The Cats and the Christmas Box

A gift for us? I’ll take care of it…

When a box comes into the house it’s a BIG deal. After all, when you’re a cat, it’s rule number one to either sit on, in, or near it. For this particular box, addressed to the cats mind you, Rolz took it upon himself to claim ownership and took the role VERY seriously.

Still guarding it (with a little help from Jazmine).

Fine…you can guard it now, but just for a minute…

Sometimes a cat might have to get up for one reason or another, perhaps to use the litter box, thank you very much, and sure enough, there will be another cat at the ready, in this case, Kizmet.

Alright! Enough Mr. Nice Guy! Get off my box, now!

Being a rather patient cat by nature, Rolz allowed Kizmet his box-sitting moment, but even a patient cat has his limits…

Oh look, it’s a bunch of stuff for us to sniff!

When that exciting moment finally arrives, the one in which the box is ceremoniously opened, the cats do their obligatory sniffing and poking around. But it quickly dawns on them they no longer have a box to sit on and life goes back to normal…

Well, since we no longer have a box to sit on, might as well go back to bed…

Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. Awww. All the hype and then the let down when the box was exposed. Best order another for the clan so they can enjoy that special moment again..

  2. Rolz did a very good job of box minding until it was no longer needed. They are all looking rather sleepy on the bed, but very cute.

  3. Such good guard cats! You are all beautiful today!

  4. jmuhj says:

    Such a photogenic clowder you have! and I love all of their stockings hung on the mantel…enjoy your holidays, all!

  5. Time for a nap indeed after playing “musical boxes” with everyone trying to be the one to sit in it. Monday there is always a good chance another box will arrive! Happy Sunday

  6. Good job, Rolz ! Have a great holiday season ! Purrs

  7. Ellen Pilch says:

    You are lucky kitties 🙂

  8. What did they get? What did they get?? I can’t make out what it is.

    Carmine LOVES boxes. I barely get our monthly Chewy order in the door before he’s sitting on it, MOL!

  9. We love boxes here, and sometimes the peeps get nice big ones.

  10. An excellent representation of cats on boxes!