Wordless Wednesday – It’s Both Fun and Beautiful When Cats Photobomb

Okay. Time for a little levity… Life has been far too serious of late, so this week’s focus for Wordless Wednesday is funny “oops” photobomb moments – in this case, funny “oops there’s a cat in my photo,” photobomb! Have a great day all and enjoy the smiles! Oh, and just for fun – did you have a favorite photobomb picture? Go ahead and let me know, I promise I won’t tell anyone!


This was supposed to be a photo of an edible arrangement gift my daughter-in-law sent me last year for my birthday – I wanted to send it to her to let her know I got the gift. Cats in the picture? What cats?


This picture was taken in 2010 when Harley was still with us. Mia was supposed to be the focus of the picture, but Harley decided a “let it all hang out, inappropriate pose” was far more entertaining!


This classic picture was from a fun meme I did as a parody of the “I’ve fallen but I can’t get up” commercial… Seems to be classic, because it also perfectly showcases what a goof Zee is as he photobombs the other kitties looking out the window!


I thought this was a picture of me at my computer… Mia says otherwise… Hello kitty!


Hmmm… does anyone know where Zoey is?


Last but not least, who say’s photobombs have to be funny? As Mia crosses Zee’s path, she proves that photobombing can be beautiful and elegant…

National Pet Memorial Day – A Time for Tribute, Memories, and Mementos


This is the armoire in our living room – it seemed the perfect image for National Pet Memorial Day, as this is where our beloved Harley, Jazz, Bandit, and Bailey lay in perpetual rest.

When I created the first annual Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day (RBRD) last month to be held on August 28 of each year as a special day to pay tribute to the memories of beloved pets that have passed on, several people pointed out to me that the second Sunday of September is already National Pet Memorial Day (NPMD). I actually did know that when contemplating RBRD, but after much thought and consideration, I still felt that although the two days are similar, there was enough difference and need to warrant both, so I went ahead with it. Read more

Happy 10th Birthday to Zee!

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At 10 years old, Zee is still a handsome, regal, and beautiful boy

Today is Zee’s 10th birthday, and technically speaking, that’s a big deal, worthy of a super, duper BIG celebration. But much like his human guardians as he gets older, he prefers his birthdays to be a bit more low key and subdued. A day filled with naps, good food, the love of his humans, and the companionship of his feline housemates is what makes him happiest, and being that it is the Labor Day holiday and we will all be home, his wishes will be fulfilled, ensuring him a wonderful day with all that is near and dear to him.

Happy Birthday precious one – you have brought such love and joy into this house and we love you to the ends of the earth and back. Wishes for many, many more years together. xoxox


Since the moment he entered our house as a kitten back in 2005 to now, Zee has always been the king of the castle!

A Most Harrowing 36 Hours in a Multi-Cat Household


Sweet Rose enjoying her brief stay at the luxurious Chez Zee & Zoey Resort – aka the guest bedroom…

It’s been several weeks since we had our kitty visitor, Miss Rose, a neighborhood cat I found in the middle of the street early one morning who had accidentally escaped from her house. She literally stayed with us only 36 hours, but when you consider in cat math, that seven years equals one human year, those 36 hours probably felt like endless months. Well, at the very least, for Jazmine they did… Read more

Four Paws Up For September – Happy Cat, Happy Me!


If there was ever a perfect cat to represent what happy is, that would be our Jazmine. Just look at that precious face – not a care in the world – a sure sign that she is well taken care of and loved.

There’s far too much negativity, strife, heartache, stress, and difficulty in this world, so when there’s an occasion for happy, I’m on board. Especially when the happy involves cats, my all-time favorite thing ever! That’s right, as inspired by the CATalyst Council, September is Happy Cat Month, a month dedicated to ensuring our companion cats are happy, healthy, enriched, and valued. Read more