with Harley – neither of whom appreciated it. I had always wanted a Bengal kitten and because they were known for being extremely playful and athletic, it seemed the perfect match and solution.  Read more

Kizmet’s Korner – What Exactly do you Mean by “Being Good?”

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I don’t know about you, but I find it impossible to look at Kizmet’s sweet and precious little face without my heart melting. Our darling boy who could never do wrong turned 8 months a few days ago and he is the most endearing and intelligent cat I have ever known. We don’t know his lineage, but he has the wise mind and soul of someone who has seen other lives and traveled to faraway places. Read more

Sleepy Cat Saturday…

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The female human insists on droning on and on about being tired… working all day then coming home at night to get caught up on emails and blogging… writing intense and informative articles about spay/neuter all month that are taking all her time… having to pay the bills and clean the house and on and on…. Dear heavens woman, get a grip. No one cares and the whole conversation is dreadfully boring. Everybody is busy and everyone wishes they had more hours in the day to get stuff done. It truly is simple… just post some pictures of what we will be doing all day Saturday and we suggest you take our advice and do the same… Sigh… humans…. why do they have to make everything so complicated? Read more

Wordless Wednesday – The Very Serious Mystery of Bird Feathers on the Floor and Cats Licking Chops…

Umm…. seriously kitties, I’m an award winning blogger with an image to uphold and have been working my little butt off all week trying to educate people about some really serious stuff – the importance of spay/neuter for kittens and dispelling the over-sensationalized cat killing birds debate that has really put our free roaming and feral cat friends in a bad light. So, what am I to think when I see feathers… yes, feathers on the floor… and why is it you are all licking your chops? I told everyone that you are good kitties and that you have never killed a bird. I demand an explanation, pronto! This simply can’t be happening… what is the world to think of you all?

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