Going Nuts! Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!




Okay, so maybe it’s not completely cat related, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE squirrels and since it is NATIONAL SQUIRREL APPRECIATION DAY I felt the need to follow my heart and share a post on behalf of these nut loving, cute critters!!

And yes, I know they are considered a nuisance by some – you know, like by chewing vital house wires and eating all the seed you put out for the birds. But truthfully, I had kids and when they were younger, they were kind of a nuisance too. They were always chewing on things they shouldn’t have been and knowing them, they probably tried to eat birdseed too.

And my cats. My darling, precious, beloved cats. Talk about pains in the neck and nuisances – thanks to them, we no longer have one nice decoration in the house, other than stuff that is 100% unbreakable. And they chew on all kinds of weird stuff like plastic bags. And have you ever tried to walk across the room with seven cats in the room? It’s a hazard, I tell you…And you want to talk about food thieves… have any of you met our sweet Jazmine? Blink if you dare and your dinner will be gone in a split second. Maybe cats are really squirrels in disguise…


One of my favorite outdoor activities is to feed the squirrels that come to visit us. I love how they wait for me in the morning because they know I will have peanuts for them!


Everything about squirrels fascinates me and I find them to be extraordinary creatures. This sweetie is enjoying some yummy sunflower seeds that he shares with the other birds and squirrels I feed.

Anyhow, I love squirrels and so do my cats…just probably not in the same way I do! They love squirrel TV and will watch them for hours on end because I am able to feed them really close our windows, which causes me to watch the cats watching the squirrels for hours on end!  And it never ceases to amaze me that the squirrels know the cats can’t get to them, despite how much the cats scratch at the window trying! The funniest is when there is more than one squirrel and they chase one another around the yard – the cats go nuts when they see it and it always reminds me of when the cats chase each other around the house!


How sweet! The cats want to invite the squirrel inside FOR lunch… Oh, never mind, my misunderstanding. Turns out they want to invite the squirrel in to BE lunch.

So Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day and a special thank you to Dan for the photos – not only does he take great photos of cats, he also takes stunning photos of the squirrels in our yard! The detail he was able to capture is amazing – click the images to enlarge – some of the pictures are so incredible that it truly feels like the squirrel is standing right next to you.

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  1. Ohhhh I didn’t know it’ today!!!! Yet another thing we have in common! I ADORE squirrels and always have! (I have a pinterest board dedicated to them!)

    I blogged about Squirrel Appreciation Day a few years ago but forgot about it this year!! Love this post!

  2. We didn’t know squirrels had a special day ! Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day ! Purrs

  3. We adore them and are celebrating them today too!!!

  4. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    guys…yur dad DOEZ take grate fotoz…now, about lunch brake !!! 🙂

    pee ezz…pleez ta tell yur mom ta watch it; that squirrelz rite in front oh her iz az vizshuz az they come….
    mor sew than deer

  5. I did not know this. And Deb, you know how much we love squirrels…..little stinkers!! 🙂

  6. meowmeowmans says:

    We love squirrels here, too! And our cats APPRECIATE watching them through our back sliding glass door. 😉

    Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!

  7. Weez didn’t know bout this holiday eever, but dat’s okay. Weez’ll just tell ow own squirrels how much we purrecite them. MOL Yeah wight. NOT!!! Hav a pawsumly squirrely day.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  8. Well dog gone it. I didn’t know it was squirrel appreciation day! Now I sorta feel bad for chasing those 4 squirrels up the tree today. Oh I know!
    I appreciate squirrels because they allow me to get exercise daily.
    Hey, chasing is running and running is exercise, right?

  9. Flynn says:

    I appreciate squirrels too until he runs up the tree and over the high fence so I can’t get him.

  10. It looks like all of you have a fine appreciation for squirrels! The head peep actually raised an orphaned squirrel, years before any of us were born. Her cats at the time thought that it was just being fattened up for them, but the squirrel was rehabilitated. We keep hoping to get that that kind of closeup, but so far, ours are only on the cat TV like yours are.

  11. We love squirrels too. The dad-guy puts peanuts out for them so that we get a really good show.