Zee & Zoey’s Cat Ruler of the World Contest – Super Tuesday Debate: Cats Versus Dogs

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Hi! Deb here! I’ll be your moderator for our first scheduled debate between the Cat-idates for Zee & Zoey’s First Annual Cat Ruler of the World Contest. The cats have all been very busy campaigning since the election started last week, but we still need more information from them to help us make our voting decision when the polls open on Tuesday, September 11th. We decided it was time we finally put the tired old issue of cats versus dogs to rest. Dog’s seem to have the upper hand, what with being “Man’s Best Friend” and all, so, it begs the question, is a cat really qualified to rule the world if dogs are so popular?

To better see the Cat-idates, please click image to enlarge.

That was supposed to be the topic of today’s debate, but I got such a fur flying, hissy fit of a response from the Cat-idates that I can’t even repeat what was said. Suffice it to say, according to them, there is NO DEBATE. Cats are the superior creatures and the subject is closed… So, needing to improvise, I am quickly following up with this intriguing debate topic that has all of us concerned people stumped – how do you Cat-idates respond to critics who would say that it is impossible to rule the world with any credibility if you nap over 16 hours a day. Oh, and before we begin the discussion, it must be stated for the record that all the Cat-idates have been duly sworn in and NONE of them are under the influence of nip at this time. Okay cats, your answers please:

First up is Odin from Cat Wisdom 101 who is campaigning for Brigid’s Crossing in FL.

Odin: “Comparing cats to dogs is like comparing apples to oranges. They are simply different and as the French say, “Vive la difference!” I believe in freedom of choice. Cat lovers already know cats are innately superior to dogs. Cats unlike dogs don’t need to be walked several times a day in inclement weather; they do their business in the comfort of their home. That gives cats time to delegate and who knows what they do while cat napping? Well, actually we do know. Cats can read minds and know how to get what they want without begging or slobbering. Rulers lead and do not follow. Cats don’t need to be lead on a leash or kept in crates. They can give themselves baths thank-you very much and studies show cat owners are statistically more educated, giving cats a leg up. Humans must be smartening up since the latest stats show cats have surpassed dogs in popularity. Cats are refined, discriminating, intuitive and simply purrfect. Can world feline domination be far behind? I rest my case.”

Well, thank you Odin. In true cat fashion, I think the subject of cats versus dogs is closed and you prove me wrong. Clearly this is going to be an interesting debate and I have already lost all sense of control. 

Sparkle the Designer Cat who is campaigning for Tabby’s Place in NJ, how do you respond?

Sparkle: “I am glad you have chosen to bypass the dogs-as-leaders topic since it is already proven dogs are not leaders but followers: humans train dogs to do their bidding. Meanwhile, humans “train” us cats by figuring out what we already like to do and then reward us for doing it with treats, which clearly means we are in charge! So yeah, this is a moot point. Sleeping, similarly, is something that humans (especially Americans) don’t quite understand. They discount naps as having value when adequate rest actually increases productivity! In fact, smart humans understand that catnaps are invaluable for rejuvenating themselves gaining extra insight and there are even studies proving this. Just look at the famous humans who have followed the feline lead in napping: Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Thomas Edison, Salvador Dali, Eleanor Roosevelt, Leonardo DaVinci and Napoleon Bonaparte – and this just a small sampling. The more one rests, the more that can be accomplished during waking hours! As Cat Ruler of the World, I would establish minimum nap times for everyone, and would expect cats to enforce this in their own homes by lying on their humans until both felines and humans have napped adequately.”

Meowing in next is Brian from Brian’s Home who is campaigning for Kitten Action Team in SC.

Brian: “Actually that is an easy one, especially when you contrast us cats with the humans who think they rule the world wisely.  It quite simply comes down to basic math, and yes, I’ve got four paws and I know how to use them.  If I nap 16 hours a day that leaves me 8 hours to make one good decision to each day.  At the end of one year I will have made 365 good decisions to move us all forward with our cause.  The humans, on the other paw, are lucky to make one decision every 365 days, and they rarely make a good decision at that.  Now is the time to dethrone the Fat Cat humans and put our destiny in the paws of the formerly ferals!”

Wow! This is a nail biter so far. We must take a quick commercial break to show off all the great stuff from our contest sponsors. Please stay tuned!

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There sure are some wonderful prizes – thank you so much to all of the sponsors and now without further delay, back to the debate.

Up next is Katie from Glorgirly who is campaigning for Blind Cat Rescue in NC.

