Zee and Zoey – A Purr-fectly Comfortable Love Story

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With so much of my life focusing on writing and books lately, it is no wonder my mind wandered to Zee and Zoey’s relationship for today’s post, since they are the cat couple that started it all for me. The moment the two of them met in 2008 after the initial “who are you shock,” it was a love at first sight affair. As the years have gone by, much has changed – from being parents – to losing Jazz and Harley – to adoptions of Kizmet and Jazmine – they have been through it all and as time has moved on, their love remains tried and true. Much like a couple that has been together for decades, they have that same soft slipper/old shoe kind of comfort with one another. Sure, there is the occasional grumpy growl – primarily from Zee who does not want his nap to be interrupted by Zoey who wants to cuddle, but she ignores him and settles in despite his protests.

For today’s post I thought I would share a brief pictorial history of the steadfast love, ending with a picture that Dan was able to capture of the two of them just a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy the midweek break and for those of you that live in a multi-pet household, do you have any pets that have been best friends from the moment they met?



This was literally the first moment Zee met Zoey. Despite that he towered over her, she was not intimated in the slightest!

Zee and Zoey - Love Story Begins

This was the lovebirds in the beginning of their relationship – they were absolutely inseparable and adored one another!


The proud couple after becoming parents in 2009. They look so stoic and regal here – like a purr-fect King and Queen!


The kittens are long grown up and Zee and Zoey remain happily in love.


Present day Zee and Zoey – a love that withstands the test of time…

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  1. Loved seeing my favorite older feline couple. FYI, the CWA blog reviewed your book today.

    • Deb says:

      Thank you Layla – I know you have a soft spot for the older kitties and thanks for sharing the review today – very much appreciated!

  2. Connie Marie says:

    Such a truly beautiful couple.
    True love, so happy, so lucky
    they have you and Dan as well,
    their family with them.

  3. They’re so cute with each other. Devoted kitty couples are so adorable!

  4. I absolutely adore that last photo!

  5. so sweet….. we are lucky here that Tim and Tom are biological brothers which gives them a special bond. and then there is the baby who loves EVERYONE (whether they like it or not)

    • Deb says:

      So cute Random Felines!! I love that the baby loves everyone whether they like it or not! Makes me smile just thinking about it!

  6. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    guys….iz it oh kay if we say in de last fotoz:

    Zoey: are you going to move over so I can lay down too

    Zee…. { while watchin ESPN }…. not listenin ta a thing your sayin…
    ….wonder who WILL win the derby next weekend……


    • Deb says:

      MOL… how right you are, tabbies!! Sometimes Zee reminds me of Archie Bunker… he can be a bit grumpy and less than complimentary to Zoey than he should be!

  7. I adore these two, their story, and especially their photo documentaries you are able to share with us readers! The closest I have to that in the Warehouse apartment are mom Bessie and daughter Lulu. They are rescues, Lulu was about 5 weeks old when we rescued her and her brother (The Captain) and mama Bessie. Captain was adopted out, but I kept B&L together. Even the vet who initially said that it would be okay to separate everyone said that Bessie would be too broken hearted if we took Lu away from her. So to keep them together–they remained with me in foster, then I just adopted them!
    When I had to take Lulu for her spay surgery, it was quite traumatic for both of them. The vet called me after her surgery and said “she woke up ready to come home, can you get her ASAP?” When I brought her home I tried to put her in a playpen (for cats) and she was having NONE of that. Wanted to go under the bed with her mama. Soon as she went under the bed and saw Bessie, she came back out to see me and gave me a beautiful, slow blink that I read as “thank you”, and retreated to rest up with her mama. She did come out later to thank me again. So did Bessie. They play together, curl up together, eat together, sit in the window together. Because Lulu is bigger no one would be able to determine their relationship as mother/daughter. Dr. Santiago told me Bessie was the best kitty mama he had ever seen. I just love how they love each other!
    Valentina fell in love with Coco when they first saw each other and Coco didn’t hate Vali…it was another adorable introduction. They are half sisters, and Coco looks a lot like the mama cat so I think this might have been Vali’s initial “love at first sight” reaction.
    Special memories. Thanks for letting me record mine here, along with the extra-ordinary relationship of Zee and Zoey!
    Purrs….Z-Girl from Squeedunk Cats

    • Deb says:

      Oh! The story of Lulu and Bessie is just so sweet and touching. Thank you so much for sharing Laura and I am happy to be able to give you the platform to do it!

  8. Us ! Zorro and me loved each other at the first sight : he was two years old and I was 2 months 1/2 when we met. He has been the best mama, the best dad, and now he’s the best brofur ever ! Purrs, Pixie

  9. Sue Brandes says:

    What a great love story. Love the photos.

  10. meowmeowmans says:

    That is so sweet! What a wonderful love story for the ages! 🙂

  11. What a sweet couple!

  12. Ellen Pilch says:

    Such cuties 🙂 I have 15 cats and they get along, but none are true loves like these 2.

  13. Flynn says:

    They are such a beautiful and devoted couple.

  14. Carolyn says:

    I am always touched by Zee and Zoey’s relationship! It is truly beautiful, as are they!

  15. There’s nothing like a comfortable old shoe relationship as one gets older. It’s wonderful they have each other, as well as the rest of you.