With Cats, Every Day is a Day at the Olympics!

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Win or lose, all my cats are Gold Medal winners in my eyes!

The 2014 Olympics will come to an end this Sunday and I have to admit I have not watched as much of the venue as I have in past years. Like much of the population, any ice-skating event was my favorite part of the competition, but this year my heart has not been into it. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been  distracted by other things or the simple fact that Dan and I have been binge watching the entire 5 seasons of the series Breaking Bad as a gift we got for Christmas… Anyhow, I realized not all is lost, as it just so happens my cats are also athletes and have been providing me with their own Olympic events to watch. Check it out…


Amazing… Rolz was having trouble during his paw-skating warm-up, but he lands perfectly on his feet after attempting a never seen before salchow, toe loop, twizzle, camel spin, triple-lutz jump combination that left the stunned crowd throwing flowers and dead mice at his feet…


Oh… what a disappointment to the favored U.S. Team that was so close to winning a Gold Medal in the Synchronized Standing Competition. Forgetting she was competing and distracted by the thought of dinner, Peanut sits down and ruins the moment for teammates, Mia, Zee, and Rolz in a split second.


It was a close call, but Rolz and Kizmet put aside personal differences regarding sharing the couch cushion to win a Bronze Medal in the “Forming a Perfect Cat Circle” Competition.


A stellar Gold Medal moment for Cat Team USA in the “Curling into a Ball” Competition – from the adorable matched team jackets to the way each cat has formed its body into a perfectly formed ball, this is one event that has left viewers in awe. If only we could tell them apart and wake them to let them know they won a medal…


Breaking all records, Zoey has won yet another Gold Medal for her ability to look gorgeous no matter what she is doing, in this case, balancing gracefully on top of a decorative lion statue. Bravo Zoey! Bravo!


Opting for a more subdued sport that requires no exercise or training, Harley excels in the “Starring into Space” Competition. You go girl!!

Those are just some of the Cat Olympics that have been going on at our house, but before we close the ceremony, I have one more event that I am privileged to share with you. Zee has been training for over 8 years for this competition and we finally were able to capture the moment in real-time. The photography is enthralling, but please be sure not to blink, or you might just miss something as Zee looks for a Gold Medal in the “Nap on the Hamper all Day Reverse Rotation” event. Shhh….


7:34 am – After sleeping all night, Zee gets up and has breakfast. He then comes into the bathroom to settle on the hamper for a much-needed nap. Look at his form – tail hanging, head tucked into his body… He’s off to a good start so far…


11:36 am. Zee remains completely oblivious to the world and has not moved an inch. He is really taking this competition seriously…


1:42 pm. Not a hair out of place or a single muscle twitch. This cat is amazing!


3:14 pm – Finally! What the crowd has been waiting for all afternoon! Will he be able to achieve the old switch and bait and reverse his napping pattern? It looks like he is really concentrating with his paw on his head like that….


3:15 pm. Yes! He did it! In an amazing display of athleticism, Zee has turned his body in the opposite direction and poses for the camera to let it all sink in… This boy WANTS gold…


5:06 pm. Completely relaxed with the Gold Medal a shoe in, Zee waits for his human to get off the computer and feed him dinner….

Wow, I don’t know about all of you, but I’m still reeling at the sheer scope of what Zee was able to achieve here today. What about your cats? Do they do anything that you would consider Olympic worthy?

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  1. Shoko Neilson says:

    This was awesome and the kitties pitched in and did an excellent job of Olympic readiness.

  2. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    guys…yur olympics terned out WAY better N R ‘z…..we had burd infestayshun
    N couldna continue…we wuz optin for skatin next time de winter games roll
    round but harley, after see inn yur style in da nap round luge event…we iz gonna
    start practissin for this !!!! happee week N conga rats on de golds…..


  3. You did furry good in the CatOlympics 🙂
    My hopeless mom-person have worked a lot lately so no time for watch TV and no time for visiting furriends 🙁
    But today she have a day off = YAY !! 🙂

  4. WOW!! Zee’s switch and bait and reverse napping pattern is awesome!! I have never seen that before done in public!!

    Amazing show!! 🙂

  5. Kitties Blue says:

    We think the synchronized standing competitors should have entered the synchronized staring competition instead. They definitely would have won gold. They are all gold medalists as you claimed. But our Astrid could probably give Zee some good competition for the all day nap. Very cute post with terrific photos. Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo