Raising Awareness and a Pet Adoption Facts Video From Petco

As the seasons begin to change and we enter the month of October, we find that this is a time of awareness on many different levels. It is National Breast Cancer Month, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, National Information Literacy Awareness Month, Pit Bull Awareness Month, and Adopt a Dog Month.

Certainly all of these causes are extremely important, but being that I am an animal advocate, I wanted to focus on Adopt a Dog Month and share a Pet Adoption Facts video put together by the Petco organization in honor of their National Adoption Reunion event taking place this October 6 & 7. Petco is already devoted to holding weekend adoption events on a regular basis, but they wanted to use the reunion as a way to celebrate forever homes pets have found, give some great gifts away, and encourage new adoptions. Please check with your local store for exact times, details and offers.

The overall message of the video is to increase pet adoptions, not just dogs, but cats  too and it also shares the positive message of the health and emotional benefits that pets bring into our lives. I love that message and one does not need a special month dedicated to the cause to understand the value and sentiment of this video year long.

I know from my growing network of friends, that many of you have gotten pets through adoption drives such as Petco and understand just how wonderful it is for services like this to be provided to the public. I shared the news that my brother and his family adopted an adult cat from Petco several months ago and if you have gotten a pet this way, I would love for you to leave a comment to share your story. I also encourage everyone to share this video – let’s get as many people as we can this weekend to go to Petco and adopt a dog, cat, or both!!

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  1. Marg says:

    Wouldn’t it be terrific if everyone went and adopted a dog or cat from a shelter. And also if everyone would just get their pets spayed and neutered. We sure would have fewer cats and dogs in the shelters.

  2. Our local Petco hosts cat rescue groups every week. who bring a few cats to be adopted. They also offer photos taken with Santa with cats or dogs for free in December.

  3. Linda says:

    I agree with Marg, spay/neuter and adopt please. Don’t forget National Feral Cat Day Oct 16 =^..^=

  4. I hope the event brings together MANY more pets and their family. But in regards to the statement on the video, “7 in 10 say they’re like family,” I just have to ask: WHAT is wrong with those other three people?? 🙂

  5. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    when R mom adopted uz, her toll de peepuls at de shelter it wood be reely nice if they were all outta a job…

    a few of em understand what her meant… but a few dinna….sew her had ta tell em; if all pets had a forever home; there wood never bee a knead for a shelter……

    N like those peepuls who werked at shelters…could bee like groomers ore dog walkers ore cat sitters insted !!

    grate videe oh petco 🙂

    hope everee one at yur houz Z & Z haza grate week oh end !

  6. Penelope says:

    Some pet stores is really wonderfuls. Kozmo was a rescue that the Humane Society had cats in and that’s how Mommy and Daddy finded him.

  7. Maxwell came to us from a PETCO adoption event. KC Siamese rescue had contacted us to tell us about him and said they’d bring him to their PETCO event the next day.

    I went to meet him, thinking “it’s too soon after Ryker, I’m not ready.” They put Maxwell in my arms…and I just began sobbing.

    He’s my special heart kitty, my deaf boy.

    So glad PETCO opens their doors to local organizations like KC Siamese Rescue.

  8. What an amazing video….one of the most impactful messages about adoption and rescue I’ve seen. Tears and tingles….oh, smiles too. Thank you so much for sharing this.
    Glogirly & Katie

  9. Brian says:

    That was just wonderful and I am so thrilled when companies like Petco walk the talk!!!

  10. Ingrid King says:

    Even though I’m not a fan of big chain stores, I’ve always liked that Petco and Petsmart support adoption and work with local rescue groups to facilitate finding forever homes for cats and dogs. This is one case where the power of a corporation is being put to good use, and it’s wonderful to see this.