Caturday Gone Wild – The Disturbing Phenomenon of Cat Toys Plotting to Take Over Our Living Rooms…

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Spring brings with it a beautiful time of renewal and rebirth, but for an innocent kitten intent on keeping the world safe from harm’s way, it is not all peaches and cream…

Spring starts out innocently enough… daffodils and tulips bloom, the sunlight hours are longer and we can shed our heavy sweaters and clunky boots. But before you know it, it also brings with it things like heavy rains, severe allergies, fleas, and of course, something far more ominous… That’s right… I’m talking about the infiltration into our homes of the extremely dangerous feather boa toy… A phenomenon that very few people, if any at all, know about…

The origins of this innocuous toy remain a mystery. They tend to appear almost exclusively in households with cats and usually come as a result of a human attending an event such as a blogging or writing conference or a trip to Pet Supermarket. They come in a variety of pretty colors and while there has actually never been a documented incident of one them deliberately plotting to cause harm to anyone or anything, one can never be too careful when it comes to something that is fun, charming, whimsical, and inanimate.


Such a brave soul little Mia is. Here she sits, completely unaware that these brightly colored feather toys behind her are plotting to get her up from an impending nap to engage her in fun and stimulating exercise instead. Mia – please get up and hide while you still can!!

Just ask your cat(s) if you don’t believe me. According to them… well actually maybe not according to all cats… it might just be Jazmine who feels this way, but anyhow, according to her, apparently these adorable “toys” are a horrific menace that must be obliterated from the face of this earth. Or at the very least, your living room. So please, I beg of you, if you encounter one of them in your path that appears to have gone wild, remain calm and slowly back away. Let your cat handle the situation – preferably if you can, find a hyper-active kitten with an over-active imagination like Jazmine to tame the toy and that way no one will get hurt.

I have the proof to show you what can happen if you don’t take this post seriously – but I must ask in advance that if you have any kittens or children in your household, that you please have them step away from your computer now. What you are about to witness is extremely graphic and not for young eyes…


Oh no – I  tried to warn you all, but you didn’t take me seriously because you think I am nothing but a sweet and adorable kitten! Now look at what happened… those lousy feather toys have made a mess on the floor and have captured Zee!


Zee!! Stay where you are – that yellow and red one behind you is planning a sneak attack! Looks like I’ll have to step in and take care of this!


Listen toy… you may have fooled some of them with your “I’m so innocent and harmless” ploy but I see right through it… I’ve got your number, pal, and your days are numbered!


Yo, Peanut, I’m about to close in, some backup if you don’t mind!!


Thanks for watching my back, Peanut! I’ve got it all under control now! I just have one more thing to do, then everyone can relax again…


Yeah…. you are all welcome. Just bringing the toy back here to make sure it won’t attack anyone else. No, I am not having fun with it… It is an evil monster and not some cute, sweet, fluffy little toy… And stop telling me I look adorable… I am a tough cat who is defending the world from evil… Geez…


Snore… once again, a job well done….

Whew… so there you have it. Another household saved from the potential dangers of the dastardly feather toy. Thank you so much, Jazmine! What about your house? Do you have a cat that protects you from toys that are secretly plotting to take over your living room? Or worse yet, the world?

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  1. Molly Mew, my kitten, saves us from the chirping bird toy. As soon as it starts to chirp, she comes barreling into the room to save us. She gives that chirping bird the whatfors! I am so happy I got a kitten that will save us.
    Happy Caturday!

  2. mariodacat says:

    OMC – We loved this post. M is laughing so hard. Oh, by the way, I don’t think those feathery boa things will be taking over our household because I really don’t like anything feathery! But we’ll be on the lookout in case one tries to sneak in.

  3. What a great way to start my day… funny Deb!!
    And more great photos (Jazmine….the next cover catgirl).

  4. Brian says:

    That was fun, fun, fun and the beauty is everywhere at your place!

  5. Diane Ricciardi Stewart says:

    funny stuff!! lovely piccies!! <3

  6. We love it. Jazmine has everybody well-protected. Thank goodness for her!

  7. Marg says:

    That kitten is so darn cute and what a good girl to gather all those feathers and just sit on them. Well done Jazmine. Hope all of you have a wonderful Easter.

  8. Ingrid King says:

    I don’t know how your household ever functioned without Jazmine 😉

  9. Thank goodness Jazmine saved you all! Whew, that was touch and go for a while…

  10. Moggiepurrs says:

    Thank goodness you have a cat that can save you from those…things.

  11. Wow, Jazmine is one confident kitty. She has purrrrsonality to spare. Wishing you and the rest of your family (with and without fur) a happy Easter.

  12. We’d love to get our paws on those boas! 🙂

  13. Flynn says:

    What a great protector you are Jazmine.

  14. Sue Brandes says:

    LOL cat toys always take over our house. Happy Easter.

  15. Cathy Keisha says:

    Jazmine’s tailio looks like a feather wand toy. MOL! I’m not into them although we currently have two in the condo. There was a time I liked feather wand toys so much I dragged them through the house singing. Then they disappeared. Next I knew, they had biodegraded. Now I won’t touch them.

  16. Penelope says:

    Bwaa!! Haaa!!!! Haaa!!!! Yous EXACTLY like Jo-Jo!!! Does yous attack the older females too?
    Wes is wishing yous Happy Easter to yous and yours from us and ours!!!

  17. Ms. Phoebe's Mum says:

    I wish my mancat Kaspars would save me from one of his toys and NOT one of the garden snakies he finds in the backyard and leaves on the doorstep still alive, with me left almost having a heart attack! I love that they wish to show their prowess and desire to protect their territory, but does it have to require leaving these creatures as gifts?!

  18. Connie Marie says:

    Oh! that was close! Good thing you have a defender in your household now, so you’re all safe!!

  19. There are no secrets around this apartment. All three cats work hard to bring out all the toys they can find and deposit them in the living room, thus claiming their ownership. I used to think it was funny and took a photo to post. It was too embarrassing – even to look at! I will sit down with each kitty and review this post with them.

  20. Oh Cat!! Jazmine is simply the most courageous heroine!! You could write a whole book just about her adventures…and she drug that rambunctious feather pretender-toy off like the prize kill it was! Then took it to her lair,like a true huntress, and slept on it…totally normal! Yup…you go girl furriend!