Starting the New Year with My Eyes Not Wide Open

While the piecework I was helping with for our military contract was very laborious and exhausting, the doctor said it did not cause my eye condition. It’s something that is more common as we age, in my case, it was more severe than for others.

We’ve got a big military contract due where I work with a tight deadline of January 9th to complete the project looming in front of me. I’ve been working extremely long hours, assisting with quite heavy and laborious piecework to help out and when I get home I’ve been exhausted. That’s why when I started to experience some blurred vision, I attributed it to being tired.

On Friday I woke up with black dots and squiggly black lines floating around my eyes and I knew something wasn’t quite right. Rather than go to work, I went to a medical clinic for a quick examination, hoping I’d get a quick fix like some eye drops to take care of my situation so I could get back to work. Instead, I got a doctor who informed me it was imperative I get to an ophthalmologist immediately. As I don’t have one, he gave me a list to choose from and I went home to coordinate efforts with Dan, as he would have to drive me due to my impaired situation.

The long and short of it, after extensive tests, I had to have laser surgery on the spot to repair a tear in my retina that was causing the floaters, which is actually blood behind the eyes. Had I ignored the situation (which I have a tendency to do) it could have caused serious damage to my eyes, with loss of vision and the need for a risky eye operation.

I immediately broke into tears upon hearing the news – a combination of relief that it was caught in time, as well as the total shock of the severity of the situation. The surgery took about 5 minutes and I have to admit it did hurt despite being assured it wouldn’t by the doctor. I was given strict orders to go home and rest with my kitties and a glass of wine, which I gladly did. I also have to sleep upright for a few nights, as it’s important to the recovery to keep the eyes at more of a steady angle.

Peanut, Rolz, a glass of wine, and a comfortable old sweatshirt help to aid in my recovery!

When I woke up the next day, the blurriness was less pronounced, but I still have floaters. Due to the severity, it could take between 7 to 10 days for them to dissipate and I have an appointment this coming Friday to check on my progress. In the meantime, I’m doing the best I can to keep my stress level to a minimum, which includes mega-doses of watching HGTV all weekend.

The lesson to all of this, dear friends, is to take care of yourself. If something seems off, please don’t ignore the symptoms. This is especially true as we get older. Just like our cats, we need to see our doctors more frequently and take care of ourselves.

Since I have to sleep sitting up, I’ve taken residence on the couch with my portable table and laptop computer. Jazmine starts the day as ,my first cat shift nurse!

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone. Be grateful for all you have and don’t take anything for granted. And if this post has spelling or grammatical errors, I apologize…I can barely see the computer, so you’re going to have to give me a pass on this one!


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  1. Thank goodness you acted promptly and got advice and an operation. Sight, and life are too valuable to mess with and we generally just get the one chance for ourselves and our companions. Why is it though that I never get prescribed stopping home with a nip wine when I visit the vet?
    Toodle pips and purrs

  2. Ingrid King says:

    How scary! I’m so glad you caught this in time. That’s definitely one of those life-changing occurrences that make you re-evaluate everything. I’m glad you’re on the mend, and thank goodness for the kitties to help you rest and heal! We’re sending healing energy and purrs.

  3. Oh no Deb! That must have been scary all the way around. I’m so glad you did catch it in time and that you are resting comfortably with cats (and wine at the appropriate times). Keep us posted on how you are doing. Mimi and the whole Squeedunk gang sending lots of purrs your way!!!

  4. meowmeowmans says:

    Thank goodness you had that checked out when you did, Deb. We are glad there was a treatment, and that you are going to be okay! And that you have such good kitty nurses to take care of you. 🙂

  5. Chirpy Cats says:

    Good thing you acted quickly! I also had floaters coupled with what they called a scintillating scotoma. But mine was related to my migraines. Wow, you still managed to write a blog post, those kitty healing purrs are powerful and I’m so glad you’re okay. But please take care of yourself and I hope your work load eases up soon. Happy Sunday!

  6. Valentine says:

    I’m so glad you went to the doctor when you did! I hate going to the V-E-T but I know it’s for my own good. I hope you get lots of rest and I’m sure your kitties will take good care of you. Purrs & hugs!

  7. That was scary! I am glad they were able to put things right and hope your vision is soon back to normal. In the meantime, enjoy some kitty nursing and plenty more wine!

  8. We’re glad you went to the doctor immediately ! We send you tons of healing purrs and wish you good recovery. Purrs

  9. Edie Chase says:

    I’m glad you had your eye checked out and that they were able to fix it. Sending healing thoughts.

  10. Ellen Pilch says:

    That is very scary. I am glad you did catch it in time. I will pray you heal completely. XO

  11. jmuhj says:

    Thanks god you got right on it and got it seen to, Deb. I’ve had this twice, the first time in both eyes and the second in my left that was so severe my angel of an opthalmologist informed me I had a 50/50 chance of not seeing out of that eye. Thanks god he was able to save my sight. I have floaters all the time, but that’s nothing compared to what it could have turned out being. I am grateful every minute of every day and count it as very close to a miracle.
    For me, life has never been the same since, and I am always hyper-aware of the state of my eyes; but again, I am grateful beyond words and I expect you are as well.

  12. The mom gets floaters all the time. The first time it happened she was in the grocery store and she freaked out when she saw what was like spiders in her vision. She went to the eye doctor, but fortunately for her, there was no issue with the retina, and the eye doctor says this happens all the time as human age. He just told her to keep an “eye” on it and if there was a loss of vision to come back. The mom still has floaters, but so far so good as far as the retina is concerned.

  13. Mary McNeil says:

    So glad you caught this in time ! Cats and wine sound like a treatment regimen you can gladly follow !

  14. We are sending healing purrs and our paws are crossed you are all better soon. Please take care of yourself, we know the kitties are doing their best to make sure you get lots of rest.

  15. I’m so sorry to hear this, Deb! Please take care of yourself and feel better. We’re all sending healing purrs.

  16. Cathy Keisha says:

    Whoa! Sending healing purrz. Cos TW’s vision is so bad, her retinas are frayed and she’s terrified of this happening. Any time she sees a flash of light she panics that her retina detached. She used to go to a retina specialist in NYC once a year but he hasn’t been on her plan for a few years so she’s been skipping it. She hates the thought of having to find one in NJ.

  17. oh wow Deb I am so sorry you had to go through this but I am glad they caught the problem and that hopefully you are on the mend! Please take care!

  18. I’m sorry that you are going thru this but you were lucky to have gone immediately to the doctor and had surgery. I hope you’ll have a swift recovery!

  19. Wow we hear you Miss Deb! Taking care of themselves is something humans should do better!!

    We hope you are on the road to recovery now.