Cat Ruler 2012 Contest

Zee & Zoey’s Cat Ruler of the World Contest – Super Tuesday Discussion: Debunking the Aloof Cat Stereotype

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Hi! It’s Deb here again as we head to week three of Zee & Zoey’s Cat Ruler of the World Contest and Campaign for a Cause. Right now as we speak, I am at home with one of the hosts of the contest, the very handsome and lovable Zee, who is currently struggling with every bone in his body to escape from my clutches. At least he gave me this much, Zoey fled from my lap in horror the moment I picked her up. This is not going to bode well for today’s topic with the Cat-idates…

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Campaign Headquarters – Zee & Zoey’s Cat Ruler of the World Contest Updates!

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As usual, Zee and Zoey are nowhere to be found as they leave not only me to manage THEIR campaign, but now they have resorted to child labor, utilizing Peanut and Mia at the helm!

When you are trying to manage six cats to run for the title of Cat Ruler of the World, there is a lot that can change with these finicky felines during the course of a day or two. So, in that regard, since our debate on Tuesday and all the special posts that were done by each cat about the shelter they are campaigning for on Thursday, we have the latest updates fresh off the press (dining room table) for you!! Read more

Campaign for a Cause – An Up Close and Personal Look at the Nominated Shelters for Zee & Zoey’s Cat Ruler of the World Contest

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This is Harley who I got from a cat rescue. To see the beauty of the full image, please click to enlarge.

Throughout the years, I have had a lot of different cats in my life, all dear to me for their own unique reasons. The majority of them “found” me. That is, they just somehow appeared out of nowhere in some form of fate as if destined to be mine. A few cats came because I got them at a shelter, and recently, I have purchased two pedigree cats, my beloved Maine Coon, Zee, and my cat soul mate, Zoey.  Read more

Zee & Zoey’s Cat Ruler of the World Contest – Super Tuesday Debate: Cats Versus Dogs

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Hi! Deb here! I’ll be your moderator for our first scheduled debate between the Cat-idates for Zee & Zoey’s First Annual Cat Ruler of the World Contest. The cats have all been very busy campaigning since the election started last week, but we still need more information from them to help us make our voting decision when the polls open on Tuesday, September 11th. We decided it was time we finally put the tired old issue of cats versus dogs to rest. Dog’s seem to have the upper hand, what with being “Man’s Best Friend” and all, so, it begs the question, is a cat really qualified to rule the world if dogs are so popular?

To better see the Cat-idates, please click image to enlarge.

That was supposed to be the topic of today’s debate, but I got such a fur flying, hissy fit of a response from the Cat-idates that I can’t even repeat what was said. Suffice it to say, according to them, there is NO DEBATE. Cats are the superior creatures and the subject is closed… So, needing to improvise, I am quickly following up with this intriguing debate topic that has all of us concerned people stumped – how do you Cat-idates respond to critics who would say that it is impossible to rule the world with any credibility if you nap over 16 hours a day. Oh, and before we begin the discussion, it must be stated for the record that all the Cat-idates have been duly sworn in and NONE of them are under the influence of nip at this time. Okay cats, your answers please: Read more

Campaign Headquarters – The Fur is Flying at Zee & Zoey’s Chronicle Connection

Tact has never been Zoey's strong suit...

Sigh… I knew it would happen sooner or later, but with Zoey, it usually tends to be sooner when it involves herself. The election. Yes, on the surface it would appear she and Zee are the benevolent hosts of the campaign, but truth be told, Zoey is quite miffed she is not allowed to be in the running’s. I tried to explain to her as patiently as possible that it was a conflict of interest and her response to me is one I prefer not to repeat. Read more