Easy Like Sunday Morning Every Day of the Week

No one in our house does “Easy Like Sunday Morning” better than Jazmine. Actually, she does it best Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning as well. When that girl is out, she’s out! Anyhow, taking a cue from her, I’m looking forward to an easy-going kind of day myself. Maybe visiting a wetlands nature park with Dan so he can practice with his new camera taking pictures of Florida wildlife. I’ll also be making a big batch of homemade macaroni and cheese so I’ll have several meals prepared in advance for the week ahead and I’ll be using up some over-ripe bananas to make bread as well. How about you all, what kind of easy-going plans do you have for today?


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Sunday Selfie – Doing Nothing Like a Cat and Feeling Good About It

Jazmine is the perfect model to share what Sunday’s should be all about…

How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then to rest afterward. I found this quote to be especially perfect to share this Sunday, for it is one of those lessons from my cats I aspire toward because they are masters at doing nothing. Relaxing does not come easy to me and I find the older I get, the more forgiving I have to be with myself. It’s a hard truth, but the fact is, I can’t possibly achieve everything I want to in one day. At least I can’t if I want to keep my health, sanity, and peace-of-mind.

So, I’m getting better at it. Walking away from the computer. Walking away from household chores and endless “to-do” lists. Walking away from self-induced stress. I went in our pool last weekend for no reason other than to bask in the beauty of the day. I read more books. I worry less about keeping up with blogging and social media and concentrating more on spending time with Dan, the cats, and my family. I’m far from perfect, but I’m getting there. I hope you all find inspiration in your cats and find some time for yourself as well today. Be kind to one another and enjoy the day!

It’s Finally Here! Makin’ Biscuits – Weird Cat Habits and the Even Weirder Habits of the Humans Who Love Them


Makin’ Biscuits by Deborah Barnes, ZZP Publishing, LLC.

It happened nearly two years ago – I got out of the shower one morning and bent over to wrap my wet hair with a towel. Moments later, I felt something land on top of my head – it was Mia, my extroverted cat who normally didn’t like close-up human contact. For whatever reason, she had decided it was the perfect place to settle for a nap. Being that I’ve had cats my entire life, I was accustomed to them doing weird things, but this was odd, even for my standards, and that’s when the idea of a book of weird cat habits formed in my toweled, cat-covered head.  Read more

Sharing Some Birthdays for Sunday-Selfie!


Happy 3rd birthday Jazmine!

Time truly does fly by. Monday was my birthday and here it is, only 6 days later, and it already feels like a month has gone by! For all of you that extended birthday wishes to me on Facebook, thank you so much. Your kindness is overwhelming and it was so nice to be spoiled like that! Due to time restraints, I wasn’t able to share this earlier, but there was another birthday this week too, only this one was far more important and exciting than mine—our sweet Jazmine turned 3 years old!! Read more

My Not So Secret Review of the Secret Life of Pets

by Deb at 12:10 AM • Cat Humor, Jazmine, Sunday Selfie22 Comments

typewriter First off, Dan and I rarely go to the movies. On Oscar night, we could watch the entire show and say to ourselves we didn’t see a single movie nominated for an award. So, when we decided to see the widely publicized Secret Life of Pets, I was excited to say the least. And just so you know, when I go to the movies, I’m the kind of person that doesn’t read reviews, preferring to appreciate the movie on its own merits without prior judgement. Quite frankly, I’m just happy to be out, so I tend to enjoy a movie for the sake of a nice evening with Dan, rather than critiquing and pulling it apart. Read more