Jazmine and Kizmet – A Young Love Story of Two Old Souls

ZZ-cover-04-lowresMost of you that follow my blog know that it was started as a direct result of my writing The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey – A Journey of the Extraordinarily Ordinary, a book about the tumultuous love story of Zee and Zoey. While my writing the book was not initially planned, getting Zee and Zoey very much was. Both cats came from stable homes and I knew their background and history from the minute they were born. Zee was given as a gift from me to Dan and a couple of years after that, we got Zoey because the timing was right.  Zee was going through a very naughty stage in his life and was misdirecting his excessive energy with Mr. Jazz who was with us at the time, as well as with Harley – neither of whom appreciated it. I had always wanted a Bengal kitten and because they were known for being extremely playful and athletic, it seemed the perfect match and solution.  Read more


Happy 6th Birthday to my Sweet Zoey!


Well, in the blink of an eye, another year has gone by and my sweet Zoey is celebrating yet another birthday that seemed to come out of nowhere… It seemed like just yesterday my girl was a wee kitten that fit into the palm of my hand, yet here she is, all grown up… She is as young and beautiful as ever, but can’t time just slow down for a minute? Even though in the scheme of things, 6 is not really that old in cat years, time is still going by far too quickly for me!

But now is not the time for feeling melancholy – it is a time for celebration, so please join me in wishing my Diva, Queen Bee a Happy 6th Birthday! Bow to her grace and beauty and please feel free to shower her with gifts, treats, catnip, compliments, and lots and lots of money and jewelry!

Happy Birthday Zoey!!

Love, purrs, snuggles, and wishes for warm sun puddles and uninterrupted naps  from Mom, Dad, Zee, Mia, Peanut, Rolz, Harley, Kizmet, Jazmine, and Mr. Jazz from the Bridge!

On another note – Congratulations to Mindy who is the winner of our whiskerslist/Texts From Mittens giveaway contest from last Wednesday’s interview with author, blogger, and humorist, Angie Bailey! Thanks for entering the contest and hope you enjoy the book and autographed postcard!


The Orange Invasion – Jazmine Crosses the Line…

Editor’s Note: Last week I left you with Jazmine hypnotizing the boys of the household by her youth and beauty and the girls (sans Harley) seething with jealousy. She still had not left the safe confines of her room and was with us for 6 days at this point. We had been leaving her door open more frequently, hoping to get her comfortable with the possibility of venturing down the hallway, and then eventually out to the rest of the house in the next week or so. In today’s episode of Jazmine’s saga, we pick up where we left off… with the sighting of an unidentified orange blur…


What the heck is that orange blur in the kitchen?

Preparing dinner in our kitchen for our multi-cat household is a nightly ritual of organized chaos to say the very least. We have a varied regiment of dietary needs to cater to for our seven adult cats and now we have the addition of a kitten that also has special eating needs. Until the food dishes hit the floor, all of us are intently focused on what we are doing. Dan and I with making sure each cat gets what they are supposed to eat in each of their bowls and the cats with their important roles of jumping on and off the counter, meowing, and winding in and out of our legs to remind us to hurry up, lest they might perish from starvation within the next minute or two…

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Breaking Down the Funny – An Interview with Author, Blogger, and Humorist, Angie Bailey and Whiskerslist/Texts From Mittens Giveaway!


The first picture Angie and I ever posed for together was in 2011 at the Cat Writers’ Conference in White Plains, NY. While much has changed for her since then, one thing that remains the same is her warm nature and beautiful smile.

I met author, blogger, and humorist, Angie Bailey of Catladyland in 2011 when I attended my first BlogPaws conference in Tysons Corner, VA. We were both nominated for a prestigious Dogtime Media Pettie Award – she for Funniest Blog and me for Best Designed Blog. She won and I didn’t, but our friendship began to blossom as we caught up with each other a couple times a year via the Cat Writers’ Association Conferences and subsequent BlogPaws conferences.

In getting to know one another, we have shared some very personal connections and I was actually one of the first people to find out that her dream of writing her first book, whiskerslist, was going to become a reality. She came and sat down next to me after meeting with a potential agent and whispered to me that they loved her concept and signed her on!

Her life has been a cat loving whirlwind ever since then and I thought it would be fun to interview her and share a bit of her life with you all. I hope you enjoy the interview, and as a special treat, Angie has been kind enough to offer one lucky reader an autographed copy of  whiskerslist as well as a signed postcard from Mittens, the newest feline entity in Angie’s life from Texts from Mittens. Just leave a comment to be eligible (sorry, U.S residents only). The contest will be open until Monday, April 7th, midnight PST, and the winner will be announced on Wednesday, April 9th. Read more


Jazmine – Where the Boys Are…


“Hi Everybody,” says Jazmine. “Welcome to my world!”

As you know from last Saturday’s post, we brought Jazmine home from the Global Pet Expo with the intention of keeping her in sequester in the guest room for at least a week or two before she would be introduced to the rest of the feline gang. Kizmet, of course, barged into her room within the first hour of her stay and changed our plans significantly. As mentioned, the instant he met her, he employed himself her indentured guardian and literally would not let Dan or I walk into her room without following us in. When we would physically remove him from the room and close the door, he just figured out how to open it on his own and would go back in, lest he not be by her side for a single second. Read more