Multi-Cats, Cat’s Pride Litter, and the Thrill of the Hunt!

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Um…yeah…you had me at “hello” you sweet bogo sign!

There are just certain phrases that cause my heart to race – you know, like “clearance sale,” “50% off,” and “buy one, get one free.” This is especially true when it comes to shoes, but with the limited income I have at the moment, it is like having the heavens open up and winning the lottery when the phrase applies to something as practical as cat litter! And not just any cat litter, but the brand of cat litter that my cats use!! Hallelujah and praise to the cat litter gods!!

Yup… last Thursday Dan and I were doing our weekly grocery shopping at Publix when we happened upon that glorious sign that we see maybe once or twice a year if we are lucky… The Cat’s Pride brand of litter that our cats use was buy one, get one free!!! Now this might not be a big deal to everyone, but to us in our multi-cat home of 8, not only was it a big deal, it was an EVENT. I say this because unlike the times we (me) fall victim to the hypnotic charms of the bogo signs, buying things in bulk that will take us a lifetime to use, like wax paper, Cat’s Pride litter is something our cats use each and every week without fail.

Beautiful backgound image of sun coming out of clouds on a dark blue sky

Cats hunt for mice… I hunt for sales, what can I say…

When you consider each 20 pound jug of the litter retails for $6.99 and for each jug we bought, we got one free, we had no choice but to make it a project and visit Publix a couple times a day throughout the weekend! At final count, we ended up with 24 jugs of litter, meaning that we got 12 of them for free, saving us over $80.00!! I don’t know about your household, but in ours, that is about a week’s worth of groceries, so in essence, we will be eating for free for one week! If that’s not the cat’s meow, I don’t know what is!


Score! We were literally doing the Snoopy Happy Dance of cat litter victory!

All of this brings up an interesting point – I talk a lot on my blog about living in a multi-cat household and I also do a lot of product testing on my cats for reviews. But the one product I will not review is cat litter. It’s not that I don’t like other litter manufacturers or brands – there are many of them out there and I am sure they are great. I have worked with World’s Best Cat Litter when I ran Zee and Zoey’s Cat Ruler of the World Campaign for a Cause contest and they donated 2000 pounds of  litter to the Blind Cat Rescue Organization for the contest. I have also met a lot of great people from other litter companies while attending cat related conferences, but unlike my willingness to compromise other things in my life, if there is one thing I have learned with my cats, is that if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Especially when it comes to cats and their litter habits. No review in the world is worth tampering with the very well-behaved cats  I have when it comes to their litter box habits.


Rolz and I are very happy to say with our NVR Miss litter box and Cat’s Pride litter, that the bathroom habits of our cats is clean and healthy!

Many years ago, prior to me being a blogger, I had tried numerous litters with my cats to get to that perfect balance of no odors, easy to scoop, and one they would all use without issue. That litter ended up being Cat’s Pride and once I found it worked ideally for my multi-cat household, I have not looked back. I use the “Complete” type  for multiple cats and if you recall, I gave advice last week on how to keep the peace in a multi-cat household – I had indicated that one of the ways to do that is to make sure that the litter box is as clean as possible to reduce the possibility of territorial spraying and marking. I am happy to say I have that balance with Cat’s Pride.

I am also happy to say that since last week’s post when I admitted there were some negative kitty issues with the introduction of Jazmine into our household, that things have gotten better. Zoey has become more of herself and is back to napping on my outstretched legs when I sit on the couch at night. She and Jazmine have also taken to playing and wrestling together more frequently and Peanut has come out from the bedroom and is back to kneading dozens of biscuits on my lap when I am on the computer. And our reserved Mia who would really prefer Jazmine accidentally fall off the face of the earth, has resigned herself to the fact that Jazmine actually is not such a bad housemate after all and spent an entire afternoon proving that point.


I was home sick from work the other day – had a bad sore throat and raging migraine. But as this selfie shows, I had a very happy Zoey snoozing on my legs and Rolz by my side!

