The Caturday after Christmas…

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Our house has been like Grand Central Station since last week with the comings and goings of family for the holidays and it has been so wonderful having them around. I have been able to take some time off from work and have actually allowed myself to relax a bit – I have done some reading, taken a blogging  and Facebook break, and have been treated to many delicious dinners that my family have cooked for all of us. The cats have become accustomed to the change in schedule and have even warmed up in a very non-committal sense to the D.O.G. who never seems to leave. But rather than talk about it, I thought I’d share some family pictures with you all this Caturday so you can see for yourself!



Christmas morning and most of the gang is here… From L to R –  Nana (Dan’s mom), Jackie (Dan’s youngest daughter), me on the floor, Chris (my oldest son and official elf who doles out the gifts), Joe (my youngest son), and my Mom with the D.O.G. You will note a curious Rolz in the background on the kitty condo. Absent in the photo is Dan who is taking the pictures and Crystal (Dan’s oldest daughter) and her boyfriend Dave who will be arriving from Boston later in the evening.


Chris in his full glory!


The D.O.G. (Rick) takes center stage. Not to be outdone, Kizmet helps to unwrap a gift and clearly lets the world know that cats and dogs do get along! Rolz remains a curious onlooker!


Mia wants to be a part of the day but is not as bold as Kizmet when it comes to the D.O.G. and watches from a safe distance.


Peanut also keeps a safe distance…


As does Zoey…


And Harley…


This is boring says Kizmet!! Can we stop with the presents, clean up, and move on to something else?!!


Zoey is all for a change of pace but does a once over of all the gifts before she settles in for her daytime beauty sleep…


Once the investigating is done, Zoey settles in for a nap with Joe. Opening presents can be exhausting!


Rolz strikes a regal pose and decides his camera shot deserves a quaint and traditional holiday background.


Geez…. do I have to be in charge of everything…. get up everyone! It’s time to play board games now!


We attempt a shot at playing Risk but realize we don’t have the intelligence to fully understand what we are doing… perhaps it was the wine we were drinking?


Rick is such a good boy… he watches both the humans and felines from his bed…


Huh, thinks Zee…. I must have had too much wine… I thought I just saw a D.O.G. in our house…


Oh Zee! You’re just imaging things… see… it’s just Mia in the bed…


Okay folks! Time to wrap it up! See you in a couple of days… or next year… whatever comes first!

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  1. Great pictures of the family and the felines! Love!!! I’m so impressed with how well behaved the D.O.G. was with all the kitties!!