Ginger Interruptus – The Unwinding of a Cat Legacy

Blogging in the early days. Always with the help of my feline gang.

I started blogging in October 2010. That’s a long time. Since then, the journey has changed. When I began, it was a small climate of bloggers, newly emerging and growing together, each with our unique voices and personalities. But now, many of us in that initial clowder have quietly stepped aside or changed direction, including me. I have several reasons, but it boils down to three: my ginger cat, Jazmine, an oversaturated amount of cat-related facts and information on the internet, and my day job.

Let’s start with Jazmine. It’s very simple. I discovered inadvertently in 2019 that there is a day devoted to appreciating ginger cats (September 1). I created a graphic of Jazmine, shared it on Facebook, and was inundated with likes, comments, and pictures. I said (with complete naivete), “Hey, maybe I should write a book about ginger and orange cats because they sure are popular.”

The photo that started “Ginger Interruptus.”

Well, it’s 2024, and I’m still writing that book with no end in sight. Because the book focuses on ginger/orange cats from arts, cartoons, movies, literature, TV, social media, real life, and more, the subject matter has been far more encompassing than I ever could have fathomed. Worse is the internet. Or what I like to call it, the bane of my existence.

On the one hand, the internet is an amazing wealth of information. But it is also filled with conflicting reports, glaring falsehoods, and a horrendous lack of source citations, especially regarding photos and artwork. I won’t delve into detail, as I will share that in the book, but I’ve had claims of people being deceased who were not, artwork from artists credited to the wrong person, and so on. I discovered book covers with ginger cats, only to find out the cover had nothing to do with the real color of the cat in the book, which happened to be gray. Add to that trying to do the proper thing by reaching out to authors, artists, publishers, and estates for rights and permissions to use photos and images, and all I can say is that my writing journey has been less about writing and more about everything else—a LOT MORE.

This means I am trying to find the time to write this gargantuan book project between my demanding day job.  That’s why finding the time to blog is even more difficult. But honestly, it’s not just the book. The point of blogging has changed for me. I was once a “go-to” source for cat-related information, and it was exciting to create new content. I can still be that, but for the most part, my audience already knows what I’m trying to educate about, and I don’t have the time to post about something just for the sake of posting.

Cat information is quickly disseminated through endless sites devoted exclusively to that content. All the print media that used to educate us, such as Catster magazine, have gone to the wayside, informing us digitally.  Not to mention, all the articles pumped out using AI. So, if you search for articles on spay and neuter, for example, my site will not be relevant, even though I’ve written some excellent articles. That’s okay. I’ll still share pictures of my gang now and then and stories about them, too. I might still post educational content, humorous pieces, or whatever tickles my fancy, but I can’t do it any longer or more frequently.

Zee and Zoey – always a love story.

I’m not saying goodbye; I’m just saying it’s different. The legacy that started it all—my beautiful Zee and Zoey—is now just Zoey. Thankfully, I’m still blessed with Mia, Peanut, Rolz, Kizmet, Jazmine, and Shadow, but it’s a legacy winding down. Or perhaps I should say it’s a new chapter, ginger-inspired.

My beautiful muse, Jazmine.


Just one more quick thing. While I won’t be blogging with the same frequency I once did, I will share photos and graphics of my feline gang as much as possible on Facebook. Please visit Zee & Zoey’s Cat Chronicles page for all things cat-related, as well as Orange Crush Ginger Cat Love for updates on Jazmine and anything orange/ginger cat-related.


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  1. Pam says:

    I am where you are (!)…….but in my case it’s not other projects that I need more time for or even a rearranging of current projects – it’s old age creeping up and my wanting to spend more time WITHOUT projects. I’ve been thinking about either cutting back on blogging or giving it up. It’s such a huge decision. I started out with Angel Sammy in 2011 and now have Teddy “running the show” here but I think there’s just MORE for me in whatever time I have left. I’ll figure it out for ME – we each have to do that for ourselves. Whatever you continue doing I know it will be successful…….and I wish you lots of luck whatever road you travel!

