Zee & Zoey’s Cat Ruler of the World Contest – Super Tuesday Discussion: Debunking the Aloof Cat Stereotype

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Hi! It’s Deb here again as we head to week three of Zee & Zoey’s Cat Ruler of the World Contest and Campaign for a Cause. Right now as we speak, I am at home with one of the hosts of the contest, the very handsome and lovable Zee, who is currently struggling with every bone in his body to escape from my clutches. At least he gave me this much, Zoey fled from my lap in horror the moment I picked her up. This is not going to bode well for today’s topic with the Cat-idates…

Before we begin today’s much anticipated discussion, I just wanted to set the stage a bit. As you can well imagine, there is no doubt my cats live the life of pampered luxury and are not lacking for a single thing. But, truth be told, I would not have it any other way. My cats bring me such immeasurable joy, comfort, love, and companionship that I cannot possibly find enough words to properly express how much they mean to me.

I know how lucky they are too – they know nothing of having to fight to stay alive as cats on the streets do, nor do they understand what it is like to live in a shelter, hoping to find a loving forever home. The numbers of cats in these categories are staggering and are literally in the millions and we want that to change.

So, that’s what we want to discuss today in our Super-Tuesday edition of Zee and Zoey’s Cat Ruler of the World Contest. We want to debunk the highly misinformed conception that cats are too independent and aloof to be good pets and inform people just how special felines really are and why every household should have one or two… or even seven, as in my case!

In an informal format, we will visit each cat in their own home, up close and personal as they discuss just why cats are so wonderful, endearing, special, and unique, and therefore should be adopted so that this horrible stereotype can be retired once and for all. And please be forewarned, these cats are, ahem, a bit creative with their answers!!

 Up first is Chey from the Cat Post Intelligencer campaigning for Purrfect Pals in WA.

This is Chey as she kills her favorite string toy... clearly it was vicious and someone had to do it...

Chey: “Um, excuse me, Deb, but are you asking me if cats make good pets or are they too aloof and independent? That is the most ridiculous question ever. Let’s change this around to something I can answer. Do humans make good pets? The very nature of the question shows the small minded arrogance of the uneducated human. No cat should accept the status of pet. While it takes an iron paw with certain humans, the male who lives in my house comes to mind, others are better suited to caring for our needs. The woman who serves me has been trained in my food preferences (fishy flakes) bed preferences (I have three cat beds and love them all) and knows when to drop whatever she is doing to pet me. In return, sometimes I come by and demand she pet me. She seems to like this.

Certainly she has needed my help on occasion. As our older cat Georgia failed, I would often assist her before the Woman noticed anything had changed. It was only my devoted care giving that told the Woman Georgia was not doing as well as she had. Fortunately when she noticed, she was good at giving assistance, which I much appreciated.

So, in answer to the real question, yes humans can make good pets.”

Well, being that I am a human, Chey, you have certainly put me in my place and I am thrilled to know I make a good pet… Hmm… Okay, let’s hear what wise words Odin from Cat Wisdom 101 who is campaigning for Brigid’s Crossing in FL can share with us.

Odin is the King of his Castle and he oversees his yard from the vantage of a well placed tree branch.

Odin: “Cats, myths and mysteries go together like sun puddles and catnaps. One of the most common myths about cats is that we’re independent and aloof creatures. The truth is: some can be, but most aren’t. Every cat is different. Most cats thrive on companionship if given half a chance. Our purrsonalities develop according to genetics, socialization and environment. All stereotypes, for either humans or animals are limiting. Myths will continue as long as people don’t smarten up and learn the truth.

Take me, for example. I can be a fearless hunter one minute and a snuggly mama’s boy the next. You’d think with my rough start I’d be a mess. First being abandoned as a young kitten and then losing an eye, but I got lucky. You might say I won the pet parent jackpot when Layla adopted me. She not only gave me a loving home with plenty of playtime with humans and my fur brothers but also took the time to speak Cat. She wanted to know how she could make my life happy while respecting my needs and limits daily.

Being a naturally smart, outgoing and curious cat, I took to basic training in a snap. Ditto wearing a harness and leash. Normally cats need to be acclimatized gradually. Not me. I said this equals going outdoors? Sign me up and we were off and running in two minutes. Woo hoo, my first foray outdoors was diving into two feet of snow. I loved it! Good thing we have a private garden on several acres where Layla devised a rustic agility course with logs. She knew exactly what an athletic cat like me needed, which deepened our bond.

My fur brothers are all very different from me and she treats each one individually. She may have trained me, but I’ve taught her a thing or two about life and love.

In conclusion, I’d like to say, a combination of factors from genetics to lifestyle will determine if a cat is friendly or aloof. Behavioral changes are possible. The pet parenting I received helped turn me into the adult cat I am today: happy, smart, skilled, confident, affectionate, compassionate, well-mannered and worldly.”

