Extraordinary Behavior – Does Your Cat Have a Sixth Sense?

six-sense There is no doubt that cats experience the five senses – sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste in a much more heightened level than humans do. Using every part of their body to communicate and survive – eyes, ears, whiskers, mouth, nose, tail, and paws, they navigate through life with incredible prowess and skill. I believe as well they have a sixth sense that enables them to be intuitive above and beyond those senses, giving them a complex level of understanding far beyond what appears on the surface.

I’m sure most of you can relate to what I’m saying – when we are feeling down, sick, or out of sorts, our cats seem to sense we need them and they rally by our side, providing us with loving comfort and companionship. How do they know we need this support? It’s not like we can hold an actual conversation with them, yet you and I know full well through our body language and tone, moods, and emotions, that we really are having a conversation with them and they understand the underlying message. For example, when I tragically and unexpectedly lost my dear Harley in 2014, my cats understood my profound grief and stayed firmly at my side, keeping watch over me.


You okay, Mom? I’m trying Peanut… I’m trying…

Then there is the fascinating phenomenon of how they seem to know the concept of time. Mine spend most of the day napping on our bed, surfacing now and again to interact with Dan for some playtime or biscuit-making lap time. But once it gets to be around 5:30 pm, they wake up and converge and wait for me to get home from work. First they will collectively sit by the window to wait for the sound of my car, and somehow out of all the cars driving down our street, they know which one is mine and can hear me from about a block away! Once they are certain it’s me, they will all be at the door waiting for me to come inside!

No room for Deb to sleep

This archive photo from 2009 could be any day of the week here. Our cats love to nap together and spend most of the day sleeping as a group… That is, until 5:30 rolls around!


Is it her? Is that her car?


It is her!!! Mom is home… time to greet her at the door (Another archive image from 2009).

The most amazing sixth sense they have is when, out of nowhere, they sense another animal is outside. It’s like a chain reaction – one cat will sense it first and then one by one, each and every one of them will be attuned to the alert and join in. They can be sound asleep prior to the spotting, but somehow their inner senses tell them something is outside and they instantly wake up and rush off to investigate. I find this especially fascinating at night – the house can be abuzz with noise – the TV will be blaring, it is pitch dark out, and they are all comfortably settled in their favorite nap spots  – yet once they sense an animal is outside the parade of cats to investigate is instantaneous and they are ALWAYS right.


Um… guys… I think you need to come see this!!


Yup… Jazmine has spotted a raccoon at the front window. Typically the cats only see birds, squirrels, and lizards during daytime TV watching, so this guy was an unexpected treat!


Hey Jazmine… you might want to come over here… looks like our friend has moved to the backyard!


Mr. Raccoon is a very clean and polite boy… always proper to wash your hands before and after eating dinner!


Huh? He was just in the front window… how did he get back here so quick??! Am I seeing things?


Hmmm… maybe Jazmine IS seeing things.. Did we really see a raccoon or was it this masked scoundrel instead? I’ll never tell…

While I can’t completely relate, I guess in some ways I can. I know when my boys were babies, I was completely in tune with them – I could hear them before they stirred, intuitively knowing when they would need me. And naturally, like most mothers, I had eyes in the back of my head, causing me to see all (to the frustration and shock of them). I also have no need for an alarm clock – I use one as a precautionary measure in case I oversleep, but my body is so in tune with my work schedule it’s virtually impossible for that to happen.

Another phenomenon is what appears to be them sensing a ghost or spirit in the house. On more than one occasion, Rolz in particular will stop flat in his tracks and just stare off into space. He will then become so spooked that he will run off and hide. I’m not sure what it all means – I know from personal experience that not all spirits are spooky considering that my dear Mr. Jazz has come to visit me in the afterlife numerous times, but perhaps because cat’s have such sensitive senses, the sensation is overwhelming to them.

What about your cats? Do you feel they have a sixth sense? Do you have any extraordinary stories to share?


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  1. Rosemary says:

    Cats definitely do have a sixth sense. Mine behave exactly like yours do. They know what time it is, know when we are upset or sick, and can sense animals or people outside. As usual, your pictures are fabulous illustrations of your perceptive comments. Really look forward to your blog!

  2. speedyrabbit says:

    I think most pets are like that even Speedy senses a lot of these thing too,our pets are really amazing,xx Rachel

  3. Layla says:

    A resounding yes that goes beyond ESP. There was a study with dogs responding to their owners. in cars a mile away from home. I’d estimate my cats respond to approx. the same distance before hubby arrives home.