    Hugs, Pam (and Teddy too)

    • Deb says:

      I hear you, Pam. That’s part of it, too. I want more time for my family, and more time for me. Blogging has brought me amazing memories, and amazing friends, but sometimes things have to change. I wish you all the best as you ponder your next stage in life. xoxoxo

  2. Blogging has really changed over the years but I’m glad that the friendships remain consistent.

  3. Donna says:

    I do not have a website. I have had two ginger cats in my life, one when I was 5 yrs old. Tony the Tiger and one more recently who passed in 2022. Always loved seeing your Jazmine because her marking were so like my cat.
    I will miss your cat news about Jazmine and the rest. Happy writing time.

    • Deb says:

      Thank you for stopping by, Donna. I’m glad you enjoy seeing posts about Jazmine. I’ll still share stories and pictures, just not as frequently. Blessings to your sweet angel who recently passed, too.

  4. Kimberley Jumper says:

    I have always loved your blogs, but I first discovered you through your book Zee & Zoey’s Chronicles. I laughed and cried reading it. Since then we have become Facebook friends. Whatever you do I wish you lots of happiness. I have beat you on the amount of cats though not that it was intentional. It’s hard being a cat rescuer. I too have shifted though and don’t take in fosters anymore- I’m getting older & I need to care for my present crew. I’m still in rescue I just can’t foster.

    • Deb says:

      Thank you so much, Kimberley. I love connecting with you on Facebook and I so admire all you do for cat rescue. So glad you enjoyed Zee & Zoey’s book, too!

  5. Deb, I will miss reading your posts. Your writing and the research you put into your posts have always inspired me. I am at a crossroads myself. I am less motivated since losing Lola, and Lexy struggles with health issues that need attention. And time is a BIG factor as well. I miss the old days of blogging, but I am forever grateful for the friendships I have made, including yours.

    • Deb says:

      Dawn, hearing from so many of my blogging pals today sure has been bittersweet, and I’m waxing nostolgic. You are an inspiration for me as well. Your committment to your posts – in content, style, voice, and branding have been exemplary. I know it’s hard without Lola, that’s how I feel by losing Zee. He’s always with me, but the light shines a little less brightly without him around. I wish you well in whatever you decide.

  6. jmuhj says:

    Ah, the “good old days” of the internet! I often reminisce with fellow geeks, most of whom are cat lovers and some of whom are fellow writers/bloggers, about them. As with IT in general, newer does not mean better, at all. I see some alarmingly ignorant and potentially harmful “information” on cats wherever I turn, much of it AI-generated and more of it written by ignorant people as a money-making venture and nothing remotely caring or knowledgeable. It’s beyond sad.

    Looking forward to whatever you do post, when you decide to post it, and wishing you and your loved ones all the very best.

    • Deb says:

      jmuhj – it’s a subject we could discuss all day long. I know the internet has brought wonderful good to the world, and I take advantage of some of it. But if we could dail it back a bit, I’d be much happier. It’s beyond alarming, what’s going on. Thank you for your support, as always. And thank you for all you do to keep the interity of cat information n check.

  7. Ingrid King says:

    I read your post with a bit of a lump in my throat, especially coming on the heels of Debbie’s retirement from blogging last week. The “old guard” of blogging that we’re part of is slowly disappearing. Thankfully, like Brian said, the friendships remain. Good luck with your book project. I really admire you for being able to hold a demanding full time job, and write in what I’m sure is very little free time!

    • Deb says:

      I feel the same way, Ingrid. I happened upon Debbie’s post yesterday. I don’t know what compelled me to check in, but when I did, I could not believe I was reading of her retirement. Especially after just finishing up on the post I wrote for today. I’m proud to be part of the old guard – I’ll always embrace the memories. But, as I said, it’s not goodbye, it’s just something different. Thank you for being you – you were one of the first cat-people in my life who encouraged me to blog and spread my wings.

  8. Mary McNeil says:

    Thank you for sharing all you have over the years, and for adding the links where we can keep up with you and your clowder. We send purrayers and POTP for your work n the book – which we will gladly purchase, having been blessed with some wonderful orange kitties.

