Setting Back the Clocks does NOT Change Dinner Time for the Cats

by Deb at 12:10 AM • Cat Humor16 Comments


It’s that crazy time of the year when we set our clocks back by an hour so that it’s nearly pitch dark by the time lunch rolls around… Maybe it’s just me, but psychologically, it really messes with my mind and can be a bit depressing. Not to mention, I always forget to change the clock on my car, so I never really quite know what time it is when I drive…

Luckily my cats have no problem with the time change – regardless of what day of the year it is, they always know when to come wake me up in the morning for breakfast and they always know when it is time for dinner!


Peanut is our official ambassador of “I’ll go get mom and drag her away from the computer so she will come and feed us all”

How do you all feel about the time change? Is it just another day for you, or do you feel the affects of it getting dark earlier in the evening? Do your cats react differently?

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  1. We TOTALLY agree, and are a bit worried at our home too, truth be told. Tummies do NOT tell time!

  2. I like the fall time change because we get an extra hour, but the spring time change really messes me up. I don’t like it getting dark so early, either. It tends to make me sleepier, and apparently Lita doesn’t like it either, according to the animal psychic who talked to her last year.

  3. Pam and Sam says:

    Oh indeed….this is ever so true…..feeding time is the SAME, and wake up time is the SAME….we kitties operate on a body clock that knows no such thing as CHANGE!!!!

    Happy Sunday
    Hugs, Sammy

  4. We totally agree : we only follow our own tummy time. Purrs

  5. I think Abby adjusts better than Mark and I….she is purrrfect, you know.

    I personally prefer daylight past 4:30pm! *sigh*

  6. Ellen Pilch says:

    My cats were good this year and didn’t try to get us up at the regular time.

  7. Jazmine you are silly 🙂 We do fine with the time change here but Mom hates less daylight 🙂

  8. Deziz World says:

    Mommy hates da clock change. She sez her body runs on da same time no matter what as do ours. Dinner time is always da same time fur us too. MOL

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  9. Lenny and I were just talking about Cody being “off” no matter WHAT time zone we were in! He normally eats at 5pm…….he started whining at 2pm wanting food……..(that would have been the old 3pm)……I told him that he was “off” no matter where he was! lol

  10. We didn’t get the mom up any earlier today. But we did insist on having dinner about an hour early. And the mom complied. 🙂

  11. My kitty brofur Rhette thinks because there is an extra hour he gets extra food! Us dogs are all messed up too so I totally understand. Love Dolly

  12. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    guys…….sinz tellin time iz kinda sorta like MATH coz oh de numberz & all, we due
    knot pay a tenshunz two de clox…just de gaz rumblinz in R bellahz…….az far az
    dark time; we like it ….we can sneek round mor ~~~~


  13. I don’t worry about time of day as I generally get fed when I ask for it being a bit picky and all! But the human doesn’t like the dark evenings!!

  14. meowmeowmans says:

    Exactly! What’s this thing the humans call “a clock?” The only timing device that matters are our kitty tummies! 🙂

  15. Now we are TOW hours adrift of the USA man oh man Stop Da world!!!!!