Unbranded and Loving it – A Grateful Cat Lady!


No leopard. No cat ears. Just me in all my unbranded glory. Reflecting (and sweating) in the hot Florida sun about all I’m blessed for in my life.

Finally settled in after my hectic trip to Arizona a couple weeks ago for the BlogPaws/Cat Writers’ Association Conference, I received a phone call from fellow CWA member, Dusty Rainbolt. She had been a past president of the organization at one point, and I was now officially Vice-President, and she wanted to talk to me about my upcoming book project that she’s going to be a part of. Sounds impressive, huh? Read more

Help! Need Some Last Minute Submissions for Upcoming Cat-Related Book!


Okay Peanut… I think everyone gets it… you need some help. No need to shout!

Wow! Hard to believe, but my upcoming book is finally starting to take shape! Focusing on the silly, odd, crazy, and weird things our cats do, the premise is simple—with over 70 million homeless cats living on the streets and in shelters in the U.S. alone, it’s my hope to bring attention to the public eye how wonderful cats are as pets to help increase adoptions. I want to bust the myth that they’re too aloof to make good pets, which is one of the reasons they are sometimes overlooked for adoption. Read more

Gratitude for BlogPaws and the Cat Writers’ Association

Highlights from the 2016 BlogPaws / Cat Writers' Association Conference in Phoenix, AZ at the Sheraton Grand Wild Horse Pass Resort and Spa Gratitude. That’s the only way I can adequately describe what I felt during my days at the BlogPaws/Cat Writers’ Association conference held at the gorgeous and tranquil Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass Spa and Resort in Phoenix last weekend. It was an odd dichotomy—both calming and spiritually nurturing, based on the Native American roots of the hotel—and typically hectic as a result of the whirlwind of events jammed into a 3-day time frame. Being an ambassador for BlogPaws also elevated the interactive notch to extremes my normally introverted self wouldn’t pursue. I’m the kind of cat that has to hide under the bed a bit before she warms up to company, but that’s okay. Pushing the personal envelope isn’t always a bad thing. Read more

#BlogPaws #CatWritersAssociation – Here I Come!!


Okay… so I’m not really going fishing… I’m going to BlogPaws and the Cat Writers’ Association conference!

Wow…after the months, weeks, and days of preparation, it’s finally time to be leaving for the BlogPaws/Cat Writers’ Association conference! I’ll be gone from Wednesday to Sunday – the longest I’ve ever been away from Dan and my kitties! Even though I know I’m going to have a blast at the conference and time is going to fly by, I’m still going to miss them like crazy… Read more

Happy Father’s Day to Cat Daddy’s Everywhere!


Zee and his daughter, Peanut. Such a sweet and peaceful moment!

There’s not many households where sibling kitties are still living with their cat parents, but in my household, they are! Mia, Peanut, and Rolz are graced to have mama Zoey and papa Zee in their lives and it’s been an incredible journey watching them grow together as a family. They remain bonded and devoted to one another which makes it all the more fitting for this Father’s Day! Read more