Katie: That is an excellent question. I say, how can you NOT trust a world leader who knows the key to success is a well-planned nap?  Some of the greatest minds of our time were nappers. Thomas Edison, John F. Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt…to name a few.  I read it on Huffington Post, so you KNOW it’s true. Well guess what? I’m certain that each of these great nappers didn’t just stumble onto the whole napping thing on their own. They’re COPYCATS.  They didn’t copy it from their Uncle Fred or their dog Fido, they copied it from a CAT.  Ok, I didn’t read that on Huffington Post, but I’m sure it’s gotta be true.  I for one nap approximately 16.8 hours a day. Yet I still manage to manage my humans. The grocery shopping is done, the cooking and dishes too. The mortgage is paid and the garbage disposal fixed. All as I slumber away. Cat’s are masters of human manipulation and control. Everything MY humans do, every single day, is all for me. Can I help it if I’m able to accomplish ALL this and still nap over 16 hours a day? Don’t judge me. Vote for me.

Thank you, Katie. Cheysuli from The Cat Post Intelligencer, it is your turn. Cheysuli is campaigning for Purrfect Pals in WA.

Cheysuli: “I can’t imagine that anyone would think that cats are not qualified to rule the world.  We already do.  Dogs may have a certain popularity in some circles, but have you ever been trained by a dog the way you are trained by a cat?  Cats, of course, have a unique ability to think things over (this may look like napping) and come to profound conclusions.  We aren’t afraid to look at all sides of the issue in question, proven by cats everywhere when going outside and then asking to come back in.  Humans may think we are being annoying but really, we’re making sure we have all the information.  There are even sayings about cats and curiosity reminding people that are always informed.  So we are informed, we think of our responses and when the situation calls for it, like when being attacked by a vacuum cleaner, we take action.

Last but not least, is Austin from CATachresis who is campaigning for Freshfields Animal Rescue in the UK.

Austin: “To revamp a phrase from Pride and Prejudice; It is a truth universally acknowledged that a cat in need of a nap is not fit for purpose. I would say more.  If all the current world leaders spent more time napping, they would spend less time fighting and be more relaxed about things. When did you last see a cat invade a country or stir up civil unrest? If you vote for me, I will legislate for compulsory napping between the hours of 10a.m. and 10p.m. with a flexinap option of up to 6 hours to be taken anytime within the remaining 12 hours. With so much napping going on, the rest of the day has to be utilised practically to facilitate the production of nip in all its forms for the whiffing and imbibing thereof. So between the nip and the nap there is no time left for fighting.”

Well, that wraps up our first debate and I would like to thank all the Cat-idates for their very compelling arguments. All I can say is that I am glad I don’t have to make the decision to pick the Cat Ruler of the World on my own – all the answers were brilliant. Now, for some odd reason I feel very sleepy and am off to take a nap…

Don’t forget to leave a comment for your chance to win some great prizes and stay tuned for next Tuesday, September 4th where we will see the Cat-idates up close and personal as they debunk a very popular stereotype about cats. We also have a very special installment in store this week – on Thursday, August 30th, all the Cat-idates will be posting a tribute on their own respective blogs about the shelter they have chosen to campaign for and you don’t want to miss that!  And for those of you that would like to read more about today’s debate topic in detail, please be sure to stop by the blog of each Cat-idate to see what they have to say without me monitoring their comments. I can guarantee they will entertain you for sure!!

Last reminder – we have two special ways to help raise money for whatever cat shelter ends up winning. NVR Miss Litterbox has a special, limited edition, marble designed “Cat Ruler of the World” litter box available exclusively for this contest. Just click here for ordering details – for every litter box purchased, $10.00 of the proceeds will go to the shelter – our cats swear by this litter box and I am donating $5.00 for each purchase of my book, The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey, to the winning shelter that is ordered from my website. This book is a stunning work of art with a warm and humorous story about my life with Zee and Zoey and it is a “must read” for any cat lover!

For those of you that already know the rules and regulations of the campaign and all the great prizes available, you can stop reading here!! Phew!! For those of you new to the campaign, please keep reading for all the details:

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FACEBOOK “LIKES” RUNNER UP PRIZES FOR (6) WINNERS: Feline Lickety Stik treats, assorted cat toys from Moderncat Studio, interactive cat-a-pole toy from Cat-a-pole, Trial Kits from World’s Best Cat Litter, and Zero Odor Multi-Pet Spray Kits.

Voting polls will open on Tuesday, September 11th when all the campaigning ends. The polls will remain open until Friday, September 14th, midnight, PST, and you can vote only once, so please pick your ultimate Cat Ruler of the World wisely! A very easy to use voting link will be provided at the end of the closing post and it is completely anonymous so that nobody will have a clue as to who the winning cat might be until the winner is announced, which will be on Tuesday, September 18th.