Well said, Odin. Katie of Glogirly who is campaigning for Blind Cat Rescue in NC, what would you like to add to this very serious conversation?

Katie in her living room chair, staring at her humans as they try to read her mind.

Katie: “I want to thank Zee & Zoey for hosting this amazing Campaign For A Cause Contest and Miss Deb for serving as today’s host and moderator. Deb, I’d appreciate it though if you’d remove the cat ears.

I’ve always felt that cats are the gift that keeps on giving. Who needs Direct TV when you can stare into these eyes? If I had a piece of salmon for every time my humans said “I’d pay money to know what she’s thinking…” That’s right, I hold the answers to the secret of life, right here in my perfectly poised paws and an expression that’s as deep as… ok, let’s just say it’s deep. Aloof? No. Deep? Yes.

I must admit, I get just as much entertainment out of my humans as they do out of me. Listening to the lines they come up with, trying to read my thoughts… it’s like watching a sitcom when sitcom’s were actually funny.  4.9 hours a day, 7 days a week*.  (*daily viewing calculation: 24 hours less 16.8 hrs/nap requirement less 2.3 hrs/play-eat-poop-groom-watch neighbors)

Humans of the world, I say cancel the cable, disconnect the Dish (no, not THAT dish) and adopt a cat.  We’ll teach you secrets you never dreamed possible. And you’ll never have to fast forward through commercials again.”

Umm… okay Katie, that is a very compelling argument and being that I am a mere human, servant to the cat, I have taken the ears off… Brian is up next. Brian from Brian’s Home who is campaigning for Kitten Action Team in SC, I am confident I can count on you to bring a much more logical tone to this conversation.

Brian is at home with Mr. Rodney Rat, his Furreign Affairs Advisor.

Brian: “Human thinking, and humans in general, have made a lot of progress over the years, but unfortunately they still have a very long way to go. Now, don’t get me wrong, humans really are lovable creatures, somewhat intelligent, and often times fun. But darn, some of them have an independent streak a mile long, and frankly speaking, some of them just don’t make good companions. Oh sure, like all species, they each have their unique qualities, some are good, some are bad, some are lazy, some are hard workers, and there are just so many of them. It’s complicated.

But there is hope for the humans. After all, us felines used to have that same reputation and look at us now. Cats are now the most popular pet in the world and humans have fallen head over heels in love with us. There was a time when we were considered aloof and way too independent. I know, I know, that was ages ago. But once we were able to show that we have heart, that we have soul, and that we have nothing but love to share, humans began seeking out our companionship. It probably didn’t hurt that we are not judgmental and that we love our human companions unconditionally. We can make those humans laugh and smile, even at the end of a very bad day. The real problem is that there are just too many humans without feline companionship. It’s a serious problem and it is growing larger each day. So if you’re one of the many felines without a human, you need to put your best paw forward and do your part. Adopt a human, love them, take care of them, share with them and give them the life they deserve. It’s the feline thing to do, and you’ll be glad you did.”

Thanks Brian, I’m glad there is hope for us humans, because I’m starting to feel a bit outnumbered here. Thankfully backup is on the way – Austin has enlisted the help of his human to respond and you will note all of her answers in parentheses after Austin makes his point. Austin is from CATachresis and is campaigning for Freshfields in the UK.

Austin has his pawprint on the pulse of the campaign from his office headquarters.

Austin: I am the boss (You come when you’re called!)
Austin: I don’t interact (In the five minutes between naps all you do is chat and follow me around!)
Austin: I am in charge (I feed you!)
Austin: I plough my own furrow (You dig your own toilet, so what!)
Austin: I will not be cuddled (You power snuggle, though!)
Austin: I can take or leave humans as a species (Hmmm! You are the king of head bonks and neck scratches. You seek out my company when you need some loving. You worry when I am distressed and you come and check on me many times during the day – and night, when allowed – to make sure I’m not dead!)
Austin’s Human: Austin you have been found out. You are a closet philanthropist! Or is it just because you’re worried about having to brush your own furs? Everyone, you decide!

Well, that was certainly interesting, Austin. Guess maybe you and your human share a different definition of what aloof and independent is!! This has all been so enlightening so far and I am looking forward to concluding today’s discussion with some parting words from the lovely Sparkle who is campaigning for Tabby’s Place.

Sparkle is catching the last sunbeams of the afternoon.

