Help! Need Some Last Minute Submissions for Upcoming Cat-Related Book!


Okay Peanut… I think everyone gets it… you need some help. No need to shout!

Wow! Hard to believe, but my upcoming book is finally starting to take shape! Focusing on the silly, odd, crazy, and weird things our cats do, the premise is simple—with over 70 million homeless cats living on the streets and in shelters in the U.S. alone, it’s my hope to bring attention to the public eye how wonderful cats are as pets to help increase adoptions. I want to bust the myth that they’re too aloof to make good pets, which is one of the reasons they are sometimes overlooked for adoption.

What I didn’t share, and what I’d like to explain to you now, is while the book does have a distinct humorous side, it also promotes an important message—proper pet responsibility, understanding cat behavior, and promoting spay/neuter. There are about 30 chapters in the book, each one beginning with me introducing my personal weird cat stories, followed by submissions from other cat lovers (including celebrities, veterinarians, cat behaviorists, cat bloggers, and everyday people who love cats – in other words, the full nine yards).

Each chapter will end with a brief explanation why those behaviors occur and advice, suggestions, etc. to ensure kitty is always as happy and healthy as possible based on each scenario. For example, I have one chapter titled “You Can Pet Me, Just Don’t Touch Me.” I call those my teenage cats–the one’s that hate to be hugged and picked up, but show affection in other ways (I’m talking to you, Zoey). The bottom line—just because a cat doesn’t like to be held, doesn’t mean they don’t love you (some people bring their cat to the shelter because they think it’s “broken” for not loving them). They just might show you that love in a different way, such as following you from room to room, or sitting next to your computer while you type.

I will then offer certain advice, like maybe you can enhance your bond with your cat with grooming, or treats, or playtime, etc. This soft and humorous approach will educate people without them realizing they are being educated! The formula is simple: happier cats equal happier people equal less cats brought to shelters and more cats adopted.

I reached out to you all for submissions—I was looking for the craziest, silliest, sweetest, strangest, heroic, or most charming things any your cats have done (past or present), or the craziest, most passionate things as a human you’ve done for the love of cats—and I thank you so much for those of you that participated. I’m almost there, but I see that I have a few gaps in the book I still need some help with.

Now that you know more of what I’m trying to achieve, if any of you can contribute submissions in the following areas I’d really appreciate it:

“Is this Seat Taken?” – Does your cat steal your chair or other furniture as his own?

“Bump in the Night” – Weird stuff that happens at night—typically when we are in bed (in my house, the weird behaviors center around toys).

“Home for the Holidays” – Strange habits centering around any holiday or event—4th of July, Christmas, Easter, Birthday, Wedding, etc. Did your cat run off with the Thanksgiving turkey? Did he climb to the top of your Christmas tree and steal the star topper? Do you do weird things for your cats for the holidays? Throw them parties, buy them presents, etc.

“Murphy’s Law of Hairballs” – The craziest place your cat has had a hairball, or the craziest place you’ve stepped in a hairball.

“Rules of the House” – When I travel, I give a detailed list of rules for the cat-sitter that comes in volumes—what crazy rules do you put upon your cat-sitter? Or what’s the craziest thing your cat has done while you were away?

“Renovating” – This chapter deals with major events – a new partner in your life, a new baby, moving, renovating your house, a new pet member, etc. Did any of these circumstances cause your cat to do something strange?

“X Marks the Spot” – Have your cats ever peed or pooped in really weird places?

“Sorry, I Did Not Hear You When You Were Calling My Name” – Does your cat have selective hearing? Do you have funny nicknames for your cats? Is your cat’s name based on some weird circumstance?

“Trick or Treat” – We all know giving cats medication can be a near death experience for us. What is the craziest ordeal you’ve had to go through to give your cat medicine?

“To Catch a Thief” – Does your cat steal weird things that belong to you? Does he hide the things in weird places?

“Hide and Seek”  – Does your cat hide in really obvious places, but thinks you can’t see him? Does he hide his own toys in funny places?

Thank you so much for helping! If you could limit each submission to between 50 – 200 words that would be great. You can go over, but I will be editing to fit the framework of the book. Please send submissions to me at and include the name of your cat(s) and how you would like your name/title to appear. I am still in the submission selection stage—once I have finalized the entries, I will contact you to let you know if I could use your selections. Oh, and if you have other weird stuff that isn’t on this list, you can still send that to me as well.

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  1. Your book sounds wonderful. Educating people about the joy of including cats in one’s home is very important. Thank you for your creative thoughtfulness

  2. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    guys, pleez ta tell yur mom this iza grate surprise anda way awesum one two !!

    oh, N her haza storee ….her thinkz bout gram paw dude N poss a blee a few others
    ….we will get her ta start hittin de keyz { & thanx bee ta cod….KNOT pee ann noe keyz ! }


    pee ezz…we will add thiz two R side bar ~~

  3. Ellen Pilch says:

    We will put our thinking caps on.

  4. Kitties Blue says:

    Mom’s going to check past posts and other areas where she has written about our antics and see if she can find anything that would fit into any of these categories. Good luck! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  5. Did you talk to Debbie about Waffles’ penchant for closing himself into rooms? Maxwell does it too. Maybe between the two of us we can give you two intrepid boycats with a fascinating for doors that close — and the misfortune of being born without opposable thumbs to reopen them? (for Houdini cats)