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How You Can Help Save Big Rescue Cats With Little Cat Rescue Treats!

cats can be finicky eaters

Mia is not amused with my assessment of her…

My Mia is the definition of a finicky cat when it comes to food. I’m sure if you went to the dictionary and looked up the word finicky, her picture would be featured front and center. She’s such a pain in the butt when it comes to feeding her that I have to concoct something exclusively for her because she won’t eat what the others do. And when I come home from blogging/writing conferences with a suitcase full of kitty treats, she snubs them all, looking at me like how dare I even try to give her something that every other cat in the world would want to gobble up. Read more

Safely Eliminate Litter Box and Other Pet Odors with NOse Offense For PETS

The air can often smell offensive after a cat uses the litter box, so neutralizing it with NOse Offense spray helps to eliminate odors.

I love my feline gang to pieces, but let’s just say on occasion they can leave the air smelling less than desirable!

Believe it or not, I truly believe my cats think providing me with a nonstop supply of litter gifts to scoop is quite probably the kindest thing they could do for me. Wait – let me clarify – I truly believe my cats think providing me with a nonstop supply of litter gifts to scoop in the litter box, the litter box that is the closest to the vicinity of where I spend most of my time – my office – is the greatest gift they can give me. That’s why when the folks at NOse Offense For PETS reached out to me to review their fragrance-free air & fabric odor neutralizer and eliminator spray product, I pounced at the chance! Read more

No More Whisker Fatigue for Your Cat with the Dr. Catsby’s Feline Remedies Feeding Bowl – Giveaway and Review

Jazmine and Catsby bowl Considering my feline gang of seven comfortably naps nearly 18 hours a day, I’m hard-pressed to believe they have fatigue of any sort, but it turns out I’m wrong. Based on what I’ve learned from the folks at Dr. Catsby’s – a company that makes health conscious cat feeding bowls – my cats may have varying degrees of “whisker fatigue.” Read more

Chat’s Meow – A Fun Social Site for Cat, Crochet, Coffee, and Chocolate Lovers

Jazmine and afghan

The afghan was nearly completed here – just waiting to add the fringe. Jazmine can purr-sonally attest that the yarn is ideal for making biscuits!

If you’ll recall, I made the hair-brained decision to crochet an afghan a few days before Christmas as a gift for my youngest son. I got the idea because he lives up North in snow country and I knew it would be the perfect gift to keep him warm during the frigid winter months. Since he also has a cat, I knew she would love the gift too. It was supposed to be a “quick and easy” pattern (6 hours or less from start to finish), but the directions I found online were horribly written and it ended up being a day’s long project with me worrying that I would not finish it in time. Read more

Meow-O-Ween Greetings from Deb and the Zee/Zoey Kitties


To see our special scary graphic in it’s full glory, please click  image to enlarge!

Halloween!! A day to dress up as a cat… oh wait… that’s every day for me! Well… I guess it’s a day to dress up like a cat, but without any excuses!

Have a great day everyone – if you go out, please be safe, especially as this is a weekend and goodness knows how long the festivities will last. Keep your cats and dogs (and other assorted species of pets) out of harms way – keep your critters indoors if you can and if you have pets that like to sneak out the door, please keep them locked up for the night so that they accidentally don’t get out. No one wants to loose a pet on Halloween (or any day)… that would be the worst trick ever…


Thank you to everyone who so generously donated to the Riverfront Cats Fundraiser and Giveaway. As a result of your kindness, Riverfront Cats will be able to spay and neuter newly discovered cats and also provide veterinary care for those cats that are sick or injured.

I am also pleased to announce the winner of our giveaway is Laura Zaccardi of the blog Squeedunk Whiskers & Warehouses. Laura is one of the kindest, most compassionate, devoted, and humble people I know and I am so happy for her. She is also the co-founder of PAD PAWS –  a non-profit organization specializing in abandoned and injured animals who have taken refuge along the Hudson River (between Battery Park/NYC and Jersey City, NJ). The majority of their rescues include TNR along with re-homing if animals are in a dangerous situation (due to construction sites, urban development and busy city streets) and they also handle all medical costs, adoption, education, rehabilitation, as well as assisting with other local community organizations in rescuing animals and wildlife.

As winter is nearly around the corner, with frigid temperatures eminent, my heart reaches out to Laura. She was so kind to donate to Riverfront Cats, especially as her own organization desperately needs help. If anyone can make a donation to PAD PAWS, please consider doing so. What they really need right now is housing for the rescues until they can get them into foster homes – but that requires cash upfront.  The construction in her neighborhood is taking away all safe havens, creating more opportunity for cats to get hit by cars or tortured or killed at the hands of cat haters (I wish I did not have to write that, but unfortunately it’s the truth).

Thank you again all – you truly are the best!