So, Just How Does One Become Inspired?

Zee & Zoey far too busy for inspiration…

Hello my dear “Felinista’s!” Turns out once again, I have been tricked and manipulated by my sweet little conniving four-legged friends who are absolute brilliant geniuses. Apparently having no thumbs to type with translates to a carte blanche admission pass to taking advantage of me while reaping all the benefits of fame and glory at my expense. I told you last time that Zee & Zoey would be doing the talking. Well… Zee is sound asleep on the sofa and refuses to be disturbed and Zoey is in one of “her moods” (also asleep on the sofa) and does not want to be bothered with something so mundane and ordinary as a blog post. 

So, here I am again, after working a 9+ hour day, writing a blog on behalf of my self-entitled divas who I wait on hand and paw, only to be snubbed and scoffed at. It goes something like this, wake up, feed them, scoop their litter, work all day, come home, feed them again, pamper them, scoop their litter, scoop their litter again, pamper them some more, give them a snack, pamper them even more, scoop the litter again, go to bed to be woken up by them randomly throughout the night, start all over again. And that’s just my routine… Dan caters to them equally as much, if not more, so you can only imagine how high the heights of spoiledness reach!

Okay Deb, you need to improvise and find a topic quick! So, thumbs and all, I thought, why not discuss the process of the blog topic itself. Just where and when does the inspiration occur and how do I remember it? First of all, I am a purist by nature, meaning writing on napkins is the most effective way to remember an idea and that most of my ideas must stem from random moments of the day – normally either while I am at work at inappropriate moments, driving home during hostile rush hour traffic, while I am watching one of my favorite TV shows and my mind wanders, or when I am exhausted and want to get some sleep, but my brain just won’t shut off, forcing me to get out of the bed at an ungodly hour to jot down my thoughts.

If I am driving, I will  grab any scrap of paper I can find in my purse – check stubs, receipts, shopping lists, lottery tickets – and quickly and incoherently scribble my random (but brilliant)  thoughts later to translate onto the computer screen. Does this method work? Not really. More times than not, I have no clue what I have written down and can only pick out one or two legible words. Invariably I will grab the only pen that is out of ink (aren’t they all when you really need them) forcing me to improvise and use either my eyeliner pencil or lipstick as a writing instrument. This creative driving method of absent-minded daydreaming also has the tendency to cause me to miss my exit home and have to drive even further, thus giving me even more time to jot down incoherent notes. Dan has recommended I use a recorder to remember my thoughts, but that just seems too logical and practical to me.

Thoughts written during the night are usually also a rambling mess, but they do at least make it to a notebook on my desk. My daytime thoughts are actually legible, but they are volumus in nature – no piece of paper is safe from my words and I have a tendency to misplace whatever I have written it on. My system is clearly not perfect and probably not taught in college writing classes, but it works for me! I hope you enjoyed a small taste of what it’s like to actually write a blog – next time we will actually meet the rest of the members of the household, because, believe it or not, and despite the repercussions and wrath from the stars who don’t like sharing screen time, it’s not just about Zee and Zoey. Sigh… I’m going to pay dearly for admitting that!

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  1. Shane says:

    Deb, I think my little “Cha-weenie” could inspire Zee and Zoey to at least open an eye.

    • Deb says:

      Is that the mixed breed of a Chihuahua and a Dachshund? I think you are right – Zee and Zoey probably would get off the couch for a mandatory hiss and scratch!