As far as winning the grand prize, for any Tuesday campaign post, all you have to do is submit a comment and you are automatically entered for the random drawing. Make sure you fill out the email tab of the comment form so I can contact you if you win. The emails are private that way and will not be shared with anyone. The only catch, unfortunately due to restrictions from some of the sponsors, the grand prize winner is limited to U.S. residents only… We are so, so sorry about that, but that’s what politics is about – a lot of sticky red tape.

There is one more way to win some fun prizes and there are NO restrictions! For any new “likes” we get on our facebook page during the contest, you will automatically be entered to win one of (6) facebook prize packages we have available!

The last rule is the most important one. WE ARE ALL FRIENDS here in the Cat Blogosphere and ALL cats are worthy to rule the world. This contest is meant to be fun – there will be no hissing, biting, clawing, or litter flinging whatsoever. The ultimate goal is to show humans that we all can get along and that party politics, religious beliefs, and things of that nature that divide a world are not necessary. All we want to do is make the world a better place for cats. We want every cat to have a home one day and we want to reduce the numbers of cats on the streets and in shelters. We want to encourage spaying and neutering and better pet responsibility. Our genuine hope is that this contest raises so much awareness about cats, that we can do this every year!

*Disclaimer. Zee & Zoey’s Chronicle Connection has not been paid by any of the sponsors for product endorsement. All prizes have been donated at the discretion of the sponsors. Because Austin of CATachresis is not a U.S. established residence, his shelter has already been informed in advance that Halo Pet Foods and World’s Best Cat Litter are unable to ship product outside of the U.S. CATachresis has agreed that if they do win, the cash proceeds would go to The Original Cat Action Trust and a follow up contest drawing would be held on Zee & Zoey’s Chronicle Connection blog whereby the product donations in question would go to a U.S. based shelter/rescue. Cati-dates are not eligible to win Grand Prize or Runner-up prize packages.

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  1. GREAT debate !
    Austin´s promise = legislate for compulsory napping between the hours of 10a.m. and 10p.m , sounds absolotelu purrfect 😀

  2. All of the catidates have put forward very good reasons to vote for them and it is going to be very hard to choose who to vote for. The compulsory napping could be a vote winner.

  3. Patty and Bella says:

    It is true that humans can only “train” a cat to do something they already want to do. I have given up trying to keep Bella off the new leather sofa and instead have taken up commenting on how adorable she looks curled up on it.

  4. Dylan says:

    All the cati-dates make valid points and all the shelters are pawsome!
    This is going to be a tough call.

  5. FaRADaY: MOWZERS, we’re baaaaack! And Mommy’s got some POWERFUL catching up to do, as you can see. Allie: This is a claw-biter for sure. Since I’m not in the running, that is. Otherwise, it’d be a slam-dunk, as the humans say. *giggle*
    Maxwell: uh…yeah. What they said….

  6. Laurette says:

    I love your ears Zoe … there really is no point to voting since cats already rule the world and my house and my time ….

  7. Laurette says:

    actually it is Deb’s ears and I want a pair

  8. Laurette says:

    Sparkle the Designer Cat, I like what you said: As Cat Ruler of the World, I would establish minimum nap times for everyone, and would expect cats to enforce this in their own homes by lying on their humans until both felines and humans have napped adequately. This is an excellent ruling and I am going off to catnap with my big furry beige cat right meow
    ♥ ≫^..^≪ ♥ ♥

    • Sparkle says:

      I get the feeling that mandatory minimum naptimes aren’t necessary in your home! I wish it were like that for all kitties… which is why this is part of my platform.

  9. Jerri Carol Compton says:

    My cats already rule MY world! Good luck to all the cat-i-dates!

  10. Laurie says:

    These cat-idates are much smarter than human politicians anyday! The world would be an infinitely better place with any of them in charge, though Brian’s logic definitely has my attention. 🙂

  11. Connie Marie says:

    Well, first I’d like to say everyone did a great job. Such good contestants. I myself do appreciate a good nap.
    I would like to thank Odin for his sticking to the original topic. It needed to be addressed and I’m proud he did it!!

  12. Whskr & DashKitten says:

    Wow – so much good discussion from our candidates! This is going to be a tough job to choose just one!

  13. Deb says:

    I like Odin’s remark that “cat owners are statistically more educated”. I’d like to think I am even if I can’t find my car keys.

  14. Deb L says:

    LOVE the Debate! Goooo Katie!!

  15. Dorothy Abernathy says:

    I’m really enjoying getting to know the cat-idates. I wish all campaigns had such wonderful candidates. There’s no bad choice here. What a luxury. Great fun.

  16. Such wise kitties. I don’t like dogs. Dogs chase goats and I am a goat. So no dogs!