Eight is Enough…

"The Cage"

“Eight is Enough” is the title of this post, but what I really wanted the title to be was “Damn-it, would someone please not allow me to go into Pet Supermarket any longer?” Here’s the thing, for most of us cat lovers, having to walk past “The Cage” – you know the one I’m talking about – the one that is in front of the store that is filled with cats/kittens that you have to unavoidably walk by to get to the cat food aisle is heart wrenching at the very least.

Normally I do my best to make a very polite visit to say hello, but I try to avoid any serious eye contact that would involve an overly dramatic emotional connection with the cat(s). It’s the only way I can get through it without turning into a pile of mush when I leave the store without all of them in my arms.

They say it is in a cat's eyes that the magic resides... for me, this little one instantly put a spell on me!

Maybe it is my over exhaustion from traveling two weeks in a row, maybe it’s because for the past year I have been so heavily involved in cat advocacy issues and I see things differently, but it happened and it happened so quickly that I could not stop myself. We made eye contact and the bond was so inextricably woven that I literally stopped in my tracks to catch my breath and found myself with tears running down my face, I was so overcome with maternal instinct.

Kismet. Fate. Destiny. Call it what you will, but I no longer question my life when it brings me down a path that I don’t quite understand at the moment.  Irrational and crazy immediately come to mind, but I had no control of my actions as my hand reached to open the cage door to pick up this little being that had captured my heart. I held him in my arms and he instantly cradled himself against my chest and began to purr his message of complete love and devotion to me. Trust me kitty, you had me at hello.

He looked up at me and our eyes locked again, forming a bond and promise of lifelong intent. I was on break for lunch from work and was not prepared for any of this. I also have a household of very happy, well-adjusted cats at home who don’t really need to have their social dynamic disrupted. I told myself this and every other sane argument I could. Dan was out of town and was scheduled to land from the flight he was on in the next hour. I took a picture and sent it to him. Surely he would talk me out of what I was inches away from doing.

I put the kitten back in the cage and handed my business card to the store clerk. I made some ridiculous comment about knowing Jackson Galaxy, as if it mattered, and asked them to please hold the kitten for a couple hours so that I could discuss it with Dan, all the while arguing internally with myself that I was losing my mind. Naturally, Dan told me to get the cat, not even offering one iota of concern, sensibility, or negativity. Sigh… now you know why I love him so much…

One minute a caged cat, the next, a promise of a wonderful new furever home...

Kizmet as I have named him (Kismet as in fate, but with the “z” that is a predominant trait in our Zee/Zoey domain) is now residing in my office with the door closed as we ease him into the household to meet the other cats in the next week or two (which is contingent on the results of his first vet visit – I want to make sure that not only is he healthy for his own well-being, but for that of my beloved other cats as well). He is a three month old Tabby/Maine Coon mix with gorgeous almond eyes and big paws that he needs to grow into. He was apparently found on the streets and rescued and I can only imagine the story of the beginning of his life.

Just look at that precious face!! He seems to be saying, "See, I'm a good boy, aren't you glad you adopted me?!!"

His life right now – he is happy. Very happy. He has toys to play with, food in his belly, warm and snugly furniture to nap on, and room to run and stretch his beautiful body. When I open the door to spend time with him, he is overjoyed to see me and is a loud, purring machine of happiness. This is clearly only the beginning and I can’t wait to share his journey with you all!

Snugly afghan - check. Comfy couch - check. Wadded up ball of paper toy - check. Yup... sprinkle with love and you have all the necessary ingredients to make one happy kitty!

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  1. Debbie,

    Thank you SO much for leaving me a note on today’s WW about your newest addition… apparently, the past week’s emails (I’m a newsletter subscriber to your blog) have unceromoniously ened up in my SPAM box of all places (NOT by ME, of course!) so I have not been privvy to this wondrous news!

    OMG – I am SO in love – SMITTEN with your new KITTEN, if it were (as you can see, I went hunting backwards to start the journey from its rightful place, the beginning!) Kizmet is just AMAZING! You now have made ME want to add a new kitten to my home (not that there is not a time when I don’t – but seriously – I now have the new kitten bug BAD!!!)

    Kizmet looks SO happy and well loved! He could not have found his way into a more perfect home! Give Dan a HUGE HUG for saying YES to this beautiful bundle of love!

    Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours! I am off to read more posts!

  2. Hairless Cat says:

    Hi Deb,

    Hey, how could you resist? That’s what happened 😀

    He’s such a cutie too.

    I was wondering what that cute extra bit of fluff was near his jaw. Main Coon makes sense. He might grow up to be a BIG boy.

    I think you’re right – they do give the “I’ll be a good boy, I promise” look from the adoption cage. That does trigger off the maternal instinct. There’s no doubt.

    That reminds me of the CCR tune, “I Put A Spell On You” (because you’re mine).

    Adoption cats have the same effect on me too.

    You love cats and you love cat family. It doesn’t matter what your mind says. Your heart says you can never have enough.

    To me it feels good to have a big cat family. Life feels fuller. It feels right. Sometimes the heart rules the mind 😉

    Kizmet seems like a very happy boy so it’s all good. He’ll be a joy to have around.

    Glad I got to check out the Kizmet adoption story.

    =^-^= Hairless Cat Girl =^-^=

    • Deb says:

      Hairless Cat – Thank you for such a wonderful response – I agree with you 100%, life does feel fuller with a big cat family and I can’t imagine it any other way! Kizmet has already brought such spirit into our home, that I feel he is a kindred soul of some sort and was just meant to be!! He made himself right at home (another post you should read if you have time, because it was so funny) and I love the reference to the CCR tune!! I have really enjoyed getting to know you and appreciate your kind words!

  3. Janet Roper says:

    Hi Deb,
    It is wonderful when there are mutual happy endings for all involved! Thanks so much for sharing this post on http://www.Talk2theAnimals.net and letting our readers hear Kizmet’s story.