A Purr-fect Day – My Reunion With Zeuss Catt

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The best part about being a cat blogger, is that when I say that not only did I go to Boston last weekend to visit my step-kids, but to visit one of my dearest cat friends, you all merely nod you heads as if that is the most natural thing ever. Doesn’t everyone get on a plane to visit a cat friend? Of course, by a cat friend, I mean an actual four-legged friend of the feline species… the infamous Zeuss Catt, the other son of Zee and Zoey and brother to Mia, Peanut, and Rolz.  It has been almost 3 years to the day that Zeuss packed his furry bags and boarded a plane with my step-daughter Crystal and her then boyfriend Sean to his  permanent residence in a charming Boston suburb.

L to R - Peanut, Mia, Zeuss, and Rolz - one of the last pictures of all four of the kittens together.

When he first left us, it was both joyful and painful. Joyful in that I knew Crystal and Sean would be wonderful guardians to Zeuss, but painful in that it would be the last time I would see this sweet kitten that was such an ingrained part of my life. Dan and I had already agreed we were going to keep the remaining kittens, as we were so in love with them and could not bear the thought of parting with them, but these kittens had literally been together with us 24/7 and it was hard to imagine not having Zeuss with us anymore.

Crystal and Sean constantly filled us in with all sorts of updates and photos, so it was not like Zeuss just vanished from our lives. He even had his own facebook page long before it became commonplace for every cat to have a facebook page. Eventually Crystal and Sean broke up and sole custody of Zeuss went to Sean. Crystal was so busy with her teaching career during the day and bartending at night, that it really was the best decision in the long run for Zeuss and thankfully Sean has remained a dear friend of ours.

My first meeting with Zeuss in 3 years...

We made the appointment to meet with Zeuss on the last day of our trip and I could not wait for the reunion. What would he think? Would he remember me? Would he like my hair cut? So many jumbled thoughts… When we got to the house and parked the car, we saw Zeuss outside wearing his walking jacket and leash. My heart was pounding and I ran out of the car, tears in my eyes, like two long lost friends reunited as we approached one another in anticipation of our meeting. Our eyes locked with complete intensity until I realized he was actually looking at a squirrel in the distance and not me at all…

Zeuss is a fascinating study in cat behavior as he is now an only child cat that is primarily being raised by two males, Sean and his brother Brendan who roommate together. While they never set out to get a dog, I don’t know if it is the male influence, but Zeuss is the most dog-like cat I have ever met. He is the master of his yard and runs back and forth on his long leash lead as he chases the birds and squirrels and runs to the fence to greet the children that are walking by on their way home from school and the other neighborhood dogs that pass by. He is not afraid of anything and is a nonstop athletic machine in perpetual motion of running, sniffing, jumping, and climbing. Brendan takes him out for a walk 2 to 3 times a day and the relationship he has with these guys is incredible.

Zeuss is up in a tree surveying his outdoor kingdom.

When you go into the house, it is clear that Sean and Brendan are merely co-inhabitants to what is Zeuss’s world. Every single room caters to Zeuss and it is difficult to discern any evidence of human existence. The kitchen is the first room you walk into from outside and immediately you are greeted by a huge corrugated box that perhaps a stove or TV came from. It has air holes cut into it as well as a door. Inside this mini cat apartment is the litter box… Just the litter box. Talk about privacy fit for a king!

Zeuss letting us know that this was his loft and the couch was going to stay...

The next thing you notice in the kitchen is a couch. A couch that is turned on its side so that it is vertical and placed strategically next to a window. Just to be clear, this is not a typo, there is a vertical couch in the kitchen. Why? Because when Zeuss first came to his new home, this couch that was on its way out to the curbside for hopeful pickup by someone who needed a free couch, was instantly claimed by Zeuss as his favorite napping spot. It has now been appropriately renamed  “The Loft” and clearly Sean and Brendan had no choice other than to keep the couch in the kitchen, standing up vertically. Sounds about right to me and we know Jackson Galaxy would strongly approve!!

Excuse me... I believe I said the loft is staying... A little privacy if you don't mind.

As you wander into the living room, you see that it is indeed lived in… by a cat. There are toys all over the floor, on the coffee table, and on the couch that is ironically placed horizontally to actually sit on. You will find Zeuss’s cat brush as well as all sorts of kitty condos and things of that nature. I saw a TV in the background, but it appears to be nothing more than an object for Zeuss to recline on.

Sean and Zeuss debate what "good behavior" means.

Zeuss was under strict directive by Sean to be on his “best behavior” and I must say he was the most gracious of hosts. Zee/Zoey children, while stunningly gorgeous, are not known for their tolerance of excessive (i.e., any) snuggling or cuddling and Zeuss was willing to let us pet him, hold him, brush him, and coo at him for well over an hour until we saw the inevitable “tail swish” that was signaling to us his hospitality was wearing  thin. We got the hint, plus Dan’s youngest daughter Jackie and her cousin Katie who also came to see Zeuss were getting a tad bored with our conversation that literally did not veer for even one second about the conversation of cats. Whoever came up with the stereotype that men don’t like cats has been seriously misled. These guys talked about Zeuss like a proud parent who pulls out a wallet chalk full of pictures of their kids. Personally, I always found that stereotype to be nothing more than a demeaning myth and I find that most men I know actually love cats…

L to R - Katie, Jackie, and Zeuss.

A perfect portrait for a purr-fect day!

