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Freedom of Speech – The Fine Line of Blogging for Business

When you become a pet blogger, you have to accept the responsiblity you are in the public eye and what you say matters

As an ambassador for BlogPaws 2016, I’ve learned there is a difference between personal blogging and blogging for business.

For those of us that blog, we do it for a variety of reasons and with a variety of styles. For some, it’s strictly a hobby or method of communication with no intention of monetization or using it for business purposes. Blogging for the pure joy of blogging with no strings attached. For others, it’s not only a method of expression (which can run the gambit from educational and informative to humorous and entertaining), but a vehicle to generate income and a professional career. Read more

When April Showers Don’t Really Bring May Flowers… Send in the Cat!

Just because you don't get rain doesn't mean you can't have pretty flowers

When April showers don’t bring May flowers, the best thing to do is improvise… especially when it involves a sweet kitty!

They say “April showers bring May flowers.” I’m not sure who “they” is. Here in South Florida, April was a really dry month and as a result, some of our outdoor flowers have been suffering. But to keep in spirit with the saying, I thought I’d share some May flowers – just the kind that don’t require any rain!

That’s our sweet Jazmine from 2014 – doesn’t she just melt your heart? She looks like such a baby there! She’s all grown up now, with a full and fluffy coat to boot! Have a great Wednesday everyone – and what’s the weather been like where you are?


Cats can be silly, funny, weird, strange, kooky and more - they all have different personalities!

Jazmine… you embrace all the wonderfulness there is in weird and we love you all the more for it!

On another note, I want to thank everyone thus far who has contributed snippets on the weird, strange, or crazy habits their cat has for my upcoming book project. I’ve gotten some really great responses and I’m so happy to see the stories.

If you haven’t sent anything yet, you still have plenty of time – the submission deadline is Sunday, May 22, so put on your thinking-cats and give it a whirl. And don’t forget, it doesn’t necessarily have to be weird cat habits or behaviors – it could be the weird habits YOU have as a result of loving cats so much!!

For further information on submission details and examples of what I am looking for, please visit the following post, Got Cat Weird? Open Submissions for Upcoming Zee/Zoey Publication!

I also want to thank Katie, Waffles, and Debbie Glovatsy of Glogirly. They put together a fantastic post, debating which crazy thing Waffles did was the craziest. Please be sure to stop by and offer your insight – you can even vote on which scenario you think would make the better submission!!

Thank you again – I will share more details about what the book will be about in the months to come, but for now, I’m keeping the cat in the bag. But the bottom line is this – far too many people think cats are solitary creatures – too standoffish and aloof to make great pets. All of us know that’s just nuts! Sure, some cats can be quiet, or aloof, or independent, but that’s fine.

They can also be funny, silly, quirky, charming, and so much more. Just like people, they come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and personalities and we should love them for their uniqueness! They make incredible, loving companions and we want more of them to be adopted in forever homes!!

Permission to Opt-in for Email Notifications from Zee & Zoey’s Cat Chronicles!

Email notifications for a blog post can go into a spam box if you are not careful

Oh spam… how do I hate thee… let me count the ways…

Once again my love/hate relationship with technology continues. I marvel at the endless capabilities at our fingertips to make our lives easier, yet ironically all this convenience seems to cost more time in the long run. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel nearly every day I am wasting away precious minutes of my life as I try to fix whatever glitch, upgrade, conversion, or whatever else that crops up out of nowhere to make what was running smoothly one day, now an inexplicable living nightmare the next. Read more

Celebrate Reading with Cats Wearing Hats for Dr. Seuss’s Read Across America Day!

Dr. Seuss Read Across America Day is a great way to teach children about the joys of reading.

Cats, hats, books, reading, and Dr. Seuss – it truly doesn’t get much better and that’s why today is one of my favorite days! Click image to enlarge.

When it comes to me and my life, a cat on my lap will more than suffice.

A cat on my lap with a good book to read, I can tell you honestly that’s all I really need.

A cat on my lap for me to pet, I really would be absolutely set!

Perhaps a cup of espresso too, if you wouldn’t mind, thank you.

And while you’re at it, if it’s not too much trouble, could you rush it and make it a double?

That’s all for now, my leg is asleep, the cat won’t move and I don’t dare make a peep… Read more

Finding the Cat Zen in Gardening

Do white fly bugs kill hedges in South Florida

There’s been a lot of change since this picture… We had to remove all the hedges behind the trash bags because they were infected with white flies and could not be saved.

Hey everyone! I know I’ve been a bit sparse with blogging, visiting other blogs, and commenting lately and I’m sorry about that! Dan and I were hit with unexpected news that we needed to complete certain landscaping issues in order to be compliant with city codes and it’s taken every free minute of time (and then some) I’ve had! Read more