Tour de Cats – Dining Room Table Edition

Face it – the cats rule the roost and us humans are humbly allowed to share the abode with them. In that paw, I thought I would share a new series on Wordless Wednesday’s with you all that I call “Tour de Cats” where I will give you an exclusive, behind the scenes tour of the Zee/Zoey household each week with a special theme. I will begin the tour in grand style by focusing on one of the most popular areas of the house – the dining room table. What? Did you actually think I was going to give you a tour of the house? Ugg… that would mean I would have to vacuum and dust and do all that cleaning stuff I try to do as little as possible of. No thank you.

Anyhow, at our house the dining room table is just about one of the most central and important places that there is for a cat and that’s why I thought we’d start here. Now what? Did you actually think a dining room table was for eating on? Ha! I did years ago but the cats have long since proven me wrong on that count… Anyhow, enjoy the tour and Happy Wordless Wednesday!


Awww… Poor Zee… this image of him on the dining room table was taken back in 2009 and it was a couple days after Zoey had given birth to the kittens he had fathered. You can see the forlorn look on his face – prior to the kittens he and Zoey were madly in love and together 24/7 – after the kittens his whole world was rocked and he missed her immensely as she was sequestered in the bedroom caring for her new babies.


Fast forward to today and this is typically how the day begins – Zee is on one side of the table and Rolz on the other. I love how Rolz has the same regal pose as his Dad.


This photo was taken last year when Kizmet was only about 4 months old. He is already in dining room table training mode and Rolz is snoopervising!


Sorry for the out of focus picture but I took it and not Dan… Anyhow, this is Zoey, soaking up the last of the afternoon sun.


I’ve shared this photo numerous times and it remains one of my favorites because it perfectly symbolizes the bond between myself, my cats, and the dining room table. I also love it because it gives me great memories of my beloved angel, Mr. Jazz…


Hmmm… and all along you thought I was managing Zee and Zoey’s blog. Turns out it is Mia and Peanut who are the actual editors. It must be 5:00 pm because Peanut is walking away and has called it a day!


Okay, clearly this is not the dining room table. It is one of the dining room chairs and so I felt it was appropriate to include it on the tour. Seen here is our sweet Peanut.


Look!! Another out of focus picture! How weird is it that I took it and not Dan?!! Anyhow, this about sums it up – my laptop computer, an issue of Cat Fancy, a chilled adult beverage and Zee sitting next to me!

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  1. mariodacat says:

    Your house is as it should be – ruled by cats!

  2. Sammy says:

    What a great bunch of photos of the gang……….the dining room table is the social site of the house huh? In my house it’s Mom’s recliner – if he’s there, I’m there.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  3. I love your photo series. Your cats look happy and that table looks like a great sunning spot. Mine go on out table too but its more of a landing spot from jumping off the curio cabinet.

  4. I know it couldn’t possibly be this peaceful around the dining room table all the time….or is it?
    Love it either way!!

  5. Judi says:

    I gave my dining room table to my cat. He eats there, sleeps there, has grass up there and I hide treats for him. I have the kitchen table.

  6. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    guys….whoa…we wuz surprized ta see de print on de dining room chair…. go figure huh

    rolz….de look on yur face in pick sure two iz price lezz… “what chew lookin at”

  7. Lovely pictures! We love the one with you and all the kitties on the table too!

  8. Just as it should be. Truffle and Brûlée insist on sitting on the table, especially when I’m working at it.

  9. Beverly says:

    I love looking at photos of your gang anytime!

  10. I love all your photos and am in awe of all the beautiful cats at your house. I did start to wonder if there are any cat people out there who do use their dining room table for dining. tee hee

  11. I always love to see behind the scene photos and here stories from your home. Makes me feel like I am sitting at the table with you having a cup of water.
    Wednesdays Wags!

  12. We rarely use our formal dining room either and love seeing yours used with felines in mind. Btw, we linked to you today 🙂

  13. Connie says:

    Lovely post. It is nice that Dan takes photos for you..

  14. It’s nice to see other Table Layers (that’s what I call it) just like me!


  15. Tables full of cats, as it should be!

  16. I get upset enough when Cody is on the dining room table, what would I do if I had THAT many cats on it? lol

  17. meowmeowmans says:

    What a lovely post. How nice it is that your cats beautiful cats have a “town square” in which to gather together on the table. Moosey generally stays off of the dining room table (as far as we know, MOL)!

  18. Kitties Blue says:

    Hey Deb, This sure looks like home, only it is the kitchen island here. A couple of nights ago, when I couldn’t sleep and got up to work on the blog, five of the six who sleep upstairs with us followed me downstairs. Four took up residence on the island and one on a stool. I usually have at least one in my lap. The photo from yesterday’s WW was from that night. Cats are so nosy, and even when you are not at the dining room table, they probably know you’ll show up eventually. Looks like you get some nice sun puddles there as well. I always remember the old joke about the cat having the best seat in the house. I look forward to seeing what is planned for next week. Hugs, Janet

  19. Sue Brandes says:

    Very nice photos. Love seeing you and your kitties.

  20. We love the tour. Our dining room table is fun too. Dad always leaves whappable stuff there!
    The Florida Furkids