Much as I could have stayed for hours, we said our tearful goodbyes and I left feeling so happy. Zeuss could not possibly have a better home or be more loved. He is a stunning specimen and the epitome of strapping good health. His every whim is attended to and these guys adore and worship the ground he walks on. I find the whole thing quite fascinating. If Zeuss were Zeuss, but he lived with Dan and I, would he still be “Zeuss?” I think not. While we clearly love our gang to the ends of the earth, we have seven cats that we have to share our attention with. Zeuss is doted on by two men who are at his beck and call and are encouraging him to stretch every boundary there is to being a cat.

Despite the differences in upbringing and the miles separating us, there still is no denying Zeuss is a by-product of Zee and Zoey. He is an incredible combination of his parents and a wonderful montage of his siblings  – he has the bulk and eyes of his brother Rolz, he has the slight reddish hue of his sister Mia, and he has the markings and friendliness of his sister Peanut. Another incredible chapter in the book of my life… Check out this video so you can see for yourself!

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  1. Ingrid King says:

    It sounds like Zeuss has quite the life. How many cats can say they have a vertical couch in the kitchen! Great photos.

  2. Deb says:

    Aww, so nice to be able to visit Zeuss. As a foster mom for kittens I too get excited to visit my babies when they are all grown up. I always think they have a slight connection with me when I visit, that little look in their eye says it all 🙂

    • Deb says:

      Aww… that is so nice for you Deb. So many kittens go on to homes where they are never to be seen again. That’s great that you get to visit your foster babies and I am sure they do remember you! I know I felt that Zeuss did!

  3. Zeus DOES have a great Daddy. Lucky boy. Glad you could visit him, too. Have a Happy Easter!

    Dropping by on the blog hop today – stop by my blog today for a new post entitled “Kitty Cookies & Doggie Donuts.” Just guess what this one’s about…. trying to solve one more problem pet owners might see.

  4. Brian says:

    How wonderful you got to visit Zeuss, he will remember that forever…and so will you! Have a Happy Hoppy Easter everyone!

  5. Bonnie says:

    He is spectacular! I love the humor you have about the reunion, and the fact that he was looking at a squirrel and not you!! I’m sure you still loves you!

  6. Kjelle Bus says:

    Zeuss sure seem to have THE purrfect catlife !

  7. What a wonderful visit. It had to be exciting to see Zeuss after so long and to know he has a terrific home.

  8. Zeuss truly is a god and what a purrfect name for him. How wonderful you were able to catch up with him and see how loved and pampered like the god he is. It doesn’t surprise me at all he adored you like the kitty slaves that you are ; )

    • Deb says:

      Sele and Miss Bella – he absolutely lives up to his god inspired name!! It was chosen in honor of the “z” in Zee and Zoey and he has been magnificant ever since he was bestowed with the title!

  9. Jet says:

    Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Deb. How special to have such a visit under all of the circumstances. Just reinforces the amazing bonds we animals create.

    Zeuss, dude, glad to see you have trained your humans so thoroughly! Love the man-loft and walking outside on a leash, impressive!

    • Deb says:

      Jet – “man loft” – that is priceless!!! Only you would come up with something like that!!! He has trained his humans so well, that I think he should teach classes for other cats!

  10. How nice you get to see him! Mommy often wonders how some of her special kitties at Wayside are doing in their new homes.

  11. Marg says:

    Zeuss sure does look very happy. What a lucky boy he is to have such a good home. Do they leave Zeuss out there on that line without anyone around?? Just curious. It sure looks like he has a great Daddy. Have a great week end.

    • Deb says:

      Marg – that is actually the lead from his leash and not a lead that he is tied to. Zeuss is NEVER unchaperoned, I can assure you of that! He does have a great Daddy and is VERY happy!!

  12. Awesome, interesting, beautiful article & pictures!! I Loved this! I even had happy tears in my eyes & did MUCH smiling and chuckling reading through it! Love, love, love!!

  13. Vicki Cook says:

    How nice that you got to see Zeuss – what a handsome man-cat! I got to see one of Sugar’s kittens this week too! It was Travis, the only ginger in the litter. He lives with my ex-husband, his other cat Ginger (guess what color he is) and his dog Zora. Ginger is a wonderful big brother for Travis – they play fight and chase each other around the house, and Zora loves having another cat to play with too. I was happy to see how well-adjusted he is. Although I was sad to have to give up all the kittens, I know they are in good homes with people who love them just as much as I do.

    • Deb says:

      It is sad when you have to give them up Vicki, but how wonderful for you and I that we got to see firsthand just how well adjusted and loved these kitties are!

  14. Deb, loved seeing Zeuss up close and purrsonal and we agree, there are cat men everywhere. Z is lucky to have one as his cat daddy!

  15. Zeuss is absolutely gorgeous. And as I’ve been poring over photos of Zee & Zoey, it’s very fun to see the similarities!
    xo Glogirly

    • Deb says:

      He is a very beautiful cat Glogirly and Katie – clearly Mama is the dominant gene, but they have more of Zee’s grey colored tone to them. Before they were born, we were envisioning some exotic creature with a full mane, bushy tail, and spots…. that was certainly not what we got!! Short hair, no mane, no bushy tails!

  16. Carolyn says:

    Zeuss is certainly a chip off the collective block!! A beauty for sure. I felt a little sad for him being apart from his siblings, but that’s what normally happens isn’t it. He is obviously adored by his dad 🙂 Lovely. Glad you got to visit him xox

  17. RomeotheCat says:

    I am glad that you got to visit your cat friend, Zuess. We cats are loyal friends and so I know he appreciated the visit. ~Romeo