The Zee & Zoey Kitties Share a Caturday Sightseeing Adventure!

by Deb at 5:50 AM • Kizmet26 Comments

As you know from last Caturday’s post, the humans are taking the time on the weekends to venture outside of the house to enjoy the local flavor that South Florida offers. Something about finding themselves and expanding their horizons, whatever that means. They think that while they’re off gallivanting about that all us kitties are doing is napping, but nothing could be further from the truth because while they’re out we’ve been doing some sightseeing of our own… the only difference, we are doing it from the windows of our house! Take a look at what we found!


Bye clueless humans… we’ll just be here napping while you’re gone… have fun… Muahahahaha….


They’re gone everyone! Come and look to see what is outside the front window!


Oh look! It’s a bird… shall we invite him in as lunch? Err, we mean for lunch…


It’s our neighborhood friend Callie on our walkway… How come she gets to go outside and we don’t?


The front window is getting boring… lets check out the backyard!


What? Another cat! Hi Tomcat – whatcha doing out there?


Oh no! Be careful Tomcat – it’s Major and he is one tough kitty that you don’t want to mess with!


Even though seeing a lizard like this one is a common occurrence in our yard, we still get excited to see one… especially when one will accidentally get into the house and we get to catch it and carry it around until human Dad comes by to save it and ruin our fun…


Now here’s something we don’t get to see very often – it’s called a Jesus Lizard and they can walk on water!


What the heck kind of cat is that? Geez… sure is a busy day in our backyard!


What’s the matter Kizmet? You look like you’ve seen your long-lost relatives…


Yup… the rumors have been confirmed… Kizmet is part raccoon. Check out the little one in the background!


Hey everyone! The sights from the kitchen window aren’t so bad either!!


It’s everyone’s favorite… a cute squirrel!!


And look at this – a beautiful butterfly!


Umm, guys…. I think you should come look out the front window again…


It’s a flock of Ibis birds in our yard!


Quick… I hear Mom and Dad coming up the driveway… Everyone back into napping positions…. Nothing to see here folks…

Okay… so now you know our little secret of what we do when the humans are not around. We want them to feel guilty when they leave us for hours at a time, so keep our sightseeing adventure under wraps if you don’t mind. And enough about us, what about you kitties? What sights are outside of your windows for you to look at when the humans are gone?

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  1. WOW, thats some amazing fings you see out there! We like bird tv the most!!

    Fanks fer stoppin by the Birthday/Gotcha Party – we still has noms left if you want to swing back by.


  2. Holy CAT!!!
    It’s like Nat Geo over there!!!
    You must have to pay extra for that kind of premium channel!

    Break out the popcorn!
    ; ) Katie

  3. Boy, you kids are lucky. This is what I see: Pigeons, and more pigeons. Okay, once in awhile I see a crow. Shoot, them things is bigger than I am! I see woofies a-plenty walking around, sucking up to the Humans, looking all happy and grateful all the time. And then, cause after all it *is* San Francisco, I see all kinds of wacky people, walking and on bikes, and skateboards and skates and wearing all kinds of outlandish stuff. And sometimes the little fur they do manage to have on their bodies –mostly all on their heads–is dyed blue or purple or something. And they have little metal stuff all over them, too. You’d think that would hurt, eh? Anyhow, I like your view better then mine. Especially those little tasty lizard things.

  4. meowmeowmans says:

    OMC … you have some amazing sights at your house, kitties! But we totally promise not to tell your humans.

  5. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    meowloz tomcat N major…sew…ewe two iz de ones that get inta de Z & Z houz N cauz all de trubull all de time then blame de Z & Z crew…huh…..


    N whoa N what de ba jezuz….itz a in fest tay shun oh BURDS….we hope yur mom called de termintor dood coz de grazz iz gonna be full oh it now… N we aint talkin “hot air”


  6. I bet all that wildlife are glad that you guys are on the other side of a window! 🙂