  9. Leah says:

    I enjoy your posts and I miss them, but I totally get what you are saying. I had to stop posting for two years myself, though I’m now back, but rarely, about once a month. I’ve had a rough time with Internet bad actors taking my photos without permission and posting them on inappropriate sites, even before AI. Now AI has really messed up everything to do with crediting pictures. I’ll certainly never use it for pictures or writing. I may have to post even less often if I can get back to working on my second book. Wishing you smooth going as you work on your book, and I’ll try to keep up with you on Facebook!

    • Deb says:

      Oh my goodness, Leah. I’m sorry for the trouble your having with the internet. I’ve experienced that, too, and it’s very frustrating. There are not enough hours in the day as it is, then you have to deal with that nonsense. I’m going to try to post at least once a month, even if it’s just a picture of one of my cats – lol! Thank you for the good wishes, too!

  10. Glad you are not giving up the blog. I can’t wit for the ginger book. XO

  11. Oh, geez, Deb. At first, I thought something happened to Jazmine and I panicked! Your voice is, and always will be, unique. You’ve added so much passion, love, inspiration, and knowledge to the cat space. Your articles on the feline-human bond are second to none. You write with your heart – something AI and most people can’t do. I look forward to continuing to follow your family and being obsessed with Jazmine! And most of all, I treasure you and our friendship.

    • Deb says:

      Oh, no! Sorry, Katherine… I can see how the post might have initially alarmed you! Jazmine is easy to obsess over and I’ll just add you to her list of devoted admirers – lol! But seriously, thank you for your kind words – you and I both have the feline-human bond nailed and many a post you’ve written about your own gang have moved me deeply.

  12. Kitties Blue says:

    Thanks for joining us today, Deb. Blogging and the internet definitely have changed. I started in 2012, and I hardly recognize it anymore. While I do create some A.I. images (just because) it is fun), I refuse to turn to it for anything else. I keep talking about stepping back, as I really only do it to provide entertainment and a very occasional review. Every time I talk about doing so, Tom urges me to continue, so I go on despite problems with e-mail notifications and fewer and fewer visitors. I love my ginger kitties, and look forward to reading your book whenever it is completed (if I am still alive and kicking). At 75, one never knows when they will be called home to spend eternity with their many beloved kitties. We just lost a friend at age 61. It was sudden and unexpected. Anyhoo, I’ll be watching for your posts whenever they might occur and look forward to the new book. Janet and angels Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta & Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer, Kizmet, Audrey & Raleigh

    • Deb says:

      Kitties Blue, thank you for stopping by today. The internet definitely has changed and I just don’t have the energy or desire to keep up with it. You have made such a difference, keeping everyone connected with your brilliant Sunday Selfies blog hop and I thank you for that. Do what’s best for your heart. Stepping back doesn’t have to mean stopping altogether.

  13. Hello Deb! BellaSita Mum here….I totally get where you are coming from. I started “THE Purrfect Pad” blog on Yahoo/Multiply in 2005 with Mingflower my Bluepoint Muse. Then in 2012 ‘angel’ Mingflower & NYLABLUE & I moved to WordPress….then came Purrince Siddhartha Henry & now there is BellaDharma…..
    I’ve tried to keep the integrity of “THE Purrfect” pad all these years. It has been difficult journey. Content creation. Coming up with unique purr-spectives. And trying to not make my blog sound like a Medical record has been a challenge. So-o I DO understand. AS I struggle to figure out what direction to go in; your post has helped me immensely. I have ALWAYS come to your blog for cat info over the years. Didn’t comment alot. But trust me; you helped me alot! I am forever grateful.
    Whatever direction you go in; myself & BellaDharma will follow.
    Jazmine is a beautiful Muse by the way.
    {{{hugs}}} BellaSita Mum (Sherri-Ellen) & ***purrss*** BellaDharma

    • Deb says:

      Thank you, BellaDharma an BellaSita Mum. You always know how to tug at my heartstrings and I genuinely appreicate your kindness and support. You sometimes wonder as a blogger, if anyone is listening, so I am humbled and grateful to know I’ve provided you some guidance and inspiration over the years. I wish you the best as you figure out your new direction, too.

