A Purrfect Day to Celebrate – Happy First Birthday to Jazmine the Libra Cat!

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Love at first sight-rev

This is Jazmine when we first laid eyes on her at the Global Pet Expo…We have been madly in love with her ever since…

When Dan and I happened upon Jazmine at the Global Pet Expo this past March we instantly adopted her (hours away from home and completely unprepared, mind you) because quite frankly we had no choice. We lost all sensibilities the spilt second our eyes locked with this ginger feline fatale and I am certain she cast a spell on us, rendering us helpless to her utterly charming and bewitching ways. Other than knowing she was an adorable kitten that needed a good home, we had no idea when her true birth date was. Her paperwork guesstimated her to be between 6 and 8 months of age – meaning she could have been born anytime August through October.

Wanting her to have her own special day birthday, I pondered the many scenarios in my head as to when she could have been born and ultimately decided to let the stars lead the way. I Googled cat astrology and found a fantastic wealth of information on the Catster.com site by my dear friend, Layla Morgan Wilde of Cat Wisdom 101 who writes a monthly column for them and was shocked at what I discovered. After browsing through the horoscopes for Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio – all potential contenders for Jazmine, there is NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER that Jazmine is a Libra cat. That said, in honor of that discovery and in respect to a number relevant to her namesake, Mr. Jazz, who crossed to the bridge on August 28th, I hereby declare her birthday to be today, September 28th!


Happy Birthday to our darling diva princess who is the epitome of a Libra cat!

So why am I so sure Jazmine is a Libra cat? Well… let’s just start with this excerpt from Layla’s article where she writes, “The Libra cat is born between Sept. 23 and Oct. 23. Libra cats are charmers of the zodiac… Like supermodels, they carry themselves with a tails-up diva grace. Vanity is their middle name. They know they’re cute and milk it for all it’s worth. When they slow-blink their baby blues (or topaz golden’s in Jazmine’s case), they’ll hook their humans in an instant. They can do no wrong. One look, head bonk, and purr, and you’ll forget they broke a Ming vase. If all cats were as sociable and charming as Libra cats, shelters would be empty.”


Heidi, Gisele, Tyra… watch out girls, this little kitty can strut with the best of them and for her, every cat walk is one with her tail held tall and proud, full of confidence and grace!

Umm… yeah… Layla has never been to my house, but it is as if she has been under Jazmine’s intoxicating spell, writing the horoscope exclusively for her! Jazmine is the type of cat that will melt your heart each and every time you see her, wrapping you around her perfectly formed little paws. She will kerplop her body into a liquid pool of silky ginger fur when she sees you and then she will lower her head and look up at you with eyes that go straight into the very depths of your soul, getting you to do anything for her.


Don’t even try to resist Jazmine’s charms… Just give her your dinner and be done with it…

Catnip caviar sure… no problem. Take my spot on the bed… absolutely… and can I fluff your pillow while I’m at it? Eat my dinner… of course…I’m not hungry anyway. Scratch your belly, kiss your head, brush your fur, buy you a diamond studded collar and cat toys made of gold… Anything your sweet little heart desires just so long as you reward me with some of your melodious meows and hypnotizing purrs! Which she does and then some. While Jazmine might want the finer things in life, she is also a giver and will delight you at the slightest gaze or pet with a quirky string of meows or loud purrs in gratitude of whatever you have done for her. She is a darling, happy girl – quite frankly the happiest cat I have ever encountered, and so the meows and purrs from her flow as free as water cascading down a waterfall.

Another reason I know Jazmine is a Libra cat is because they tend to be exceptionally beautiful , which she is, and they are the social butterflies of the zodiac which describes her to a tee. When we have company – whether it be human or canine, she is the first to come out and saunter by with her captivating and beguiling ways, saying pet me, love me, gaze at me, adore me… and she even has her other feline housemates fast under her spell.


Where there is Jazmine, there is Kizmet…

Kizmet has been smitten with her from the first moment he gazed upon her beauty and he has yet to leave her side. It’s almost as if she is Cleopatra reincarnated – he fawns over her and attends to her every whim and desire like those did way back when Cleopatra was an Egyptian ruler.  Even the girls who were less than willing to warm up to her when she first got here have been won over by her winning ways. Libra, Libra, Libra.


Even our aloof Mia loves snuggling with Jazmine!

So yes, there is no doubt Jazmine is a Libra cat – but don’t let the spoiled, diva, princess attitude fool you too much. Jazmine is a warm, loving, and sweet cat that is so endearing that she can make even the darkest of days fill with rainbows and sunbeams. It is impossible to be around her without wanting to shower her with love, hugs, and kisses because she is simply irresistible. She is an absolute gift, a rare treasure, and she truly deserves a special day just for her.


Man, woman, cat, dog… No one is safe from the hypnotizing love of Jazmine!

Happy Birthday darling girl – we love you so much and hope you have a wonderful day. Now, please, if you don’t mind, stop growing up so fast! We are excited you are a year old, but time is just going by too quickly!  xoxoxo

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  1. Happy birthday Jazmine, you beautiful Libra gal. Yes, you sure fit the profile and thanks for the shoutout to us. Goodness, I’m late getting my latest Libra astro column out. Been busy prepping for Merlin’s birthday and poster boy for Libra 🙂

  2. Cheysuli says:

    Happy Birthday to you little one year old!

  3. Such a beautiful girl and we remember how she was adopted. Great story.

    Happy Birthday, Jasmine!

  4. Happy 1st Birthday beautiful Jazmine!

  5. Dianna Kibbe Baldwin says:

    Happy First Birthday to Jazmine!!!!!!!

  6. Happy Happy Birthday Jazmine!! Of course you are a Libra!! I know that just by your beauty alone! xoxoxo

  7. NANCY SCHWOPE says:

    A very happy birthday .I am a libra too.

  8. She is such a beauty, I am not surprised you could not walk away without her. Happy HAPPY Day Jazmine!

    Harvey, Miranda and Silver.

  9. Norma Flores says:

    Happy Birthday Jazmine!!

  10. Happy Birthday sweet girl!! You are just purrfect!! xox

  11. da tabbies o trout twone says:

    happee bee lated day oh birth two ewe jazmine !!! we hope yur day was mega rockin awesum fun !
    best fishes, mice creem dishes N happee day wishes ♫♫♪♪♪♫♫♪ heerz ta 100 mor anda yeer a head
    filled with happee ness & health…..we trust ya getted lots oh pizza piez & friez yesterday…if knot.. let us
    now we ill call in an order rite away

    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ frum all oh uz ~~~ 🙂

  12. Cathy Keisha says:

    Happy Birthday Jazmine. Hmmmm, I must be a Libra too. I’m certainly a stunning diva.

  13. Rosemary says:

    She is truly an exquisite cat! Happy Birthday to beautiful Jazmine!

  14. Happy Belated Birthday Jazmine!!!!!! It sounds as if you have the humans well and truly under your spell.

  15. Vicki Cook says:

    From one Libra to another – Happy Birthay Jazmine!

  16. Connie says:

    Happy Birthday Jazmine..