Sparkle: “Many humans do not realize that a kitty is the best friend to have! And that kind of friendship is not given away carelessly. While most dogs recklessly trust someone right from the start, a cat knows that trust must be earned, and it is the foundation of true friendship. Once that is established, you enter a world that is magical, a little crazy, slightly primal and utterly honest. Cats pull no punches – they will let you know right away when you have messed up. But they will also be deeply loyal in a way that will haunt you forever should you ever betray that loyalty. We cats are good judges of character, so that rarely happens. In fact, we often know humans better than humans know themselves. We know when you are feeling badly, and when you are sick and in need of healing purrs. Like with any friendship of quality, what you get out of a relationship with a cat depends on what you put into it – the more time you spend with us, the better it gets. We are great companions, and we encourage humans to relax and take life a little less seriously. As Cat Ruler of the World, I will appoint feline goodwill ambassadors to visit homes randomly and show humans the value in establishing close relationships with cats. In fact, you may have noticed that I have already started this drive as part of an ongoing research project, and so far it has been very successful!”

Thank you to all the Cat-idates! That certainly was quite an interesting variety of answers that will be sure to make the voting even more difficult when the polls open next week on Tuesday, September 11th!! We are just so excited and can’t wait to hear all the kitties as they speak one last time (as if) with their closing comments as to why they should ultimately be elected for the prestigious title of Cat Ruler of the World!

The bottom line is, however, that all cats are actually worthy of the title and do make excellent pets. They have an extraordinary range of personality and make very loving and devoted companions. Sure, they can have their independent and aloof moments, but don’t we all… As humans, we often want our private and quiet time, so why not give cats the same courtesy. We hope that you take this contest to heart and spread the word to the world – cats have the ability to enrich your lives in ways you could never imagine and we hope that we have helped to show just how special they really are!!

We want to end today’s discussion by reminding you that even though only one shelter will win the big prize package, we recognize that all the shelters are deserving and the runner up shelters will also be provided with 1000 meals from Halo/Freekibble and product from Zero Odor. We also have an amazing prize package for one lucky reader and six prize packages for readers that stop by to “like” Zee & Zoey’s page on facebook. Here are all the sponsors and prizes again – we encourage you to stop by and visit all of their websites so you can learn about them in further detail and we are so thankful of their support!!

*WINNING SHELTER – 5000 nutritious meals from Halo and FreeKibble.com to the winning shelter and 1000 meals to all runner up shelters, 2000 pounds of absorbent, natural whole-kernel corn litter from World’s Best Cat Litter and 25 Trial Kits for each shelter to give away to new cat owners who have adopted a pet, a $250.00 financial donation and two cases of any choice of odor product, stain & odor product, or litter spray to the winning shelter and a spray bottle odor assortment to runner up shelters from Zero Odor, a $250 financial donation from PetPlan Insurance, an exclusive offer from NVR Miss Litterbox – for each limited edition “Cat Ruler of the World” litter box purchased, $10.00 of the proceeds will be donated to the winning shelter, and, a special offer from Zee and Zoey themselves – for each copy of their book purchased, The Chronicles of Zee and Zoey, $5.00 of the proceeds will be donated to the winning shelter!!

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Okay folks, you know the drill – if you already know the rules, you can stop reading here…. if not, just a couple more paragraphs and you’re done!!

Voting polls will open on Tuesday, September 11th when all the campaigning ends. The polls will remain open until Friday, September 14th, midnight, PST, and you can vote only once, so please pick your ultimate Cat Ruler of the World wisely! A very easy to use voting link will be provided at the end of the closing post and it is completely anonymous so that nobody will have a clue as to who the winning cat might be until the winner is announced, which will be on Tuesday, September 18th.

As far as winning the grand prize, for any Tuesday campaign post, all you have to do is submit a comment and you are automatically entered for the random drawing. Make sure you fill out the email tab of the comment form so I can contact you if you win. The emails are private that way and will not be shared with anyone. The only catch, unfortunately due to restrictions from some of the sponsors, the grand prize winner is limited to U.S. residents only… We are so, so sorry about that, but that’s what politics is about – a lot of sticky red tape.

Don’t forget we also have two special ways to help raise money for whatever cat shelter ends up winning. NVR Miss Litterbox has a special, limited edition, marble designed “Cat Ruler of the World” litter box available exclusively for this contest. Just click here for ordering details – for every litter box purchased, $10.00 of the proceeds will go to the shelter. My cats swear by this litter box and this is a wonderful opportunity to pick one up and help a great cause!

I am also donating $5.00 for each purchase of my book, The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey, to the winning shelter that is ordered from my website. This book is a feline lover’s delight and is filled with page after page of stunning photographs and charming custom artwork – to order and to check out the pawsome book trailer and all the great reviews on my site, please click here. The story itself is an inspirational and heartfelt account of my life with my furry felines, the invaluable lessons they taught me, and the love story between Zee and Zoey. I write with the humorous style of the late Erma Bombeck, combined with the uncanny ability of Seinfeld Show – I turn the everyday nothing’s of life into an incredible story about something! Discussing such real topics as divorce, moving, home renovations, and unemployment, anyone can relate to my trials and tribulations and how they affected my life with my cats! Not to mention, the book comes beautifully wrapped with leopard tissue paper and a gorgeous bookmark that makes a great gift for any cat lover in your life!

