Exciting News! The BlogPaws Pet Blogging Nose-to-Nose Social Media Awards Open for Nominations!

Nominations are open for the 2016 BlogPaws Pet Blogging and Social Media Awards

Thanks for the update Peanut!! We sure hope everyone nominates their favorite blogs, blog posts, blog photos, and videos!

Once again – exciting news in the world of pet blogging! Nominations are open for the 2016 BlogPaws Pet Blogging Nose-to-Nose Social Media Awards. This is exciting for a variety of reasons, most of which is quality and striving for personal excellence for those of us that blog on a regular basis.

Let’s be honest – whether you’re a blogger, a blog reader, or both – it’s a lot more enjoyable to read a post that is well-written, researched, and thought out. Notwithstanding pet-speak, you know, that pet invented language where a blogger writes in the perceived voice of the pet, making spell-check go all wacky, nobody likes to read a poorly crafted post rife with spelling and editing errors. Read more

Safe Alternatives to Declawing Your Cat for Declaw Awareness Day


March 29 is Declaw Awareness Day – Please take a moment to read and share the facts on declawing.

Cats are declawed for a variety of reasons – primarily to prevent them from sharpening their claws on furniture and household items. What many people might not realize is that declawing is actually an invasive procedure that involves the amputation of each of the ten front toes of the cat’s paws (something that would be equivalent to us losing the entire tip of every finger at the first knuckle) and can cause serious, lifelong changes to the cat. Read more

Respect the Cat – All Day, Every Day!

Ways to show your cat you respect them for Respect Your Cat Day

You know you respect me… How is it possible not to, afterall, I’m a cat…

Zoey here. Here we go again with another one of those human invented days on behalf of us kitties. Respect Your Cat Day. *Sigh* While we do appreciate the thought, do I really need to point out the obvious? You know, like everyday should be Respect Your Cat Day, or Hug Your Cat Day, or Love Your Cat Day, or Appreciate Your Cat Day. Let’s face it. Since you’re reading this blog, I know you’re a cat lover. And I also know you know there is no room for debate. Us cats rule not only the world, but we rule your hearts, your bed, your furniture, and just about every and anything else you can think of. Of course you respect us, how could you not? Read more

Easter Greetings from Zee & Zoey’s Cat Chronicles

The Zee and Zoey cats celebrate Easter!

L to R – angel Jazz, Peanut, angel Harley, Zee, Zoey, Kizmet, Jazmine, Mia, and Rolz with the Easter basket!

A blessed Easter to all our dear friends from the Zee and Zoey gang. May your day be filled with peace, joy, and lots of chocolate eggs… just no chocolate for the kitties!


Chocolate is dangerous to cats, along with Easter Lilies and other items we find inside and outside our houses. Click here to learn more about what foods, plants, and items can be dangerous or toxic to cats.

National Poison Prevention Week – Tips to Keep Your Cat Safe for Easter and Spring Cleaning

Chocolate bunnies and cellophane grass can hurt a cat if ingested

An Easter basket might seem harmless enough, but to a cat it is lurking with dangerous foods and items that could harm them.

With Easter only a few days away many of us will be celebrating the holiday. Many of us will also be gearing up for some spring cleaning as the weather starts to warm up and so it seemed appropriate to share a post on behalf of National Poison Prevention Week (March 20 – 26). We certainly don’t want to think a celebration or some cleaning could harm our kitties, but the truth is, cats are naturally curious and many common items inside and outside of our house can be toxic to them (and dogs and other animals as well). Without knowing what these items are, or what the symptoms can be, it could result in a serious illness or even death to our beloved pet if we don’t react accordingly. Read more