Hungry Cat.. Angry Bird… Angry Cat…


One can never plan too early for dinner, so Zee is looking through his host of toys to find one suitable to offer to the “I want to eat now Gods.”

If you have a cat, chances are you have cat toys. Or, like in the case of my cats, hundreds of cat toys. I always assumed they had a basic purpose – to be a toy for the cat to play with. Naturally, as usual, I was proven wrong. Turns out in our house the toys have magical powers and are used as some sort of bartering system to bribe the Gods from above to do things for the cats. For example, a toy strategically placed by the back door is done so that eventually it will cause a powerful enough surge that the door will open, letting the cats go outside for an adventure (admittedly, the power of this toy rarely works but it doesn’t stop the cats from trying just in case!).

The most powerful toy is one that can cause a food dish to be filled and apparently it really works, because without fail, at some point or another the FOOD DISHES WILL BE FILLED! Heavens only knows that if the cats don’t assist it this process we probably would never remember to feed them… Clearly the incessant meowing for 15 minutes prior to feeding time, the dizzying circling of them around my legs to let me know they are hungry, and the fact that THEY GET FED EVERY SINGLE DAY LIKE CLOCKWORK are not enough to make certain they will be fed.


Zee looks completely perplexed… I put this dang Angry Bird in my food dish over an hour ago… why has it not been filled with food yet? Are the magic powers in this toy broken? Work Angry Bird, work!


Caturday…Alone Again… Naturally…


Ah… so far, so good, says Jazmine. Jackie is giving me loving scratches behind my ears and spoiling me just like I planned…

Well, Jackie has been here for over a week and we thought our plans of having her give us extra loving, snuggles, treats, and playtime was under control. I mean really, what more could she possibly want than to spoil us kitties 24/7? Hmmphffff…. turns out humans sure can be selfish… Can you believe it, Mom and Dad actually take Jackie out at all times of the day and night to do things with her… Things that DON’T INCLUDE US! We know… Shocking, right? Well, if you don’t believe us, just look at the pictures to follow… Read more


Semi Wordless Wednesday – Jazmine and Jackie Make Cookies!

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As you know, Jackie is here visiting us for a whole month this summer and one of our favorite activities that we like to do together is make cookies… Turns out that is one of Jazmine’s favorite activities too and we thought perhaps a “Cooking With Cats” show might be something we need to pitch to the networks. Lights, camera, action…


Before the cameras roll, prep work begins on the set as the actors get ready for the “mixing the cookie dough with a wooden spoon” scene.


And action… Don’t you just love it how Jazmine instinctively knows to pose and smile for the camera!!? Hey… wait a minute… how did Zee get in this shot? He wasn’t part of the script… Actors…

Happy Wednesday All – we hope you are having a great week so far – with chocolate chip cookies in the house we know we are!! Oh, and what do you think, should Jazmine host her own cooking show?



A Footnote to Cats and How Grieving the Loss of a Pet has Changed as a Result of Social Media


No matter the day or age, this is always me. I love cats and I have always been surrounded by their love and companionship.

Since I am over 50 years old and I have been a cat lover my whole life, clearly I have had to say goodbye to many a beloved pet cat in that time-frame. It is never easy, but years ago when I was regular ole Deb Barnes, a person who was living her life that did not including blogging and social media, the grieving process was very different. Read more


The Zee and Zoey Kitties Have a Special Visitor This Summer!


Rolz here… Did I mention Jackie was here… And that I am very happy?!!!

Oh happy dance of joy!! Jackie is here!! Jackie is here!! That’s right… human Dad’s youngest daughter is visiting us kitties FOR A WHOLE MONTH this summer and she is here now!!!!! She flew all the way down to Florida from Boston and we love, love, love when she comes to visit! We haven’t seen her since last year when she came to visit us for Christmas and we have missed her tons, even though we don’t like admitting it because it kind of blows our aloof and independent cover, but, the truth is, when Jackie is here everything is fun to the super, premium max!! Read more