D.O.G. in da C.A.T. House!

by Deb at 12:10 AM • Cat Humor16 Comments

Peanut shares her subtle reaction at the news a D.O.G. is in our house!

Okay, look, in all fairness, I did warn everyone on Wednesday that we would be dog-sitting my granddog, Rick, this weekend, but somehow I get the impression the cats didn’t take me seriously…


Mia can’t believe her eyes… surely this must be a dream…


No Mia… it’s not a dream and you aren’t seeing things! Not only is Rick in the house, but so is Jackie!


“Mom, Dad,” says Mia! “Did you know both JACKIE and RICK are here?


Yup… plain as day… it really IS Jackie and Rick together!


Mia is so discombobulated over all the commotion that she is actually sitting on top of her Mama Zoey in excitement!

Well, this certainly is a crazy turn of events!! Not only is Rick visiting for the weekend, but we also have a much-loved family member staying with us. Making a very long story, short, my step-daughter, Jackie, has moved in with Dan and I from Boston! She will be staying with us so that she can take advantage of the school system here (she is 16 and a junior) and we couldn’t be happier. It was a very unexpected turn of events for us, but it’s almost like she’s been here all along and the house is just filled to the brim with love and happiness!

The cats love her, Rick adores her, and it is just so nice to have a daughter that I can shop with, cook with, and share girl talk with! So, between finishing up some last minute stuff on my Purr Prints of the Heart book and dog-sitting with Jackie, that will be my weekend. How about you all – what plans do you have?


Jackie and Rick enjoying a beautiful day in South Florida!


If I didn’t know better, I would swear that Rick is smiling!


Jazmine is not quite as thrilled as Jackie and I are that Rick is visiting… She is checking out every closed door with caution in case another D.O.G. might be behind it!


Remember Peanut screaming at the beginning of this post? I think she’s going to be just fine with Rick here – this is her sleeping (very peacefully I might add) in Rick’s portable dog bed. Sweet dreams pretty girl!

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  1. Jackie is there? Oh that is wonderful! I think your granddog is so handsome. Many smiles will be had. Those kitties will learn that us dogs aren’t that bad.
    Happy Saturday!

  2. Yes your house is filled with more love of the furry and human kind.

    Plans this weekend? Uh- work, pool, work, work by pool, work, exercise, work.

    Yup that sums it up. very boring. My day off was Thursday.

    I know you’ll have fun dog sitting and have girl time with Jackie.
    Now get that girl her driver’s license so she can party with us downtown Miami cats!

  3. We know you’ll have fun and enjoy your weekend with Jackie and her dog ! We’re not used to dogs, and we’re sorry to admit we wouldn’t be very friendly… Purrs

  4. Brian says:

    A little woofie fun isn’t too bad. At least it’s a cutie woofie!

  5. Ingrid King says:

    Ricky may be smiling, but Mia and Zoey don’t look all that happy! 🙂 I hope all of you have a wonderful, and peaceable, weekend!

  6. Annabelle says:

    You’re going to be busy busy busy from now on!!

  7. Welcome Jackie!! As for the d-o-g, at least it’s temporary

  8. Rosemary says:

    Great pictures as always. Visitors always disrupt the household cat balance. Don’t think my three would be happy to see a dog, but they do like it when people who will pet them come to stay.

  9. Well Deb, you know I feel about dogs. It’s so cool that you share your cat house with Rick. And I always wanted a daughter. Welcome Jackie!! What a fun weekend…Ingrid used the word “peace”….and I laughed.

  10. Flynn says:

    I love that first picture and caption! Enjoy your weekend.

  11. Um, we wouldn’t be very happy if there was a d.o.g. in our house either.

  12. Ellen Pilch says:

    Great photos, I love the Wizard of Oz one especially. How fun to have Jackie there, she sounds like a sweetie.

  13. Did anyone consult with the feline gang before allowing the D.O.G. to enter? We think Jackie is pre-approved…but Rick…well, that’s a different story…so long as he understands who is in charge-it should be okay, Mia! Hope you guys are having a great weekend!

  14. OMC I LOVE IT!! Rick IS smiling!!!!! He has TONS of “furry toys” to play with!!! MOL! xoxo

  15. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    guys…ya noe…fora dawg…ricks prette kewl….even hiz coatz prettee awesum… !!!
    🙂 hope yur week a head iz a good one ~~~~~~
    woof =(..)=

  16. Carolyn says:

    WOW! That changes the family dynamics! I think you’re going to have lots of fun!