  14. meowmeowmans says:

    We’re glad this isn’t goodbye, Deb. Your posts have inspired and moved us for so many years, but we do understand that things evolve and change. We are glad the friendships we’ve made through blogging are a constant, though. Hugs to you, dear friend.

    • Deb says:

      Thank you, meowmeowmans. You are such a treasure in the world of rescue and I am so happy for your friendship. Not goodbye, just a little less hello!

  15. Jeneko says:

    I’ve been reading your blog since 2012 when we did that interview Fukushima interview (thank you again) and have always admired your passion and eloquence. Thank you for doing so many great things over the years.

    • Deb says:

      Thank you, Jen. That interview meant so much to be. The dedication that you and your team showed the animals and citizens of Fukushima after such a horrific event will always be in my heart. It was an honor to work with you and I am always in awe of all you do!

  16. Sue Brandes says:

    I will miss your posts too. Love hearing about your kitties. Good luck on your book.

  17. Erin the Cat says:

    Every thing changes, just some things quicker and more radical than others. Thankfully content from bloggers like yourself remains so relevant and rewarding. No matter the time between posts, we enjoy and appreciate all that goes into them.
    Who knows what tomorrow may bring, but as long as cats feature front centre and sideways, we are happy.

  18. I hear you Deb! It was sooooooo much better when we first started blogging (I started just before you in 2009). When Cody and Dakota passed, my will/desire to blog seemed to go with them. Especially when Cody passed since my blog was HIS or OUR blog. Changing the blog name really didn’t help, it just allowed me to add Levi. While I adore Levi and Roary…….it’s different. With Cody (and Dakota for his blog), everything was new. Blogging was new to me, my experiences were new, etc, etc. Now…I blog every now and then (I have four people waiting forever for me to do a book review and I am doing my best to get motivated but so far it hasn’t worked)…….I probably should never have accepted the books. I warned them about how rarely I blog nowadays and a most are fine with that, but deep down it has to be irritating them. I soooooooooo hear you! I don’t know how you did it all of these years holding down a full time job. I will always follow what you do/write/create…..always. You are one of the special ones to me and will always remain that way. Just continue to take care of YOU and your beautiful babies!!!! Oh and I am looking forward to your new book! Maybe by the time you finish it I will have done the reviews for these poor people waiting for me! xoxo

    • Deb says:

      Caren – you were one of the first blogs I began to follow and I will ALWAYS treasure the friendship we developed as a result. It’s hard to write with conviction and passion when you don’t have the desire, so I completely understand what you’re saying. I have no clue when my book will be finished – it just seems to have taken on a life of its own, but hepefully, just like your reviews, it will eventually get done – lol!! xoxox

  19. We started blogging in 2012, and it’s so different now. Our human is school principal since 2020, and it’s very exciting but very time-consuming. Moreover, someone used that blogging part of her life to throw personnal attacks against her ; sadly, it looks like it broke our blogging mojo. It looks like we don’t have much to write anymore, and we first thought to do like Debbie. We’re not sure about it, so for now, just like you, we’ll pop up from time to time to say hi and keep in touch with our blogging friends. Purrs and hugs

    • Deb says:

      Swiss Cats, I’m so sorry to hear your blog has allowed someone to through personal attacks your way. That’s not cool. Please know that your blogging pals care about you deeply and we appreciate your posts when you are able to pop in and say hi!

  20. Allison says:

    I discovered you mostly through your books, but I have also enjoyed blog posts by you. The blogging world will not be the same without you, but I understand your reasons for wanting to stop. I started blogging in 2010 by writing book reviews and in 2015, as my interests changed, I added pet articles. A few years ago, I began to focus exclusively on cats, and thought about starting a new blog. But…. like you, I felt there was already so much cat info on the internet, wanted time for other projects, and simply didn’t have the energy anymore to commit to a blog too. Enjoy your book project and life with your family. I know cat activities will always be part of your world. Enjoy your next adventure!