Remembering the Distinguished Mr. Jazz – Gone But Never Forgotten…

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This picture was taken of Jazz in April of 2013 – this was right about when we started to notice his health was beginning to decline. To see full beauty of his image, please click to enlarge.

A year passes far too quickly. How is it that my Mr. Jazz has already been gone for 365 days when it seems like just yesterday he was snuggling on the couch with me, making biscuits on my chest with his big bear paws. But it’s true. Today marks the anniversary of the date I had to say goodbye to one of my best friends.

While my heart is still heavy with sadness, I have decided not to take the maudlin road that remains inside me, but rather to celebrate the day. Celebrate the fact that I was blessed to have him as part of my life and celebrate the fact that the love, joy, and friendship he gave me for 15 years far outweighs any of the sadness and grief I might still be feeling at his passing. Read more


The Writing Process Blog Tour – A Behind the Scenes Sneak Peak with Cat Loving Lady, Deb Barnes

Wow – thanks to my dear friend, the wildly creative and talented Angie Bailey of the award-winning blog, Catladyland,  and Texts from Mittens, I am about to go on tour! No, not the kind of tour like musicians who make gobs of money while wearing outlandish costumes (unless you count my penchant for wearing leopard ears) on stage and who make outrageous demands for things like green M&M’s only in their dressing room. This is the kind of tour where I make no money whatsoever, I eat whatever is put in front of me, whether I like it or not, and I wear old and baggy sweat pants (i.e., comfortable) with the hem coming undone. Yes, I have been invited to go on the Writing Process Blog Tour that has been making the rounds of late!


This is what I look like on tour – comfortable clothes and unkempt hair with my feline roadies at my side helping me every step of the way. Sigh…the life of a cat writer is very glamorous indeed… (Archive photo from 2010)

It’s pretty easy in premise – after a writer accepts the invitation to join the tour, they answer 4 set questions about, yes, you guessed it, their blog writing process, then when they are done, they invite two other people to join the tour who will write about their blog writing process at some point! So, go grab a cup of coffee and a cat for your lap. My tour is about to begin – and don’t worry – there is no admission charge and I won’t be trashing any hotel rooms after the tour either! Read more


Semi-Wordless Wednesday: A Cat’s Interpretation of Back to School Traffic

In the county where I live, the kids started school this week. It has only been 3 days of me driving to work and I am already too frazzled and exasperated to even discuss what the traffic has been like for me to deal with (hint: it was awful… it took me almost an hour to get to work, crawling at a speed of approximately 6 mph). Rather than exerting any more energy than necessary, I thought I’d let Jazmine express my feelings for me…


Thanks Jazmine – I feel much better already!

So how about where you are? Are the kids back in school yet or is it still summer vacation? Are you someone who has to drive in traffic or does back to school not affect you? Either way – have a great Wednesday all – for those of you that still are on summer vacation, enjoy the reminder of your time off and for those of you who have kids, or go to school yourself, be safe and remember that the weekend is just around the corner!


A Guest Post From Jackie – Cat Land Adventures With the Zee and Zoey Gang!


The lovely Jackie…

Editors Note: As you know, my beautiful 15 year old step-daughter, Jackie, has been visiting us for the summer. She has already been with us for two weeks and we are blessed to have her company for another two before she has to head back home to Boston. While it’s been wonderful having her around, not all is fun and games… I decided I may as well put her to work while she is here and take advantage of her many talents, one of which includes writing! That’s right… why should I write a Caturday post when I can get someone else to do it for me!! So, without further ado, please enjoy Jackie’s take on what it is like visiting the Zee and Zoey household! I love her perspective on my feline gang and I think you will as well! Read more


Hungry Cat.. Angry Bird… Angry Cat…


One can never plan too early for dinner, so Zee is looking through his host of toys to find one suitable to offer to the “I want to eat now Gods.”

If you have a cat, chances are you have cat toys. Or, like in the case of my cats, hundreds of cat toys. I always assumed they had a basic purpose – to be a toy for the cat to play with. Naturally, as usual, I was proven wrong. Turns out in our house the toys have magical powers and are used as some sort of bartering system to bribe the Gods from above to do things for the cats. For example, a toy strategically placed by the back door is done so that eventually it will cause a powerful enough surge that the door will open, letting the cats go outside for an adventure (admittedly, the power of this toy rarely works but it doesn’t stop the cats from trying just in case!).

The most powerful toy is one that can cause a food dish to be filled and apparently it really works, because without fail, at some point or another the FOOD DISHES WILL BE FILLED! Heavens only knows that if the cats don’t assist it this process we probably would never remember to feed them… Clearly the incessant meowing for 15 minutes prior to feeding time, the dizzying circling of them around my legs to let me know they are hungry, and the fact that THEY GET FED EVERY SINGLE DAY LIKE CLOCKWORK are not enough to make certain they will be fed.


Zee looks completely perplexed… I put this dang Angry Bird in my food dish over an hour ago… why has it not been filled with food yet? Are the magic powers in this toy broken? Work Angry Bird, work!