Why I am Not Answering Questions for Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

Answer Your Cat's Question Today is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day and I am taking a strong and defiant stance and not allowing it here. Instead, I am going to ask my cats a question, because I really need the answer to something. And before any fur starts to fly, let me assure you I am not being mean or unfair.

My cats rule the roost 100%. There are no questions to answer for them. Whatever they want, they get. Whenever they want it, they get it. So what’s to answer? Can we take up more room on your bed so you can’t get comfortable? Of course my darlings. Can we sit in your office chair so you are forced to find other seating? Why yes, don’t even bother to ask – whatever you want, I’m here to serve your every whim and desire. I think you get the idea…

So what I’d like to know, is that box, that really large and obtrusive one that’s in front of the TV armoire – you know the one, the one that came to the house about 4 months ago when we were asked to do a review of Katris Cat Scratching Furniture. Could you let me know when you think it would possibly be okay to remove it from the living room and throw it away?

Jazmine on box

Oh look! A box for us! Thanks for the best gift ever!

Cats and Katris

Oh – there’s something inside the box! We’ll just pose here nice as can be! Isn’t this the best piece of scratching furniture ever!


Okay! She’s not looking anymore… As you were!

There are a gazillion pet beds, cat trees, cat condos, cat pillows, cat baskets, and more that you can nap on, including the Katris scratcher. Is there a particular reason that box is your favorite? It’s so banged up and worn out that the middle is permanently sagged from your weight.

What’s that? When I am going to give up my old, ratty pair of sweat pants that I wear nearly every day? Hmmm…. You know what, the more I think of it, the more I realize just how much that box looks perfect right where it is!

Katris box and Angry Bird

Oh… Never mind… I get it. You needed a place for Angry Bird. Wouldn’t want to make him mad, would we? Let’s just keep the box where it is and consider the question sufficiently answered.

How is it in your house today? Are you answering lots of questions for your cats?


If you enjoyed this post, please check out A Game of Katris and Mouse – Cat Scratching Furniture that is Fun and Practical. It was my original review of the Katris product, as tested out by my willing and able feline family. 

For detailed information on why providing outlets for your cats to scratch is so important to their health and well-being, and why declawing can be so dangerous, please read Scratching the Surface on Declawing Cats and Trying to Uncover the Reality of Martha Stewart’s Opinion on the Controversial Subject

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  1. Jodi Clock says:

    It’s definitely all about the box!

  2. i don’t know what it is with boxes but our kitty loves them! lol

  3. Carmine loves his boxes, too! He has one of his beds in a box, and he loves laying in there. Every time we get a box from Chewy, he won’t let me toss it until we have another sufficient box for him. Lita on the other hand couldn’t care less about boxes. Haha.

  4. It is always a good idea not to question a cat’s motives. A human’s job is, as you stated, to simply cater to every whim.

  5. We got a couple of boxes at Christmas and although they haven’t been in the house for four months yet, the peep has been getting ideas. We see it in her eyes. And if she should happen to ask the question you’re asking, our answer would be ‘NO’, for sure. MOUSES!


  6. Cathy Armato says:

    Why do pets love boxes so much?! I’m glad they liked the scratcher too!

  7. Robin says:

    I can totally relate to this! I have held on to a lot of things well past what I should have because the cats enjoyed them. My husband and I go crazy and just start getting rid of things every once in a while. I hope that you and the cats are able to break through this impass soon! 🙂

  8. My cat Nala ruled the roost no questions asked for 17+ years. Now Kilo the Pug has taken over- still no questions asked LOL.

  9. What an outstanding cat scratching post! Love the mid-century mod feel of it.

  10. CATachresis says:

    That box makes shabby chic look shabby!! 😉

  11. Be careful! They might withhold cuddles!

  12. Kia says:

    LOL too funny! Cats love their boxes 🙂

  13. Love that they gravitated towards the box 😉

  14. LOL! I think i’m always answering my cats questions!

  15. I can definitely relate to the large box that has been in the living room since November!

  16. Mary Haight says:

    Cats and boxes…crazy fun for them, a little frustrating for those doting on them, lol! Very entertaining post, Deb =)

  17. Rachel says:

    Kitties always love the cardboard box 🙂