Wordless Wednesday – Cats Without Rules…


Yup, you got it… counters, clutter, keys, and Kizmet. It’s a typical day in the life at our house as Kizmet lays claim to everything in his sight, as his casual extended paw of possessiveness shows.

My keys. My counter. My clutter.  Oh, and not that it matters, but obviously this is a Photoshopped image. We would never allow any of our cats on the counter. Or the dining room table, or the couch, or our bed, or the coffee table, or the TV entertainment center, or… Never mind, clearly if you believe any of this, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you…


Being that Peanut and Mia are actually reading my blog, how could I in all good consciousness kick them off the dining room table?


Alright… just look at that sweet face… Could you kick Peanut off the couch? I didn’t think so…


Mia and Peanut sleeping together on our bed in a heart shape. I think there are strict “no kicking the cats off the bed” rules for something as endearing as this…


Zee is such a regal and stunning creature that he simply must grace our coffee table as a treasured work of art.


Rolz so perfectly emulates a cat sculpture that one would not even realize he is residing on the TV entertainment center…

What about your house? Do you have strict “no cats allowed here” rules, or, like us, are you a bit more relaxed with where you let your cats hang out?

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  1. Well we DO have rules….but ever since Waffles came out of the kitten room, they’ve been nearly impossible to enforce. It doesn’t help that he’s just way too cute. It’s hard to say no to that!

    Deb, I just read about Jazz…I’m so very sorry. I know your hearts are broken… You’ve done so much for Jazz, your whole family of furries…you’ve done so much for ALL cats. The world is a better place with you in it. And I bet Jazz knew that too. He will be missed. Purrs and love to you.


  2. No place in our house is kept from me…except of course the doors to outside…but then I never get on top of anything hardly…so never ever have I knocked anything off or broken stuff…I am a bit lacking in self confidence…sigh

  3. Purr Therapy says:

    The only “no cats” rule here is on the kitchen counter right after visiting the litter box – that skeeves me out! I try to keep Rocky off the counters the rest of the time for that same unsanitary reason, but it’s a battle and I usually lose. So… no cats on the counter when company comes over, then it’s “Oh no! He NEVER does that!” MOL.

  4. Flynn says:

    I just heard at Jan’s Funny Farm that Jazz had to go to the Rainbow Bridge. I am so sorry to hear your sad news. Love and (((hugs))) from me and comforting purrs from Flynn.

  5. We have a no cats on the tables or counters rule. But that’s only in the kitchen, living room tables are fine, as long as we’re not eating on it. Greg tries to say no end tables either, but if that’s the way to the window, how can you say no?? Pretty much they go where they want. They are cats after all, and they prefer it that way.
    The look on Kizmet’s face as he’s possessing your keys.. priceless!

  6. What beautiful kitties!! In my house the cats are not allowed on the dinning table, and on the kitchen counters. I do lots of prevention, and keep the cats in one side of the house when I’m not supervising. No yelling, and screaming if they do something “wrong”. I just make shure lots of good things happens on the floor, and redirect the cat to do something fun before he/she decides to jump up.