Wordless Wednesday – A Cat Blogger Takes a Summer Break

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Okay… much as the cats would probably enjoy it, I haven’t literally gone fishing. It’s just not my thing and I’ll leave it at that. I’m borrowing the term to let you all know I will be off-line for awhile. My oldest step-daughter, Crystal, is visiting from Boston for a week and I actually have plans that don’t center around my computer. I know, it’s shocking news to digest, but I am fairly certain the world will get along just fine without me for a few days!

Have a wonderful week all – I will be back soon, sans fish, and hopefully will be refreshed and ready to jump back into the world of all things cats! On that note, I want to thank all of you that are on board with my Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day that is scheduled for August 28th. I have put together an event page on Facebook and if you have not yet joined, please click here for details.



Speaking of summer breaks, hope yours includes some reading! There is still plenty of time to order a copy of Purr Prints of the Heart – not only is it a great read, but if you buy a copy this month, you will be helping the cats of Cat Care Society in Lakewood, CO.

World Cat Day – A Day of Gratefulness for This Cat Guardian


Thanks Peanut! You tell ’em!

Being the consummate cat lady, it almost seems inconceivable that I would not remember World Cat Day is August 8th. But alas, were it not for a kind email reminder from Ann Adamus of Zoolatry, I indeed would have forgotten. Read more

Mark Your Calendars – August 28: Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Event


Mark your calendars everyone – there’s a special new day planned!

As we all know from the world of blogging, there are numerous special events dedicated to particular days, weeks, and months of the year for our pets. Two of them – World Pet Memorial Day (June 9) and National Pet Memorial Day (the second Sunday in September) – are days to memorialize pets we have lost in our lives. But after writing Purr Prints of the Heart,  a book I wrote in tribute to the loss of my beloved cat, Mr. Jazz,  as a means to help people who had also lost pets and were struggling with the grieving process, I realized I wanted something more. Something that focused on two words I see on nearly a daily basis via blogging and social media – Rainbow Bridge. Read more

My Rafflecopter Doesn’t Work and There’s a Stray Cat in My Guest Bedroom

Brokenrafflecopter copy

Thanks Rafflecopter… Not…

My Rafflecopter Doesn’t Work and There’s a Stray Cat in My Guest Bedroom – isn’t that what any respectable blogger would say the day she had an important post scheduled and was on her way to work? It all started Wednesday morning – the day I had a really important PAID sponsored post scheduled that included a giveaway, hence my need to use a Rafflecopter widget for entry purposes. Read more

Katris Covers for Modular Cat Scratching System – A Kickstarter Giveaway Designed for Fun and Function!

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katris0183_1414609862_280 I rarely do product reviews (paid or not) for an item my cats have not personally tested out, as I don’t want to be misleading about something I am not familiar with. There are times, however, when I absolutely know my gang of seven will like something without even seeing it, allowing me to feel comfortable sharing information. That was the case when Katris – a company that makes eco-friendly, innovative, high quality block shapes that can be configured into a custom created modular cat scratching system  – reached out to me with the possibility of letting my readers know about a Kickstarter campaign that will start on August 17 to create special decorative covers to make the Katris blocks even more fun and fashionable.  Read more