Where is Jazmine Napping Now? The Fun of Odd Cat Habits

My office is a small, 12 x 11 square foot space. Some might describe it as claustrophobic, cluttered, and chaotic. Others, like me, would say it’s cozy, charming, and comfy. It’s home to several monitor screens, keyboards, and printers for both my personal and remote computer work needs. There are also mountains of books, photo albums, binders, cat trinkets and mementos, stuffed animals, awards, wall-hangings, a couch, lamps, desks, file cabinets, a chair, bookshelves, stacks of boxes with packing materials for my books, an exercise bike, and more. How all this fits into one room is beyond me. But it’s my space, it defines who I am, and I love it. So does Jazmine, as rarely is there a day she isn’t somewhere in the room with me. And speaking of Jazmine, did I mention the room also has a cat tree, cat beds, numerous pillows and blankets, and cat shelves on the wall?

The proof is in the photos to follow. You’ll see she’s made the room her room over the years, plunking wherever the mood best suits her for the day. Wherever it’s been, it’s always been within eyeshot of me. Until the other day when I noticed my little ginger shadow was nowhere to be found. Then I heard a strange, faint noise. Well, I’ll let you see for yourself.

This view was before I started working remotely from home. I now have three more monitors and an extra printer to take up more space!

I put a blanket on the stack of boxes so Jazmine would be more comfortable (I think I succeeded).

She’s sleeping on the same blanket/boxes, but now I’ve added more clutter, err, charm around her.

Classic cat. Sleeping on my papers and keyboard.

A cat bed just for Jazmine. This is on top of my office couch.

Then there are the times it’s nicer to nap on the couch without a cat bed.

Even when I exercise (which is not often), Jazmine is at my feet.

Heck, if I’m not going to use my exercise bike, Jazmine says she will.

Since Jazmine is the cover cat for the book, Makin’ Biscuits, she figures why not nap on the boxes they came in.

If one is not in the mood for a box, bed, or couch, there is always a wall to hang out on.

A cat tree makes a nice place to hang out, too.

I think I made my case quite clear. There are many, many places for Jazmine to comfortably nap. So when I heard a strange, faint noise I had to investigate. This is what I found:

Yup, it was Jazmine, lightly snoring. She was sound asleep on the floor underneath a folding table that is situated between a corner wall (with my Alexa on top of it), a couch, numerous cords, and assorted chaos. But, there was also a towel on the floor (it’s there so bird and squirrel watching can be done in comfort), so I guess if you build it, she will come. And honestly, she was clearly happy as a clam and completely content.

What are some of the strange places your cat sleeps, despite having all sorts of creature comforts around him or her? Oh, and if you enjoy odd cat habits, Jazmine says don’t forget to check out her award-winning book, Makin’ Biscuits – Weird Cat Habits and the Even Weirder Habits of the Humans Who Love Them.

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  1. She is very sweet. Flynn was always with me wherever I was, usually stretched out on the desk in front of the monitor. I often had to use my leg as a mouse mat so I didn’t disturb him.
    Eric liked to curl up in the back corner of the desk with his head resting on the old landline phone. It was rarely used but if someone did ring us on it, it would frighten the life out of him! He still slept on it though, but strangely hated the cell phones.

  2. Jo Singer says:

    I loved your post this morning. I so enjoyed the virtual visit with you and beautiful Jasmine.

    Speaking of odd places to sleep- I’m sure you must remember Dr. Hush Puppy- our remarkable Butisattva Oriental Shorthair who very well might have been the resurrected spirit of Ferdinand the Bull- his peaceful nature and his many hours of meditative naps several times a day, along with his not so “spiritual” brother Sir Hubble Pinkerton were the great joys for my husband Marty and me. Puppy was one of the most inquisitive cats we had ever had the pleasure of being owned by. Shortly after we moved to Florida into our “huge” 2’500 square foot house- more than twice the size of our small house in New York, Puppy spent hours exploring his new digs, climbing onto closet shelves, opening cabinets and learning how to open all the doors in our house. Those push down handles were no challenge for such a curious, intelligent cat. And e had to replace them all with round doorknobs which frustrated poor Puppy.

    He spent a lot of time sleeping on top of our brand new refrigerator, trying ever so hard to be careful never to drop anything onto the floor from his lofty perch. But he soon got tired of having to be so cautious – that was tiring enough, so off to find another special place where his meditative naps wouldn’t be a problem. He quickly learned he could jump from one of the bathroom sinks to the window located at the top of our shower stall. From there, he could leap into the master bedroom closet with its plethora of perfectly placed shelves; the consumer getaway spot for him to practice his meditations. It took me awhile to discover his new hang out spot- but I never let Puppy know that I had found it. I was incredibly relieved that a careless cable guy working on our wi-fi service hadn’t let Puppy out by accident.

    • Deb says:

      What a wonderful peek into the world of your beloved Puppy and his many discovered meditative hangouts! This is such a fun post, especially reading the comments from people like you!

  3. jmuhj says:

    Small office? Check. Weight bench and weights? Check. Cat-themed stuff? CHECK. Books, peripherals, cat tunnel, and much, much more? Check! It’s where Elvis and I spend almost all of all our days. He alternates between my lap, the tunnel, under the desk, and out and about.

  4. that looks so similar to what my “office” was when I actually used it at home lol (minus the extra monitors and exact same work area). I have TONS of cat art, books, photos, cat trinkets etc. When Cody was alive he used to LOVE to sleep on the printer. Roary can usually be found on the couch, cat tree, chair or….he does use the same bed that both Angels Bobo and Cody used.

    • Deb says:

      That’s sweet, Caren. And speaking of Cody, if you look closely at the first picture, you will see a Cat Chat with Caren and Cody sticker!

  5. The J-Cats says:

    Mummy’s office/study/library is the one room in the house where We are not allowed, under ANY circumstances.
    Hmmm – now We feel We have been offered a challenge (mol).

  6. Brian Frum says:

    Jazmine sure looks like a very efficient assistant and the snooze breaks look most wonderful too!

  7. Jazmine sure has a lot of good places to snooze.

  8. Leah says:

    Jazmine has lots of cool napping places! I don’t have my computer set up at this time, but Franklin always liked to park beside me, or on me. He also liked a shelf over the area where he could think about knocking something down on me. (So I wouldn’t work too hard.)

  9. Mary McNeil says:

    Such beautiful pictures of your girl !

  10. Oooh you made me laugh. Give a cat a room full of beds and what will thy do? Nap on the floor squished in a corner!!! I know that feeling * sigh * BUT Jazmine looks perfect wherever she naps.

  11. Fudge is just like Jazmine, he needs to be everywhere the P.A. is. He has to be involved in everything at BBHQ from writing the blog to setting seeds in the potting shed! MOL

  12. Good job snoopervising your mom, Jazmine ! You have a lot of great napping spots ! Purrs