Campaign Headquarters – The Fur is Flying at Zee & Zoey’s Chronicle Connection

Tact has never been Zoey's strong suit...

Sigh… I knew it would happen sooner or later, but with Zoey, it usually tends to be sooner when it involves herself. The election. Yes, on the surface it would appear she and Zee are the benevolent hosts of the campaign, but truth be told, Zoey is quite miffed she is not allowed to be in the running’s. I tried to explain to her as patiently as possible that it was a conflict of interest and her response to me is one I prefer not to repeat.

I told her how wonderful it is to be helping so many wonderful shelters and while she admits that is a good thing, she already rules our world with an iron paw and felt by default that she should be the unequivocal Cat Ruler of the World. Not to be disrespectful of the nominated Cat-idates, but end of subject in her opinion.

It has nothing to do with Zee either. He quite possibly has no clue the election campaign has even started, as his napping schedule has been extremely full this summer. She scoffs at his lazy good-natured attitude at not caring one whit that he is not running. They have been living together since 2008 and had four kittens out of wedlock. He has never once proposed marriage to her, so you can only imagine how she feels about him… hmpf. Who needs a man to rule the world – it’s time for a female to step up to the plate, a leopard patterned female cat to be more precise…

After a bit of exhausting cajoling, I finally convinced her that she was in a far better position. She and Zee are like the beloved Brad and Angie of Hollywood and she should just bask in the glory and adoration of her fans and take all the credit for helping some very worthy shelters win some great prizes and donations. Running the world is stressful, thankless, and time consuming. She quickly came to her senses, daintily washed her petite little paws, and walked out of the room with her tail held high like the true diva she was meant to be…

Please people, step back... You can look and shower her with gifts, but no photographs allowed unless you have a press pass...

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  1. But but… she is truly beautiful and would have made a great leader =^.^=

  2. Ms. Phoebe says:

    MEWHAHA! Zoey mew are my kind of lady cat! I rule my house with an iron paw too and agree that we lady cats should be the ones to rule the world. I once had four kits out of wedlock too, the baby Daddy just disappeared- no big surprise! Some mancats just aren’t responsible or sensible enough to know how to rule over society. I will say mew are lucky in that Zee is still there involved in mew and mewz babies life. Like a lot of other mancats out there, he could have left mew all alone to raise them- he is a good mancat in that respect. He could though, at least offer a proposal! Or a diamond engagement collar if nothing else!! Mewmew!

    • Deb says:

      Yes, Ms. Phoebe, you are correct. Despite his unwillingness to marry Zoey, he actually is a great Daddy. We kept three of the four kittens and they adore him to the ends of the earth!! But yes, I do think a diamond engagement collar should be in order… Perhaps you could talk to the dear Man… he can be a bit daft at times…

  3. Don’t worry Zoey, we are sure you will be a great back up to the winner.

    • Deb says:

      Thanks Eric and Flynn! We appreciate your confidence in her, but I’m not so sure… She’s not the best at advising from the sidelines!

  4. So very beautiful! She is probably the true leader without having to compete!

  5. meowmeowmans says:

    Zoey, surely you have more impawtent things to do than worry about all of the stressful accountability that comes with being the “official” ruler!

  6. Wendy S. says:

    Zoey, you will always be the leader and goddess of your domain. The world, who would want to rule that? Too much time taken away from kitty naps and snuggles. We’re so proud of you helping kitty causes and we think you’re the perfect cat’s meow!

  7. Cheysuli says:

    Actually remind her that campaigning the is worst part. The press will turn your every comment into something negative and you have to watch everything. I am doing this only for my shelter, because really, when it comes down to it, as the Right Paw of Bast, I a step above and the ruler behind the throne if you will…

  8. Brian says:

    Chey is right, that press corp is everywhere sweet Zoey, so the six of us will keep them outta your fur!

  9. Meow! There’s just no pleasing a diva, is there? MOL.

    • Deb says:

      Well Julia, she actually is partial to being spoiled with gifts such as leopard silk scarves, Belgium chocolates, and Cartier watches… Oh wait, sorry, that’s me… I got confused and carried away for a minute!!

  10. Zoey, the campaign trail is a brutal one. I’d soak up all the glitz and glamour you can from the sidelines. And by all means, DO NOT publicly back any of the cat-idates. There’s no telling what kind of revolt you’d have on your paws. That being said, my case of fresh salmon is due to arrive via private jet within the hour. Enjoy.

    ; ) Katie

    • Deb says:

      Absolutely Katie! We would not dream of backing any of the cat-i-dates! Odd, we gotten other cases of fresh salmon this week as well from some other cats that we prefer to remain nameless…

  11. CATachresis says:

    If Zee has lost interest I know a handsome tux who will need a running mate! 😉

  12. Skeeter and Izzy says:

    Meow meow…with looks like that girlfriend weez all know you all ready rule the world! Wiggly jiggly purrfect kitty kisses…Skeeter and Izzy >^OO^< (googoo eyes..yowwwzaaaahh)

    • Deb says:

      Skeeter and Izzy – keep the compliments coming!! By the end of the night if this kind of praise keeps up, she won’t even remember there is an election!!! MOL!!

  13. Hey, Zoey…you don’t wanna be the ruler of the world. The ruler gets nothing but flack from the peons. It’s just not worth it!!

  14. Zoey, never mind ruler of the world, you could rule the universe. Odin sends gentlemancat kisses.

  15. Christine says:

    We still can’t decide who to vote for! This is so painful as we want to vote for all of them! (unlike the human elections).

    Zoey, I have to agree with Glogirly and Katie, you’re better off being DIVA for all to admire and love. Kisses from down the highway!

  16. Oh Zoey, ’tis a far, far better thing to be gorgeous and adored than to take up politics. WORD.

  17. Cathy Keisha says:

    I’m with ya Zoey. But I’m already Secretary of Toothies and Claws for the Purrime Ministerettes of Planet Purrth. While it would be nice to get all that good stuff for my Rescue, I don’t need an election to prove I’m the World’s Most Stunning Cat and ruler of all who come before me. BTW, I think I found a cat-idate who is willing to grease my paws with treats so I might be working PR as a Campaign Manager.

  18. Don´t be upset that you can´t run in the campaign , Zoey !
    You are the ruler of you house , just like I´m at my house 😀

  19. Kizzie says:

    Sorry to hear you can’t be in the running, Zoey. I am sure you’ll make a great second in command.

  20. Connie Marie says:

    Conflict of interest has to considered. Even though qualified.