Wordless Wednesday – Whiskers by Jazmine

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To see full beauty (and to bring a smile to your day, click image to enlarge)

Simple, classic, and beautiful. I can’t do much more for Wordless Wednesday than to offer you this stunning image of Jazmine. Happy mid-week all – I hope I was able to brighten your week and give you a smile or to by bringing you a bit of kitty love!


Caturday Reflections – Cats and the Circle of Life


Jazmine and Mia tuck themselves into a perfectly formed ball of love as they share a nap on the cat cushion in the guest bedroom.

I love symbolism. The kind of symbolism that we find in everyday life that we are able to draw special meaning from. For me, I found that of late I was inexplicably drawn to going into our guest bedroom where the cats love to nap – the room has a window perfect for squirrel and bird watching and is typically awash in a glorious bath of warm sunlight, giving it a wonderfully peaceful and cozy feeling.

Absorbing the zen of the room, they go into a deep nap, tucking themselves into perfectly curled up balls and I marvel at the simplicity of how they are able to so gracefully take on that shape – sometimes on their own and sometimes intertwined with one another – which caused me to reflect on the circle shape, a shape that symbolizes eternity and the never-ending cycle of life. Read more


Semi-Wordless Wednesday: BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Announcement and What Color is My Cat?


This was the dress image I saw courtesy of Tumblr. No matter which way I look, the dress is white and gold (or possibly a lavender and gold). What color do you see?

Like a gazillion other people, I too have been caught in the recent controversy of “what color is that dress – black and blue or white and gold?” From the image I saw, to me the dress is 100%, hands-down, clearly white and gold. However, I happened to catch The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday and she had the owner of the dress on the show, wearing the actual dress, and it was 100%, hands-down, clearly black and blue. I’ve always been pretty good with colors, so all of this got me to thinking… just what color is my cat Jazmine? Is she golden-orange and white or something else? What do you all see??


I always thought Jazmine was a pretty ginger and white cat… Maybe all this time I was wrong and she really is black and blue! What do you all think?

BEST-CAT-BLOG-n2n2015-FINALISTbadgeAs most of us in the cat blogosphere know, Wednesday’s are reserved for light fare – typically a couple of pictures and very few words. When I had written my post for today it was created in that tone – just something fun and humorous, complimented by a stunning picture of my cat Jazmine. I had no idea BlogPaws would be announcing their nominations for the Nose-to-Nose Social Media Awards, so you can imagine my surprise when I found out Zee and Zoey’s blog was nominated in the category of “Best Cat Blog.” But that’s what cat blogging is all about at Zee and Zoey’s – from the silly to serious and everything in-between, we try our best to be a blog that embraces our passion, love, and dedication to all things cat related.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank everyone for their support over the years – your friendship and readership means the world to me. And special congratulations to my peers, friends, and colleagues who have also been honored with a nomination – please click here for the list of nominees and I can’t wait to see you all at BlogPaws this May where the winners will be revealed!


Caturday’s Meow Mix Roundup!

It’s been a busy and full week so I thought I’d share a meow-mix smorgasbord of stuff today for our Caturday edition at Zee and Zoey’s.

The week began with some pawsome news for Dan and I – thanks to my oldest son, Chris, we are grandparents again!! Yup – you heard me right – a stray cat happened his way a couple of weeks ago and after determining she was homeless, he brought her into his two-dog home as a permanent family member! Read more


Photobombing Cats…

While Zoey is my leopard inspired soul-mate kitty, having our picture taken together is not her thing. She will nap on my outstretched legs religiously every night when I finally step away from my computer to relax for the night on the couch and she likes to sleep next to me when I go to bed. Snuggling, picking her up, and hugging, however, are BIG no-no’s to her. So the other day when I saw that she was napping on the floor in the hallway and the lighting was ever-so-perfect, I asked Dan to grab a picture of me sitting next to her because I knew that would be as good as it gets with her.

Need I remind you I have seven cats? What was I thinking? Naturally the moment I sat down, it became a feline excursion in photobombing as led by none other than our Miss Photogenic, Jazmine. Oh well… I guess I sort of have a picture of Zoey and I together! So how does it go in your house when the camera comes out? Any photobombing cats in your bunch?


It started out innocent enough… a picture of me with Zoey was all I really wanted… Enter stage right, the orange blur…


And just like that, Jazmine is sitting pretty, picture purr-fect in the background and joining the photobomb session are Zee and Rolz… Oh well… I gotta admit I do like the picture and there is nothing better than being surrounded by so much kitty love!

Happy Wednesday all and thanks for dropping by!