  4. We behave exactly like your cats do. We know what time it is, and we know how Dad or Mum is feeling. Angel Loupi had a special bond with Mum : he was always here on time when she came back from work, whatever time it was. Purrs

  5. Kitties Blue says:

    I think kitties are way smarter than they let on to be and that sixth sense is part of it. Like your kids, ours can hear the car coming up the street and will congregate in the foyer waiting. And they always know when it is time for breakfast and dinner and can get quite huffy if either are served late. Hugs, Janet

  6. Brian Frum says:

    Oh yea, no doubt about it, we seriously know what is going on around us way before it does,

  7. I love all the sweet photos! You have such a troop! My cats always know when I am really sick. I came home from a car wreck in shock and my sweet Suki planted herself on my legs and kept me warm. When I was very ill last winter Quinn stayed with me most of the night (she usually comes to say goodnight and then goes to her own “bed”).
    Our cat families are mind-blowing loves, aren’t they?

  8. I’d like to know how they know when it’s time to go to the vet. I give no indication that they are going to the vet (the carrier is left out all the time) but as soon as I go looking for them, they run under the bed. How do they know it?? Definitely a 6th sense.

    Island Cat Mom

  9. meowmeowmans says:

    Our cats definitely have sixth senses. Especially Moosey (like his angel brother Graphite was), who is SO in tune with our emotions.

  10. What an adorable photo of you and Peanut! The kitties here absolutely have a sixth sense about things. Some of it at our house is their hearing. The tiny plunk of a lizard jumping onto the outside of the screen of the bedroom window causes a stampede at any hour of the day or night.

  11. Sadly, my Human says she has one a them “Dumb Cats” in the area of ESP. Other people’s cats (and dogs) sense earthquakes before they happen and all kinds of stuff, but me? Well, I just keep on snoozing. No early warning signals from *me*! Eh, it’s not my job to protect her anyway! She’s a grown up, right? And she’s the one with the thumbs, too.

  12. I think a cat’s 6th sense is why we love them so much. So many cat lovers have at least a 5.5 sense. I had a bad week last week – in a mood that I didn’t like at all and decided to just go to bed early. Alice, who is not necessarily cuddly joined me with purrs and love until I fell asleep. After the second therapy session with her, I promised I would not take advantage of her gift, although I find it tempting.

  13. Jo Singer says:

    This is a wonderful article, Deb.

    What you have written is so incredibly true. I have always thought that our cats have a “sixth” sense. They seem to be so much more aware of things in the environment- even the tiniest changes, or activities going on in the house.

    But what really has be convinced is that they seem to know when I am feeling down in the dumps, or not feeling well and respond to me in such a loving and tender manner.

    Thanks so much for writing this article. I loved it.

  14. My Bobo had an amazing sixth sense…his closely involved ME and anything that i was experiencing or feeling. He ALWAYS knew when I needed him near to comfort me. Cody’s only sixth sense pertains to food time….that’s it, plain and simple!

  15. Oh yeah… I have that. That’s how I figured out that Peep #1 wasn’t scary and learned to trust her so that I would come inside. Then I convinced my littermates to do the same!

    I never met my Great, Great Auntie Kelsy but Peep #1 tells me that long, long ago in ancient times, every Friday mornin’, Kelsy would wait at the top of the stairs for the Fish Man to arrive. Every Friday mornin’ she would wait. Even the Fish Man knew her name ’cause he would see her waitin’ at the top of the stairs for him to arrive and bring her some fish. Apparently, she had quite the thing for scallops.

    Nissy #Niss4Senate

  16. When we lost Ryker so suddenly and had come home to sit on the sofa in shock, Allie came up to me and placed herself in the exact position Ryker would always lay in, on top of me.

    Not once had she ever done that before, and four years later, she has never done that since.
    I absolutely believe they have an awareness beyond what we normally attribute to them!

  17. Judi says:

    The last couple of years of my Siamese Cat, Indi’s life, she was very dependant on me. In the evenings, she would sleep with my dad. Ten minutes before I got home, she would leave him and wait for me in the kitchen. I would come home at all different times, so it wasn’t just a habit of waiting for me at the same time each day. My dad always knew when I would get home because of her.

  18. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    we shirley due…we can tell ewe what will bee in de food serviss gurlz shopping bag
    bee for her even goes TWO de store…

    NOE BURD !!!!!♥♥♥♥

  19. Tina says:

    I think it’s true and cats have nine lives. It’s not just a myth!! They have these special abilities that can sense danger in just a flash of seconds.