Wordless Wednesday… A Cat Bed for Every Cat Toy!

I think by now it’s been made more than abundantly clear that the cats in my house are spoiled… well, not necessarily spoiled… I would say well-loved. But guess what… in our house even the cat toys are spoiled! Just take a look to see what I mean!


Yup… courtesy of our sweet Jazmine, she has made sure that her beloved fuzzy ball has a nice and cozy spot to nap on! Doesn’t every cat toy deserve its own cat bed to nap in?

How about your house? Do the kitty toys get special treatment too?


Cats and the Grieving Process – Reconciling the Loss of Harley and a Special Visit from Mr. Jazz

Harley-(2)There is no doubt the loss of a pet is heartbreaking under any circumstances, but when the loss of a pet comes without warning, the grieving process is unspeakably difficult to convey and bear. Unlike with Mr. Jazz whereby Dan and I were given precious months to say goodbye to him and prepare ourselves for the inevitable, when it came to crossing Harley to the Bridge last week, we were given but a few brief minutes. It was not a beautiful Hallmark moment and there was no pretty pink bow to tie up the loose ends in a poignant and touching package so that we could put our minds at ease as we remembered her. Read more


Happy 2nd Birthday Kizmet and Happy Birthday America!

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Kizmet2BDToday is a very special day in our household – not only is it the day we celebrate the independence of our country, but it is the day we say Happy 2nd Birthday to our sweetie-pie, Kizmet!! We honestly don’t know if July 4th truly is his birthday since he was found abandoned on the side of the road as a tiny kitten, but based on his extraordinary personality we would wager a strong bet it is accurate and so it only seems fitting! Read more


Saying Goodbye to Harley – Parting is Such Sorrow…


Harley was a ray of sunshine in our lives and her beautiful coat and sweet disposition always reminded me of a carefree field of sunflowers…

It is with extreme pain and despair that I write to inform you our beloved Harley crossed to the Bridge this past Tuesday. It was completely unexpected and as a result I am truly having trouble communicating with any sense of peace or comfort but I felt that you all needed to know, as I know you loved her for the sweetheart she was. My grief is just too raw and too profound right now for words – the road Dan and I have been traveling of late has been extremely difficult – I feel we have each aged a hundred years in the span of mere months and losing our darling baby in the midst of it all is a hard cross to bear and I am incapable of rationale thinking and eloquence at the moment. Read more


Winners Announced for our Milano Collection Cat and Dog Designer Feeding Bowls from Loving Pets!

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We had a great response to our Milano Collection designer pet bowl giveaway from Loving Pets and are thrilled to announce our winners! Thank you to everyone who entered and a special thank you to Loving Pets for sponsoring this wonderful contest!


Congratulations to the winners and I will be in touch with you all to get your shipping information!