Why I am Not Answering Questions for Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

Answer Your Cat's Question Today is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day and I am taking a strong and defiant stance and not allowing it here. Instead, I am going to ask my cats a question, because I really need the answer to something. And before any fur starts to fly, let me assure you I am not being mean or unfair. Read more

Wordless Wednesday – Window Dressing with the Cats


Kizmet, Mia, Rolz, and Zee are very happy to see “Big Red” back on the bed!

It’s that time of year – I dig out the one sweatshirt I own and have to wear socks with my shoes. “Big Red,” our thick and fuzzy red blanket comes out of storage to cover the bed. Yes, it’s our annual cold spell in South Florida and we have to do our best to ward off the chill until it’s back to our typical 70/80 degree temperatures, which should probably be tomorrow if I’m correct. For the cats it means three things – extra snuggling time together, zoomies at night, and OPEN WINDOWS!! Read more

Rescued, Cat Writers’ Association, and BlogPaws – the Connection and Benefits

2aDeb and Janiss

Me with Janiss at last year’s BlogPaws Conference. She was promoting her Rescued book and I was promoting Purr Prints of the Heart – who knew a year later there would be a connection?

Rescued. When it comes to my cats, regardless of how they came into my life, each of them has captured my heart and rescued my personal well-being at one time or another when I needed it most. So when Janiss Garza (Summer/Sparkle Cat) put out a query looking for stories for Volume 2 of her popular Rescued series, I decided to submit a proposal. Read more

Caught Red-Pawed in the Act! Jazmine’s Caturday Indiscretion!


This was Jazmine and Kizmet minutes after they had first met. He loved her from the first moment he laid eyes on her!

Well… this is certainly awkward and embarrassing… for Jazmine. Why? Because she and Kizmet have been BFF’s since the moment Jazmine came into our home back in March of 2014. She was about 6 months old when we got her – Dan and I had gone to the Global Pet Expo in Orlando with the intention of meeting people and learning about pet industry trends, but instead came home with a rescue kitten that was not at all on our radar of things to do!! Read more

Not Really Wordless Wednesday – It’s the Simple Things in Life that Often Bring the Greatest Joy


Kizmet poses wistfully in front of a basket overflowing with cat toys dreaming of his elusive, but favorite toy… the pom pom.

In our house it would be 100% impossible to hide the fact we have cats. Cat condos, baskets and baskets of cat toys, cat beds, cat pillows, cat blankets, cat food dishes – in every room and every where you look, there is something directly related to making sure our cats are well-loved and taken care of. Read more