Camouflage Cats!

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Who knew the mood ring made popular in the 1970's was based on the technology of a reptile!

Chameleons are probably most commonly known for their ability to change colors to match the environment they are in. While this isn’t completely true – they actually change color based on light, temperature, and emotional state, it is still quite fascinating and truly impressive. Because  chameleon colors are typically green, brown and gray, they coincidentally often match the background colors of their habitat and that is why it seems they have this magical power. 

No offense to these reptilian artists, but I actually feel cats are more the masters of blending to the environment than they are.  Or at least indoors. Take a cat outside and they become virtually invisible as they do everything in their power to avoid being caught to be brought back in the house. But indoors, the powers of a chameleon cat and the art of camouflage is something we all can relate to. For instance, take any large cat, or a small one for that matter and bring out the cat carrier to go to the vet. They will morph their body to the size of an envelope and no matter how hard you look, even in the most absurd of places, you will not find them. That is, until they feel safe and they  appear out of thin air, giving you that bored and innocent look of , “What, were you looking for me?” Arch back. Stretch. Yawn….

Jazz as a kitten - he was convinced we would think he was a WWF action figure instead of a furry cat by stuffing his body in the wrestling cage!

As Jazz got older, he felt the best camouflage for peace and quiet was to imitate himself as a cat...

Peanut takes her cue from Jazz as she tries her best to look like the fierce decorative panther she is sitting on top of!

Or how about when you get up in the morning and try to walk across the floor to the bathroom. How many cats will you step on? They just seem to blend into the floor. The same can be said of a chair or couch. How many cats have accidentally been sat on because they look like a furry throw pillow?

At first glance, it would look like Zoey is one of the plush toys or pillows on this bed!! Great blending job, Zoey!

Zee doing his best to look like a coffee table...

Harley posing as still as can be as an objet d'art.

Can you tell which fluff ball is Peanut and what are the plush toys?!!

Some cats blend with freshly washed laundry sitting on the bed waiting to be put away, some blend with a bed that you could not make because you did not want to disturb a napping kitty, and some will find a way to curl inside a box or paper bag, despite how impossible it seems to their shape and size so that when you go to pick it up off the floor, you are startled to find a very live cat inside!

Your basic "cat in a bag" picture. In this case, the culprit is Rolz.


And let’s not even talk about the bedroom closet. How a cat manages to look like an entire wardrobe is beyond me, but it is virtually impossible to find a cat napping in the closet. Or a cat that is hidden atop a high shelf, or low underneath the bed, or tucked inside a drawer…


This ingenious cat, Zeuss, is disguised as a Red Sox fan!! Brilliant!

These crafty cats (Peanut and Zoey) could easily pass for another pair of shoes or a scarf!!

 How about you? Any fun or unusual places your cat becomes a chameleon?

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  1. Ingrid King says:

    Great photos! Since most of my decor is in the blue and purple range, Allegra and Ruby tend to not blend in as well as your guys do.

  2. Wonderful post – beautiful photos – BRILLIANT DISGUISE(s)! I really had to look quite closely in a few of those photos to see your gorgeous cats!

    I am CONSTANTLY looking for my cats (and wondering how my 2 hunking nuge Coons can just VANISH into thin air all of the time!)

    Now I know…. They are ALSO masters of camouflage!!!

    • Deb says:

      Thank you Create With Joy!! It is amazing how Maine Coons can vanish – sometimes Zee is so big and awkward that he can barely walk without knocking something over, then, just like that, poof, he can vanish!!

  3. Nanny McFur says:

    love that Maine Coon kitty

  4. Rosemary says:

    Wonderful pictures! This is so true. I often found my gray cat hiding in a basket of stuffed animals. She blended right in.

  5. Marg says:

    Cats can disappear in a second. Just let a stranger walk in the door and you would never know there are six cats that live inside and 14 that live outside. We like to get not only under the bed but up in the making of the bottom of the bed. Our Person sure can’t find us there. Good hiding places all of you. Have a great week end.

  6. Haha! Your cats truly are masters of disguise. My black cats like to curl up on a black blanket, and they disappear right before your eyes!

    “How many cats have accidentally been sat on because they look like a furry throw pillow?” — ROFL…

    • Deb says:

      Julia – black cats are masters of the disappearing act!! Especially when they are napping on a black blanket and their eyes are closed!

  7. Your cats are masters of disguise. Pretty pics!

  8. This was superb, both in writing and visually! Wonderful examples!!

    Loved the coffee table, hell I loved them all!

    Cody’s favorite place to be a master of disguise is the linen closet. He just looks like a big bunched up blanket!

  9. Wendy S. says:

    You always take such amazing photos Deb/Dan but these are amazing. My kitties don’t try to blend into the background they try to make the background blend into them which is what your kitties are master at and your babies succeed!

  10. Brian says:

    Those pics are just incredible and the one with Peanut in the basket was super!

  11. Cheysuli says:

    I love being a beige cat in a house with beige rugs…

  12. Your cats blend in with their surroundings so well. We have a gingery, brownish beige carpet, (sounds awful doesn’t it!) and the boys blend right into it. Often I go outdoors to tell them to come in, and they were asleep on the carpet all along.

  13. Great post and lovely photos thanks for sharing. Our cats haven’t been very good at disguise but have been excellent escape artists.

  14. Umm Peanut? You do look fierce, but you may need to rethink the panther camo – LOL!

    Gorgeous photos – as usual!!

  15. CATachresis says:

    Excellent!! lol and so true. I have deliberately not gone for the monochrome decor. However, Austin can blend into Santa Claus at a pinch! Don’t they let you know about it, though, when you do accidentally sit on them!!!

  16. RumpyDog! says:

    Hmmmm…… I’m kinda hard to hide inside, but I do pretty good in the snow! DeDe likes to blend in with the sofa cover.

  17. Ana Grupke says:

    Cute article!!! It’s so true!!! My Purrl who is a mostly white “cow” cat…absolutely disappears in my unmade bed.

  18. Bernadette says:

    Perhaps if their humans were not so fond of feline-printed items…I’m amazed you could get such photos, they are so well disguised! In this house, the shadows have eyes.

  19. oh My Cat! I keep missing everything…so sorry! I totally agree that we cats can blend in wherever…mostly, sad to say..’cuz we have to if we have been dumped somewhere and the peeps don’t like us… chase us…we have to learn to hide, be quiet, grab our food where we can and run fast!!!…yup, we are masters at hiding…paw pats, Savannah

    pee Ess.. sorry to have been slow in visiting

    • Deb says:

      Savannah – we understand! We know your humans have been doing some great work at the shelter you came from and have been busy!! We are sorry that you and alot of other kitties have to be masters at hiding from people who don’t like you. That makes us sad, but we are very grateful you have found a safe, warm, secure, and loving furever home… We hope one day that all kitties can be so blessed!