Feline Quotable Photo Series

Thoughtful Tuesday… A Simple Message to All My Friends…


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Sometimes posts need lots of pictures and words to tell a story and sometimes it’s just nice to share a simple and inspirational message for no other reason than to brighten someone’s day or give them the strength to conquer whatever ails them. That’s why I love this quote so much – it really speaks to me in the way a cat speaks to me.

When they nap, they do it with complete intensity. The same with playing with a catnip mouse or asking for a treat. And if they see a box, they jump in first and ask questions later. In essence – they live for each moment they are blessed to have without any complication and for that lesson, I am grateful.

So, there you have it, a great quote, a picture of a stunning cat, and a short and sweet explanation to it all! Now back to your regularly scheduled programming…

Feline Quotable Photo Series – The Heart and Soul of Loving an Animal


Seen here is our handsome boy, Zee, who is the epitome of an animal that gives his love with all his heart and soul… Please click on the image to see its full beauty.

If you have experienced the love of an animal, you know that no truer words could be spoken and that is why I appreciate this quote so much and felt it perfect to share for Wordless Wednesday. Not only does loving an animal awaken your soul, but they also give you a reason to wake up each and every day with a sense of joy and purpose. And even more wonderful is the love they give back to you – even if you are having a tough day, or feeling out of sorts or alone, they are by your side, unconditionally, making you feel like the most special person in the whole world. In short, they complete your life and I would not want to ever imagine a world without these incredible creatures.

Anatole France (April 1844 – October 1924) was born in France and was a  poet, journalist, and novelist. While this quote of his clearly emphasizes his understanding of the love an animal can bring into our lives, I was unable to find any direct relationship to cats or pets in his life. The closest I could find was a reference to one of his later works, L’Île des Pingouins, which satirizes human nature by depicting the transformation of penguins into humans after the animals have been baptized by mistake by the nearsighted Abbot Mael. Hmmm….not sure what to make of that, but I do appreciate his quote and I think that Zee is the perfect spokescat to champion the cause worldwide to let a pet into your heart and home!

Feline Quotable Photo Series – A Cat’s Cheer to Sunlight!


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Ahh… summer… glorious, endless days of sun beams for a cat to delight in! What a better quote than this one by William Lyon Phelps to suit Rolz as his body just appears to melt on the floor as if one with the sun! As I always say, even for one brief hour, how wonderful would it be to be a cat to experience such pure and uncluttered bliss!

William Lyon Phelps (1865  –  1943) was an American author, critic and scholar who taught the first American university course on the modern novel. He was also a well-known public speaker, had a radio show, wrote a daily syndicated newspaper column, lectured frequently, and published numerous popular books and articles. (wikipedia)

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Wordless Wednesday – The Reward of Coming in Last Place


Our handsome boy, Zee, contemplating the simple joys of life as he is fascinated by a bug on a leaf. To see the full beauty of this image and quote, please click to enlarge.

I find the older I get, the more I contemplate and respect the fact that our physical time on this earth is not infinite. Our eldest cat, Mr. Jazz, has had some health issues of late and I have been treasuring my time and moments with him on a different level. I have become both nursemaid and companion to him and while he is not always been thrilled with my efforts to help him recover, he seems to understand that I truly am trying to make his life more comfortable. We have mutually accepted the fact that each day we have with one another is a gift and I find that comforting because it has caused me to slow down a bit and re-prioritize what is important in life.

You will find that I comment less on facebook and blogs now. I will get emails and politely let someone know that I will get back to them, but not necessarily at this very moment. I am still on my computer all day and night, but I will also walk away from it without guilt, which has not always been easy for me to do in the past. My cats are my Zen and their friendship is my first place prize. So, on this Wordless Wednesday, I ask that you all take a look at this image of Zee enjoying the simple act of spotting a bug on a leaf and look for a small pleasure moment that your cat is sharing with you today. I guarantee that it won’t be hard to do at all and that you will feel all the better for looking for it.

Feline Quotable Photo Series – Zee, Zen, and Wordless Wednesday

bc The Buddhist practice of Zen involves living fully and authentically in the present moment to bring us face to face with our true original nature, unencumbered by cultural conditioning and stressful neurotic tendencies. Each moment is to be filled with a profound peace and clarity and is to have infinite depth and significance. This is achieved through deep mediation and no creature has mastered the practice of Zen more so than a cat. Read more