The Zee & Zoey Kitties Share a Caturday Sightseeing Adventure!

by Deb at 5:50 AM • Kizmet26 Comments

As you know from last Caturday’s post, the humans are taking the time on the weekends to venture outside of the house to enjoy the local flavor that South Florida offers. Something about finding themselves and expanding their horizons, whatever that means. They think that while they’re off gallivanting about that all us kitties are doing is napping, but nothing could be further from the truth because while they’re out we’ve been doing some sightseeing of our own… the only difference, we are doing it from the windows of our house! Take a look at what we found!


Bye clueless humans… we’ll just be here napping while you’re gone… have fun… Muahahahaha….


They’re gone everyone! Come and look to see what is outside the front window!


Oh look! It’s a bird… shall we invite him in as lunch? Err, we mean for lunch…


It’s our neighborhood friend Callie on our walkway… How come she gets to go outside and we don’t?


The front window is getting boring… lets check out the backyard!


What? Another cat! Hi Tomcat – whatcha doing out there?


Oh no! Be careful Tomcat – it’s Major and he is one tough kitty that you don’t want to mess with!


Even though seeing a lizard like this one is a common occurrence in our yard, we still get excited to see one… especially when one will accidentally get into the house and we get to catch it and carry it around until human Dad comes by to save it and ruin our fun…


Now here’s something we don’t get to see very often – it’s called a Jesus Lizard and they can walk on water!


What the heck kind of cat is that? Geez… sure is a busy day in our backyard!


What’s the matter Kizmet? You look like you’ve seen your long-lost relatives…


Yup… the rumors have been confirmed… Kizmet is part raccoon. Check out the little one in the background!


Hey everyone! The sights from the kitchen window aren’t so bad either!!


It’s everyone’s favorite… a cute squirrel!!


And look at this – a beautiful butterfly!


Umm, guys…. I think you should come look out the front window again…


It’s a flock of Ibis birds in our yard!


Quick… I hear Mom and Dad coming up the driveway… Everyone back into napping positions…. Nothing to see here folks…

Okay… so now you know our little secret of what we do when the humans are not around. We want them to feel guilty when they leave us for hours at a time, so keep our sightseeing adventure under wraps if you don’t mind. And enough about us, what about you kitties? What sights are outside of your windows for you to look at when the humans are gone?

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  1. OMC !
    You sure have a lot of fun stuff to watch in your yard !!
    Over at my place there are not so many different animals to watch.
    We do have some birdies now and then and if I´m lucky I see a Squirrel 🙂

  2. In my next life…I want to be one of your cats. So loved and so many cool things around to watch.
    LOVE the lizard with the orange hangy downy thing….not seen one of those before.
    Happy Caturday!!

  3. Wow, your yard sure comes alive. I would love to watch out your windows with you all. Happy Caturday!

  4. You sure do have a lot of excitement on your cat TV!

  5. Wow you guys have a ZOO back there!!!! One day when I come to Florida I MUST watch all of the activities outside of your window with you… is glorious!!!
    Your Mom and Dad should charge admission for such beauty!
    The lizard is pretty darned skerry though!

  6. Wow! Your TV has incredible programs!! I wish we had the same channels, although ours aren’t that bad either!
    Loved the pics of all (or almost all) of you in front of the screen together =^.^=

  7. Mistletoe & Hitch (rwb) says:

    We see many of the same things outside our window, except for the lizards, SE Pennsylvania doesn’t have many of those roaming the streets of suburbia. Our HuMom try’s to keep the limbo kitties off our front porch too. Otherwise one of the Oranges will decide to mark his territory. Our HuMom wants to avoid announcing the fact that we are a feline family by smell as folks walk in. Wonder if there is a cat type sign we could get telling our free roaming friends to stay off the front porch? Oh well, back to the windows for us. This time of day the birds are going to and for from the bird houses with things to enhance their nest. Let’s see what they’ve picked up today!

  8. Your view is much more interesting than ours. Wonder if Jan will consider moving?

  9. Our money’s on them never suspecting a thing! Pawesome sightseeing!

  10. Wow, you have a veritable jungle! Odin is itching to catch a lizard now. Thank goodness we don’t have any. Happy Caturday 🙂

  11. Julia Williams says:

    Wow, you are such lucky kitties to have all that fun stuff to watch out the windows. My poor kitties just have leaves and a bird now and then. They’re so deprived.

  12. Marg says:

    Well you kitties sure have some great bird, cat, possom and raccoon TV. That big old Tom cat is a little scary looking. The cats seem to like your yard. Great pictures. Take care.

  13. Ingrid King says:

    Allegra and Ruby want to come visit!

  14. OMC! You have the best TV! We don’t have leezards here….so we loved seeing those up close.

  15. Sue Brandes says:

    Oh wow you get to see a lot of things from your windows. Mostly neighbor cats and birds here. Those are awesome pictures.

  16. Brian says:

    WOW! Y’all got the best channels ever! That Major is something!

  17. Stunning as always. I always look forward to your Saturday Caturdays! 🙂

  18. Cathy Keisha says:

    Whoa! The peeps used to have all those things exact the lizards when they owned a house in NJ. TW thought the opossum was cute but was scared of the raccoon. Now I know where the band Jesus Lizard got their name.

  19. WOW! We don’t have anything like that in our garden!! Just Tigger and a few jackdaws! MOL

  20. Kitties Blue says:

    What an amazing array of animals and amphibians and birds you have to watch. We have squirrels and raccoons and possums and birds and our neighbor cat, Sparky, but nothing like y’all have. We would never have time for any naps if all that excitement was going on. And the photos are so fabulous. We could spend the day just looking at those. We definitely will not let the humans know your secret. Depriving y’all of the that glorious nature would be criminal. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo