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Happy Mew Year 2024 from Zee & Zoey’s Cat Chronicles

Shhhh…Don’t tell the human, but it’s us kitties – Zoey, Mia, Peanut, Rolz, Kizmet, Jazmine, and Shadow posting here! Our human is not much for New Year’s Eve celebrations, so we thought we’d hijack the blog to wish everyone a Happy Mew Year! Honestly, give her a glass of wine, some popcorn, a cat (or two, or three…) on her lap, and a marathon of Office rerun episodes to watch and she’s as pleased as punch!

Okay, guys. It’s the human here. I get it. When it comes to ringing in the New Year, I’m boring, boring, boring, and a regular party pooper. But, I can at the very least, share an over-the-top graphic I made, shimmering in fake gold and glitter to give the illusion I’m full of fun!

Thank you to our handsome Shadow for sharing his incredible eyes for this graphic.

Anyhow, all kidding aside, the cats and I wish everyone a New Year filled with peace, love, joy, kindness, and compassion. 2023 was a rough ride for many of us and we truly hope mankind can take a turn for the better.

See you in the days ahead. And by the way, just what are you planning to do to ring in the New Year? Something exciting, something low-key, or something in-between?!


It’s a Blog Hop!

ProCATstinating – Not Getting Things Done and Feline Good About It

I’m a highly goal-oriented, check-things-off-the-list-get-things-done kind of person. I’m also a vegetarian with healthy eating habits. I don’t smoke, and I try to get my 10,000 steps a day in, too. Because of that, I’ve never been much on New Year resolutions, but this new year made me realize that despite some of my better habits, I’m also great at proCATstinating about certain mundane things. For example, putting away laundry, unpacking suitcases, making the bed, and keeping the couch pillows and blankets in tidy order. Now, you caught me; I said proCATstinating, right?

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A Black Cat and Orange Cat Spell of Friendship for Halloween

Despite Shadow being with us for nearly three years (he showed up at our doorstep on November 8, 2019), the relationship he and Jazmine share is still tenuous. Granted, there are times they can be within a foot of each other without incident, as in the above photo, but those moments are few and far between, and the body language of both shows a cautious truce. They can, however, miraculously forget they are enemies when a can of tuna is opened, with them so intoxicated by the odor it renders them helpless to hissing and swatting, their typical modus operandi. But once the tuna festival is over, it’s back to stare-downs and belligerence. They can even pick each other out from our clowder of seven when everyone is in a group swarm, such as at dinner time, knowing which cat gets a paw swat to the head, and which doesn’t. Sometimes I can barely tell which cat is which, so I find that skill quite the fascinating marvel. They can get along with everyone else, just not each other.

So, for Halloween, I thought why not play a trick, and give everyone a treat? All that’s needed is a little witch’s spell and some help from Photoshop, and voila, you’ll see that anyone can be friends!

A pinch of tuna, a sprinkle of catnip, a ratty old blanket, and an empty box should do. Hocus, Pocus, throw it in the cauldron, do some fancy editing, and there you go, a Happy Meow-O-Ween to you!

Take care everyone and keep those kitties inside, safe and sound for this not-so-pet-friendly holiday.

Where is Jazmine Napping Now? The Fun of Odd Cat Habits

My office is a small, 12 x 11 square foot space. Some might describe it as claustrophobic, cluttered, and chaotic. Others, like me, would say it’s cozy, charming, and comfy. It’s home to several monitor screens, keyboards, and printers for both my personal and remote computer work needs. There are also mountains of books, photo albums, binders, cat trinkets and mementos, stuffed animals, awards, wall-hangings, a couch, lamps, desks, file cabinets, a chair, bookshelves, stacks of boxes with packing materials for my books, an exercise bike, and more. How all this fits into one room is beyond me. But it’s my space, it defines who I am, and I love it. So does Jazmine, as rarely is there a day she isn’t somewhere in the room with me. And speaking of Jazmine, did I mention the room also has a cat tree, cat beds, numerous pillows and blankets, and cat shelves on the wall? Read more

The Ordinary Life of My Cats Made Extraordinary When the Egyptian Geese Arrived

The feeding assembly line!

Life in our household of eight felines is relatively militant, especially when it comes to their morning routine and breakfast. It’s a dizzying, exhausting affair, at least for me. I wake up at 5:45 a.m. and begin my trek to the kitchen. First stop – scooping the litter boxes. If I’m lucky, it’s a quick scoop and go. Often, however, one of them will decide my scooping is a signal for them to go again, so I must wait for that pomp (or poop) and circumstance to end so I can finish. Read more