That’s about it for us – cat litter on sale and cats napping together – doesn’t really take much to make us happy! How about your household – do you have a special cat litter that you use, or do you have cats who are not fussy and will use anything that is on sale? Do you ever have bogo sales where you are and what is your craziest bogo story? Go ahead… it’s an anything goes Caturday… share away!


Mia is trying to convince us she doesn’t get along with Jazmine…


Good job Mia… I think it’s time you admit we know you found a friend…

Sidenote: I have not been sponsored by Cat’s Pride for this post. They have no clue I am alive or that my cats use their litter. Upon putting this in writing, I now realize I have made a serious mistake and I need to contact Cat’s Pride to see if perhaps they need a spokeskitty or two, or three, or eight…

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  1. Rosemary says:

    I went to the same sale but bought only 4. I will do better next time. 🙂

  2. SCORE!!
    The sidenote was the icing on the cake *giggle*….call Cat’s Pride NOW!!

  3. Holy Cats, I am surprised you haven’t allowed Cat’s Pride in on your secret of your faithfulness. This would probably tickle them to death and they would probably send you ubber coupons or something. We haven’t found a brand we are faithful too but we are faithful to the “multicat” formula’s. Yes we only have 1 cat but that tiny kitten had a stink to her #2’s that would have us all running outside for fresh air. We found out the cause and it has been fixed but its not worth going back to a single cat action. We have noticed Molly Mew does prefer the smaller grains or pellets or whatever they are called. Ma prefers the clumping action. I prefer it not to smell like cat in our house.
    When it comes to sales…RC (Royal Crown cola) is what does it for Ma. If she finds a 4 for $10 sale ,she keeps going back until the sale is over to stock up. One time she was able to build a small fort with the RC she bought. She played in that thing for hours! The buy one get one frees are always fun as long as the store hasn’t jacked up the price. Its a hoot when a sale stops the ma dead and she just stares with little love bubbles popping all around her head.

    • Deb says:

      Oh Carma!!! I just LOVE this response and am so glad you shared the story of your Ma in such a humorous way!! I can just picture her standing in the store with all those love bubbles popping around her head!!

  4. You totally should talk to Cat’s Pride about being spokeskitties! Last December, in the teaser sales before Christmas, PetSmart did a really good sale on their smaller bags of World’s Best. We NEVER buy small bags of litter because they aren’t cost-effective, but I bought every bag in the store except one that was waaaaaaay in the back of the shelf and I couldn’t reach. I just used the last of that supply last week! I have to admit, I caught myself thinking “why didn’t I drive to every PetSmart in town while I could and buy more of it?” Saving money on some things is totally worth the outlay up front!

    Funny you should mention not product testing litter. We did that for the first time recently (it will publish on the blog this week), and I only agreed to it because I was genuinely interested in potentially switching if it was a better solution. The cats actually did better with the change in litter than I did, since the added scent in it unexpectedly gave me migraines. I think it was a lesson learned all around. When it comes to litter, don’t mess with success.

  5. Michelle S says:

    I stock up on litter when PetSmart has their Black Friday sale. While I have tried Cat’s Pride, I’m not a fan of the scent. I did, however, like the type in the green package. I’m pretty sure that it’s the light weight formula. I definitely wouldn’t mind using that for our screened porch boxes. Is the sale still on??? Yes, I know that I could probably go to the Publix website and find out, but I’m really tired at the moment. My little Pomeranian, Sarah, had double knee surgery on Tuesday, and I’m exhausted from the hourly physical therapy work, taking care of her, stressing out over the whole thing, and trying to keep up with everything else.

    I’m sure that you’re probably aware of it, but just in case. They have a Buy 8 Get 1 Free program. To make it even better, the coupon for the free product is valuable enough for a box that is around 40 lbs (depending on the formula). At least that’s what it was when I did the deal last year.

    • Deb says:

      Michelle – sadly, the sale has ended… And believe it or not, sometimes I am not the brightest bulb in the bunch… I just found out yesterday about the Buy 8 Get 1 Free Program so now I am all over that! I also got a coupon and signed up for special deals! Geez… I can’t believe I didn’t look into this before!! Anyhow, hope Sarah is doing better and bless you for taking such good care of her!

