Cats in the Tabloids… A Peek into the Feline Mind

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true confessions

With me working on my next book about the weird and strange behaviors our cats have (as well as the weird habits we have as people for loving them) it’s given me lots of time to concentrate on funny cat stuff. That got me to thinking about what it would be like if cats had their own tabloid magazine like the National Enquirer!

Hope you enjoy my take on it! Have a wonderful weekend and if you care to submit your own “cat weird” for the book, please visit my submission post for details.

Thanks and I’ll see you on Monday to honor Memorial Day.

#RedNoseDay – Let’s Get Seriously Silly and Create Some Change for Children in Need

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Even a single dollar can help a child in need for #RedNoseDay

As a rescue cat, Jazmine knows how blessed she is to have a full belly every day. A warm bed to sleep in. A roof over her head and lots of toys to play with. If she’s sick, she can get medication, and she’ll never have to worry about someone taking care of her. But there are lots of children in this world that aren’t nearly as lucky and they need your help. That’s what Red Nose Day is all about – a global effort to help raise money, spread awareness, and yes, even laugh and have fun while doing it.

Or as the #RedNoseDay people say it, it’s time to get seriously silly about creating some change. Honestly, anyone can help – if you work in an office, for example, a single dollar donated by every employee could go a long way. It’s true – $1 provides a meal for a child living in a shelter, $5 provides antibiotics to treat a child with pneumonia or medical supplies for a doctor’s visit on a mobile clinic. $4 will provide an anti-malarial net to protect a mother and her baby, and $15 could keep a child safe, sheltered and off the street for a week.

Get creative and have fun with the fundraising – stop by the Red Nose site for all kinds of ideas and ways you can help make a difference. Jazmine and I are going to donate and we hope you will too!

Got Cat Weird? Give Your Cat His or Her 105 Minutes of Fame!

Using the weird and strange habits of cats to help explain to people they make great pets

Every cat deserves his or her day in the sun!! Bring on the weird and it could happen for yours!

If cats live seven years to our one, does that mean when it comes to their 15 minutes of fame, they actually get 105? I ponder weird things like that, which is probably why I’m so excited about my upcoming book about the weird, strange, and silly habits/behaviors of cats, along with the weird, strange, and silly habits/behaviors of the humans who love them. If you’d like your cat to have his or her 105 minutes of fame, this is the last chance to submit entries for possible consideration in the book! Read more

Freedom of Speech – The Fine Line of Blogging for Business

When you become a pet blogger, you have to accept the responsiblity you are in the public eye and what you say matters

As an ambassador for BlogPaws 2016, I’ve learned there is a difference between personal blogging and blogging for business.

For those of us that blog, we do it for a variety of reasons and with a variety of styles. For some, it’s strictly a hobby or method of communication with no intention of monetization or using it for business purposes. Blogging for the pure joy of blogging with no strings attached. For others, it’s not only a method of expression (which can run the gambit from educational and informative to humorous and entertaining), but a vehicle to generate income and a professional career. Read more

Happy Mother’s Day from Zee and Zoey’s Cat Chronicles

moms come in all shapes and sizes - even cat moms!

Beautiful Zoey and her children – Mia, Rolz, Peanut, and Zeuss. We’re privileged to have all of them still with us except Zeuss. Zeuss is blessed with a wonderful forever home in Boston.

We know a holiday like Mother’s Day can be complicated, as it has different meanings and memories for everyone. To keep it simple, on behalf of my beautiful kitty mama, Zoey, and her lovely furbabies – Mia, Peanut, Rolz, and Zeuss – may today be filled with as much peace and joy as possible.


On another note, if you haven’t sent any strange, weird, or funny habits or behaviors your cat has for my upcoming book project, you still have time – the submission deadline is Sunday, May 22. And don’t forget, it doesn’t necessarily have to be weird cat habits or behaviors – it could be the weird habits YOU have as a result of loving cats so much!! If you’re anything like me, I know you have them!!

For further information on submission details and examples of what I am looking for, please visit the following post, Got Cat Weird? Open Submissions for Upcoming Zee/Zoey Publication!

Thank you again – far too many people think cats are too standoffish and aloof to make great pets. I want to change that perception with this book. Sure, some cats can be quiet, or aloof, or independent, but they can also be funny, silly, quirky, charming, and so much more. Just like people, they come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and personalities and we should love them for their uniqueness! They make incredible, loving companions and we want more of them to be adopted in forever homes!!