A Reminder to Slow Down and a Happy Sunday-Selfie Moment with Zoey

I was blessed with a wonderful Christmas – lots of family, good food, good conversation, and love. But the days leading up to it, and the days to follow were extremely hectic and stressful, trying to fit it all in-between my day job. To say I’m worn out and behind in everything in my personal life of a cat writer would be an understatement. Hundreds of unanswered emails, articles to write, bookkeeping to attend to and a Cat Writers’ Association conference to get back on track for 2020. Amidst it all, I was graced with a precious and much needed moment yesterday – a rainy day for some catch-up and the delightful company of my sweet Zoey who decided to grace me with her presence, curled up my lap to enjoy the peacefulness of the day.

Zoey looking up at me with her gorgeous golden-green eyes, waiting for me to take her picture.

Luckily my iPhone was close by so I could capture the moment in time – a purr-fect image for Sunday Selfie and a much-needed reminder to slow down and appreciate what’s in front of me, and not a race of what I need to get done.

Happy Sunday everyone – I hope you have some peaceful moments to enjoy, too!

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  1. jmuhj says:

    Reminding us, and helping us to get some much-needed R&R is one of countless ways cats enrich, grace, and improve our lives! Beautiful Zoey!

  2. That is a lovely selfie of Zoey. Happy New Year to you all.

  3. Ellen Pilch says:

    You are a beauty Zoey! XO

  4. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed so that makes these reminders all the more important.

  5. meowmeowmans says:

    You’re so right. Thank you for the reminder, Deb.

    And what a great selfie by Zoey!

  6. Thankfully, I have vacation time until January 2, and I’m glad to have the time to chill. Working life is hectic, as well as keeping up the household and keeping 5 cats fed and happy. Remember, you are doing your best!

  7. That’s a lovely Selfie, Zoey😸Pawkisses for a quiet week ahead🐾😽💞

  8. Lovely selfie, Zoey ! Paws up for reminding our humans to slow down and enjoy the present moment. Purrs