  6. What a HAUL!!! Yes, we think you need to make friends with the Cat’s Pride people. I bet they’d love that photo of the 24 jugs! …psssst! We have a smilier stockpile in our garage too! Actually TWO stockpiles. We have our litter and Glogirly has her t.p. …hmmmm… coincidence???
    ; ) Katie

  7. OMC!!! We just read Sometimes Cats Herd you comment… Glogirly did the SAME thing. She even climbed up on the shelves to retrieve the bags from WAY back!!!!

  8. Brian says:

    That is a big bunch of litter! Hey, we love that little box too. I am sure glad to hear that the dynamics are getting back to normal.

  9. Diane Ricciardi Stewart says:

    I have been using Arm & Hammer products since the early 80’s. I have had great success with it. Wish I could find a ‘buy one, get one’ sale for it!! Great post. . . <3

  10. meowmeowmans says:

    Awesome! We use Cat’s Pride at our house, too. Wish we had Publix here … what a sale! 🙂

  11. I’m glad to read that things are slowly back to normal with the kitties and Jazmine ! You should say hello to Cat’s Pride people as fellow user ! As I’m back inside since two weeks, Mum had to buy litter again (fortunately, she had kept the litter tray) ; it took her HOURS with Dad to chose one for me, and it seems to be the good one (post coming soon). I love your high box without roof ; with my litter box, I scratch and grab with such enthusiasm that all the sand passes over the edge ! Mum hasn’t found a high litter box without roof (I don’t like it). We don’t have tons of litter like you (not yet…), but it’s like Glogirly and Katie : my litter is stocked near the t. p…. Purrs, Zorro

  12. I would love to find someone to underwrite our litter bill so I completely understand your excitement. 🙂

    Love the pic of Mia and Jazmine…yep, looks like everyone has fallen for her charms

  13. mariodacat says:

    Oh, that is so sweet – your kitties cuddling. They look so precious, and are! My motto too is If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. I can well understand your problem in a multicat household. You don’t need anyone deciding that they won’t use the litter box.

  14. Lucky you…and the kitties…for getting all that litter!

    We won’t review litter either for the same reason as you. We love the litter that we use (it’s not Cat’s Pride, however). We did review litter one time…a while back…because the mom thought about switching us. But we didn’t like the litter and since then, the mom has said, like you, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. 🙂

  15. Connie Marie says:

    Oh, I love it!! You dound just like me when it comes to cat litter! Love the photo, is thata a Harley(not the cat) in the background? Hope you are feeling better, I have the same thing plus Bronchitis. I tried Cats Pride, it was too dusty for me though. Each jug seems to vary in every brand. My new cat loving Significant other, (we have finally worked out those pesky issues, Thank God) spent hours at Walmart taking off lids to check dust!! No litter was harmed or stolen!! Arm and Hammer has about 10 different names on their boxes, so I don’ t remember which one, but Hy Vee food store had a great sale, he bought the whole shelf, went to another store and we also now have 2 rainchecks for 36 more boxes!!! I always consider how much $$ will be sitting on the shelf when I consider stocking up, but cat supplies never stick around long enough! If I wasn’t so cat crazy I might be able to indulge my shoe and purse obsession too! Stuffed animals are considered ok cause the cats love them and can’t break them!! Oh I am SO HAPPY to hear the gang is getting back to normal. Good for you. A vet told me with some cats it can take well over a year!!
    Get better soon

  16. Angie Bailey says:

    Hell yes you need to contact them! xo

  17. Sue Brandes says:

    I would be so happy to find a B1G1Free sale. What a deal. I like their cat litter too. Love your beautiful kitty pictures. Hope you are feeling better too. Have a great week.

  18. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    guys…yur mom should haz stock in de companee !!!

    N if her iz big time inta vitamins & herbs…..her for SURE kneads ta chek out puritans pride…they iz outta NY….ya get free UPS shippin…and just yesterday they ended ther buy one…get two free and free shippin sale 🙂