Feline Quotable Photo Series

A Sliver of Sunshine is a Cat’s Happy Slice of Life

Jazmine and her slice of sunshine.

The other day, Jazmine scratched at the floor and did her circle-around thing before she quietly settled. She had found the last sliver of sunlight before the day would soon set to nightfall and basked in its delicious warmth. I love her attitude. Finding joy in the smallest moments of life. A cup is half full, not half empty, kind of cat. We can learn lessons from our cats – they teach us every day, and this is one lesson I try my best to live by as well.

Happy Sunday and warm purrs to you all.

Hoping for a Kinder and More Responsible 2022 from Zee & Zoey’s Cat Chronicles

Those gorgeous golden eyes to ring in the Mew Year belong to our sweet rescue, Shadow.

As the New Year begins, I typically enjoy writing a reflective post, sharing my thoughts and wishes for the days ahead. I’m not one for resolutions, as I try to live each day with the best of intentions, but this year I’m just tired and I don’t have the mental wherewithal for a deep post. The nonstop daily barrage of sensationalized, often conflicting news stories, political and personal divide, and the exhaustion of the minutiae of a Covid world has caused me to withdraw a bit from blogging and social media and my creativity is on hiatus as a result. Read more

When it Comes to Cats, the Eyes Have It!


Granted, today is Sunday, a day meant for rest and relaxation. And granted, my cats are quite adept at following that mindset based on the nearly 16 hours a day they nap. But when awake, those glorious, mesmerizing eyes of theirs have a thousand stories to tell. Probably most of them are based on food. Some of them on bird watching, and the rest are those benign moments where they appear to be intently staring at absolutely nothing at all, thinking us foolish as we stare back, pretending we see something, too*.

For Sunday-Selfie I’ve given Zoey the top billing picture with the rest of the gang to follow! Hope you enjoy and have a great day everyone!








*It turns out when cats stare into space, seemingly at nothing at nothing at all, they actually can see something us humans don’t. If you’d like to learn more about this fascinating ability cats have, as well as to read some entertaining and informative stories about cat behavior, please consider reading Makin’ Biscuits – Weird Cat Habits and the Even Weirder Habits of the Humans Who Love Them which recently won three awards at the Cat Writers’ Association Annual Awards Communications Contest, including Best Book/Other Category, the Animal-Human Bond Award from Goodnewsforpets.com, and the coveted President’s Award which represents the best of the best from all entries.


It’s a Blog Hop!

Easy Like Sunday Morning Every Day of the Week

No one in our house does “Easy Like Sunday Morning” better than Jazmine. Actually, she does it best Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning as well. When that girl is out, she’s out! Anyhow, taking a cue from her, I’m looking forward to an easy-going kind of day myself. Maybe visiting a wetlands nature park with Dan so he can practice with his new camera taking pictures of Florida wildlife. I’ll also be making a big batch of homemade macaroni and cheese so I’ll have several meals prepared in advance for the week ahead and I’ll be using up some over-ripe bananas to make bread as well. How about you all, what kind of easy-going plans do you have for today?


It’s a Blog Hop!

Ringing in a Positive, Happy, and Healthy New Year with a Little Help from My Cats

NewYear1For the past couple of years I’ve started New Year’s off by sharing some quotes that feel particularly relevant to where I am at my life and where I’d like to be moving forward. They’re not meant to be resolutions per se, but rather a roadmap to help guide my inner self down a road of personal growth, peace, and happiness (please click any of the images to enlarge). This year is no different and I found the overwhelming theme to what I want is to rid myself of as much as possible is negativity. Read more