There is one more way to win some fun prizes and there are NO restrictions! For any new “likes” we get on our facebook page during the contest, you will automatically be entered to win one of (6) facebook prize packages we have available!

The last rule is the most important one. WE ARE ALL FRIENDS here in the Cat Blogosphere and ALL cats are worthy to rule the world. This contest is meant to be fun – there will be no hissing, biting, clawing, or litter flinging whatsoever. The ultimate goal is to show humans that we all can get along and that party politics, religious beliefs, and things of that nature that divide a world are not necessary. All we want to do is make the world a better place for cats. We want every cat to have a home one day and we want to reduce the numbers of cats on the streets and in shelters. We want to encourage spaying and neutering and better pet responsibility. Our genuine hope is that this contest raises so much awareness about cats, that we can do this every year!

*Disclaimer. Zee & Zoey’s Chronicle Connection has not been paid by any of the sponsors for product endorsement. All prizes have been donated at the discretion of the sponsors. Because Austin of CATachresis is not a U.S. established residence, his shelter has already been informed in advance that Halo Pet Foods and World’s Best Cat Litter are unable to ship product outside of the U.S. CATachresis has agreed that if they do win, the cash proceeds would go to Freshfields and a follow up contest drawing would be held on Zee & Zoey’s Chronicle Connection blog whereby the product donations in question would go to a U.S. based shelter/rescue. Cati-dates are not eligible to win Grand Prize or Runner-up prize packages.

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  1. I posted on a comment on my Facebook page to a typical cats vs dogs cartoon. Mom reposted on BlogPaws’ Be The Change For Pets Facebook Page: http://on.fb.me/Oa2bOI The jokes are funny and meant to be harmless, but they also play into stereotypes that people who don’t understand cats believe.


  2. Judi Daly says:

    I am really enjoying this election–so much more than the other big election going on. Thank you for doing this.

  3. meowmeowmans says:

    Well debated, kittehs! You all present your points so eloquently. How are we ever going to vote for just one of you???

  4. Carrie McGrogan says:

    What a great debate everyone. I thought I had a favorite picked, but you all make it so hard!! Good Luck Everyone!!

  5. Maggie says:

    All articulate well thought out arguments. The presidential candidates should take note- there has been no negative campaigning or smacky paws.
    Stereotyping cat personalities is as useless as doing the same for people.

  6. Well said candidates!!

    Every cat is an individual, but I truly believe if a person takes the time to figure out what their cat needs and wants from them, and then provides it … they will never utter the words “aloof cat” together! I’ve had lots of cats in my lifetime, and nary a one would ever qualify as aloof.

  7. jackie mcatee says:

    Thanks cat-idates for allowing a glimpse at your brilliant minds. I’m in awe. If only people were more like cats 🙂
    I love all my furbabies for the individuals that they are and none of them are aloof at all. Sometime I think maybe us humans amaze our cats with our stupidity and they’re stunned into silence 😉
    Sherman (I kiss his fuzzy nose several times a day – he purrs even louder when I kiss him), he sleeps on my feet at night (I’m diabetic and always have cold feet), and he gives me head boops when I come home from work. How could anyone think a cat is aloof? You just have to take the time to get to know them.
    I can’t imaging my life without cats. It’d be like a world without color, or laughter, or sunshine!
    Ugghhh – I would not want to live in a world without cats!
    I thank God/Karm/the Universe every single day for sending my furry babies to me. By some amazing twist of fate that I’msure I’m not really deserving of, I am blessed enough to be the guardian of six wonderful cats – Spoiled Kitty, Midnight, Runtley, Crazy Kitty, Aphrodite, and Sherman. May it always remain so!!!!

  8. Kat Gagliano says:

    I’m happy to read advice from the smartest cats every. I don’t know how to decide who to vote for. purrr this will be difficult!

  9. This week’s debate was really interesting. I think I have made my choice =^.^=

  10. Ms. Phoebe says:

    This is still a really hard choice, as mew kitties are all smart and capable of ruling the world! Mew are all correct in that humans make good pets, yet still need supervision and training. My Mom is a good pet most of the time, but I occasionally shake my head wondering where she would be in the world had I not adopted her? I shudder to think of her all alone trying to make it in the world without me to serve and advise her every move. Cats aloof?! No way! If someone thinks that is the case, it’s probably because the cats mew know are busy bailing their human pets out of some trouble or stupid situation they have gotten themselves in to! Mewmew!

  11. The Farm cats stay aloof from me but I am sure that has nothing to do with my sending them flying through the air with a well placed butt. Nothing at all!