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Caturday – Zeuss Catt and his Interpretation of Jackson Galaxy and Da Bird

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Editors Note: I am happy to say that Zeuss Catt from Boston and his human Sean, are both “My Cat From Hell” converts now that I have brought the show to their attention. Zeuss is the most amazing cat – he actually does not have behavioral issues – he has captivated me with his intelligence, witty writing skills, and superior athleticism since he was a little kitten. Please enjoy his take on Jackson Galaxy and the infamous “Da Bird” toy as he discusses the show from his point of view.

Jackson Galaxy

Last month Deb posted an interview with a human named Jackson Galaxy.  Mr. Galaxy is an actor, and he stars in my new favorite TV program My Cat from Hell.  Each episode consists of Galaxy portraying a “cat behaviorist” who visits with some troubled cats and their humans.  Galaxy uses hypnotic eyeglasses and his magic case of toys to win over the troubled cats, thereby saving the day and gaining the respect of the other humans. 

Mr. Galaxy excels in his starring role, but this show wouldn’t be so much fun to watch without the performances of some top-notch feline co-stars.  These cats demonstrate tremendous range while acting out their varied roles and deserve to be recognized.  Bear, Lu Lu, Sully, Duff, Minibar, Larry, Avery- I’m sure that I’m forgetting some names- all of these cat actors gave great performances and had great chemistry with Mr. Galaxy. Read more

The Feline Quotable Photo Series – The Eyes are the Soul to a Cat’s Mind

This photo of Peanut is so glorious and hypnotizing that you cannot help but be mesmerized and transfixed to a time and place so deep, it is difficult to question the concept of a soul as French poet, Théophile Gautier suggests.  Please click photo to enlarge.

 Jules Théophile Gautier (August 30, 1811 – October 23, 1872) was a French poet, dramatist, novelist, journalist, art critic and literary critic. (Wikipedia) 

An Interview With Marg’s Pets – Living With Feral Cats

I had known Marg of the popular blog, Marg’s Pets, in the background of my mind though the many cat blogs I was beginning to visit on a regular basis. Though each blog I frequented was unique, any comments left by Marg had one common theme – she was a humble and kind-hearted soul looking out for the welfare of animals, feral cats in particular. Everyone else also had a warm word for Marg and I soon began to develop a friendship with this humanitarian. Read more

Super Cat-Bowl Sunday!

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By nature, Rolz is about the laziest cat on the Planet. Garfield is his hero and an occasional bout of bullying his sisters, Mia and Peanut, or the elder cats, Jazz and Harley, is the extent of his exertion. So, you can only imagine his joy at the opportunity to laze in front of the TV all day long for the Super Bowl! There is the early morning pre-game to the afternoon pre-game to the pre-game, pre-game! Then, it’s all the snacks and goodies that magically appear all day long!! What’s a kitty to do but to grab the remote and claim his spot on the couch for an all day meowathon of feline football, Cat-donna, and crazy commercials! Plus, he has the ideal excuse to be lazy… his brother Zeuss lives in Boston, so it would be very rude if he did not root for the Patriots!!

A Door is a Door is a Door…

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The beauty about video as a medium, is that it can take the words from a book and bring them to life with startling reality! One of my favorite chapters of The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey is Chapter 23 – A Door is a Door is a Door. The whole essence of this chapter is the essence of the book – that cats find the ordinary in everyday life and make it extraordinary. No where is this more evident than Saturday mornings. Read more