Feline Quotable Photo Series

Easy Like Sunday Morning Every Day of the Week

No one in our house does “Easy Like Sunday Morning” better than Jazmine. Actually, she does it best Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning as well. When that girl is out, she’s out! Anyhow, taking a cue from her, I’m looking forward to an easy-going kind of day myself. Maybe visiting a wetlands nature park with Dan so he can practice with his new camera taking pictures of Florida wildlife. I’ll also be making a big batch of homemade macaroni and cheese so I’ll have several meals prepared in advance for the week ahead and I’ll be using up some over-ripe bananas to make bread as well. How about you all, what kind of easy-going plans do you have for today?


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Ringing in a Positive, Happy, and Healthy New Year with a Little Help from My Cats

NewYear1 For the past couple of years I’ve started New Year’s off by sharing some quotes that feel particularly relevant to where I am at my life and where I’d like to be moving forward. They’re not meant to be resolutions per se, but rather a roadmap to help guide my inner self down a road of personal growth, peace, and happiness (please click any of the images to enlarge). This year is no different and I found the overwhelming theme to what I want is to rid myself of as much as possible is negativity. Read more

Quotable Wednesday – The Cat Calm in the Midst of Chaos


If you are having trouble reading quote, please click image to enlarge.

I am back from taking a couple days off from work so I could spend some time with my step-daughter, Crystal, who was visiting from Boston. It was great having the time off, aside from the fact that the work doesn’t do itself while I am away. I was greeted to a cheery mountain of paperwork a mile high at the beginning of this week, just waiting for my return. Needless to say, playing catch up in the fast paced world we live in is stressful to say the least! That’s why I decided on a Semi-Wordless Wednesday post for today and somehow this quote by author, Roseanne Amberson, just seemed to sum it up perfectly!

Have a wonderful rest of your week everyone – I will be sure to get you caught up on all the fun the cats and I had while Crystal was visiting on my upcoming Caturday post!


As a point of interest, Roseanne Amberson is the author of the book, “Raising Your Cat,” that was published in 1969. Has anyone ever read this book? It would be interesting to see what has, and has not, changed over the years.

Wordless Wednesday – Watercolor Cat in Black and White


There is something just timeless about the beauty and simple integrity of a black and white photo. Seen here is our lovely Jazmine (click image to enlarge) modeling a quote by Wesley Bates that suits her purr-fectly.

Happy Wednesday and see you on the weekend with more Jazmine antics to follow…

Thoughtful Tuesday… A Simple Message to All My Friends…


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Sometimes posts need lots of pictures and words to tell a story and sometimes it’s just nice to share a simple and inspirational message for no other reason than to brighten someone’s day or give them the strength to conquer whatever ails them. That’s why I love this quote so much – it really speaks to me in the way a cat speaks to me.

When they nap, they do it with complete intensity. The same with playing with a catnip mouse or asking for a treat. And if they see a box, they jump in first and ask questions later. In essence – they live for each moment they are blessed to have without any complication and for that lesson, I am grateful.

So, there you have it, a great quote, a picture of a stunning cat, and a short and sweet explanation to it all! Now back to your regularly scheduled programming…