You be the Judge – “Cat in a Basket” Photos – Just how Adorable are They?

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We all love a good “cat in a box” photo, but what about baskets? Why is this adorable picture setting often overlooked and underrated in the mainstream cat stereotype world? To put an end to the clear favoritism, we have a series of wicker basket photos that might just get you to rethinking the whole cute box mentality…

None of our cats take relaxing to the same extreme level our expert Harley does…

Peanut is so camouflaged that you would think at first glance she is one of the toys in the basket!

Um… okay… Peanut is awake… Quick, someone get this kitty a cup of coffee – she looks like she needs it!!

Ever the regal gentleman cat, Rolz looks completely dignified and stunning amidst a basket filled with silly toys!

Have we converted anyone yet? How about your cat? What places do they like to play and snuggle in other than a box – we would love for you to share your stories!  Oh, and just to be perfectly honest, we actually do LOVE a good kitty in a box picture, but, believe it or not, don’t have any of our kitties!! I know, crazy, right?!!! 642 million cat photos and not a one of them has a cat in a box.. All the great stuff we get to review comes in boxes, but where are the pictures? I think with the holidays coming up, we’re going to have to give our wicker basket some competition and get some adorable “cat in a box” photos!

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  1. Now I wish I had a basket!
    My human has a big rectangular plastic box where she archives folders and binders and other human stuff. Well, believe it or not, all three of us love to sleep on top of it (on top of the row of binders and folders)!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Dorothy Abernathy says:

    Our crew all love baskets and boxes. It would be cool if some of the stuff coming to the house arrived in baskets but until it does they’ll keep on exploring all the interesting boxes. No matter the size of the box, there are so many awesome smells. The UPS Guy and the FedEx Lady and their trucks bring all sorts of new scents. Then there’s the USPS folks. They sometimes bring beats smell from our own neighborhood. Boxes and Baskets, we love them all!

    Purrs to you,
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  3. Brian says:

    Those are so adorable and I love that Peanut smile!!!

  4. Wendy S. says:

    I love basket kitties! I don’t have any baskets but I’ll be on the lookout for one that would fit Sele (Miss Bella wouldn’t be caught in one). Your photos as always put a huge smile on my face.

  5. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I was enjoying this and smiling and….then…..I saw…PEANUT!!! MOL!!!!!!!!!!! OMC!!! I think Peanut and I were separated at birth….this is CAREN NOT CODY!! MOL!

  6. Cheysuli says:

    I so wanted the woman to get me a real basket when she was out traveling, but although she said, “Oh look a basket for Chey” (it had a leopard print ribbon and with a blue blanket, how stunning would that be, with me in it, of course) but no. Although it was a steal at $20 she did not buy it.

    • Deb says:

      Chey… what you have to put up with sometimes is outlandish… I cannot believe she did not buy you that basket because you are right, you would have looked stunning in it… Sigh…

  7. We think we need a basket!!

  8. Cathy Keisha says:

    I’m in a basket in my Christmas card this year. I also love to lay on the peeps clothes.

  9. Penelope says:

    Me used to sleep in a basket. It was round and sat on the coffee table. Then our hairy slobbery sister Cinnamon came to live with us. She ate my basket!!! Mommy has not ots me a new one.

  10. Bernadette says:

    Snuggled in the toys is best! I have baskets all over the place because I use them to carry things around, especially up and down the stairs, and I store things in them. When they’re not storing cats, that is. It’s especially cute when I get all five in one basket!

  11. I really enjoyed those photos, Deb. Ateret likes to snuggle between my legs in bed and also on the pillow next to mine. Abbi, too, likes to snuggle between my legs and Livia and she like to curl up for a good nap on their window hammock. Livia is the queen of the penthouse of their 4-story kitty cottage.

  12. meowmeowmans says:

    *How* adorable? SO adorable! We crack up every time we see that picture of Peanut “smiling.” 🙂

    Have a great Sunday, friends.


  13. Fisher says:

    Fisher always loved napping in a basket. I didn’t matter that it was full of toys. She would just sleep on top and looked perfectly comfortable. Wart and Scooter are not as excited about it . but I just happened to put a few out last weekend, and they are kinda interested.

  14. The adorable scale is on overload!

  15. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    theez iz awesum pick sures everee one….last basket we had, had sum fish N friez in it N R mom wood knot let uz sleep in it…sum thin bout stinkin…..???


  16. SO adorable!!!
    Waffles is pretty much into EVERYTHING…so we’re getting some pretty funny photos here too.
    (love the toothy grin!)

  17. Boxes or baskets are equally fun depending on the occupant but Harley wins paws down in the squeee department!