Smile For The Camera…

Editors Note: When I wrote this post for a scheduled Saturday publish date, I had no idea I actually might be smiling for a camera… a camera by TV crews at a protest rally on behalf of the Loews cats who have been cruelly and inhumanely trapped from hotel premises these past couple of weeks. As I write this, I don’t know what the outcome will be, but I, along with the other devoted cat advocates who were able to take the trip to Orlando to take a stand against David Bartek and his cold-hearted actions, I pray we can make a difference for these cats. I thank all of you amazing people across the nation and the world for the overwhelming support you have given us to help spread the word against this travesty of animal rights. I will update you with details later, in the meantime, keep us and the cats in your thoughts today... Now, on to today’s scheduled post!

Remember when you had to hold film negatives up to a window to figure out what image number it was that you wanted to get re-printed? Nowadays you can access photo images in a split second on your phone or computer and print them instantly… Or email them… or post them on social media networks…

There is no doubt that I love my cats. I literally have THOUSANDS of pictures to prove that thanks to the talents of Dan and I am more than happy to share them all day long like the proud kitty parent I am. With digital photography now part of our mainstream life, we no longer have to wait for a roll of film to be finished to either drop off at our local pharmacy (which, by the way, back then, there was only one per town and not the mandatory CVS or Walgreen’s you find on EVERY street corner), a Photo mat, or in the mail in a prepaid envelope from York or some other company like that to have them developed and mailed back to you.  Some of these processes could literally take well over a week, and then you had to deal with the high probability that your film got mixed up with someone else’s and you have to prove that the picture of some strange guy in ladies underwear is not really your husband…. Okay, that never really happened, but you get the picture, so to speak…   

When you finally did get back whatever the heck you were trying to take a picture of, at least ¼ of the pictures would be out of focus, all of them with animals and humans would have red eyes, a handful would be of people who were only in part of the shot – i.e., you would see half of their face or it would be missing altogether. If you took a picture of something such as a person standing in front of a tree, the person would be so tiny in the image, that years later you could not possibly remember who it was. Or, who knows, maybe it was actually a picture of a dog… that was how indistinct it was.  And at least one of the pictures  would be of your coffee table, the ceiling, or your shoe because you accidentally hit the shutter release button before you were ready to take the actual picture. Regardless, it was still a very exciting moment when you held that precious envelope in your hands, not quite sure what would greet you when you opened it.

A typical junk drawer... Look familar?

There were (and still are) those elusive rolls of film that you would find years later in a drawer. What were the pictures of? Who could possibly remember at this point and good luck getting them developed now. In my case, they were probably pictures of my second son, Joe, who definitely got the short end of the stick when it came to baby memories. I remember with Chris, my first son, every single breathe was captured on film and I wrote in his baby book like I was documenting his life’s story for Wikipedia. Album after album filled with poorly taken photos. Joe, well… I tried, but by then, l was just so darn tired running after two boys and laundry, and cooking, and well, you know what I mean. It wasn’t for lack of love, I just had been worn out by parenthood.

With just the tiniest touchup, it is amazing how much I look like Angelina Jolie.

Now, in the digital age, not only can we take hundreds of pictures in a matter of minutes, we can run them through Photoshop or any number of software programs to make them all look like works of art. Red eye is a thing of the past – heck, whatever color eyes you want, you can have!  For us cat bloggers, this is a dream come true. We write a post, grab the camera, voila, pictures to back up the story (or vice verse). My furry gang is so accustomed to the camera by now, that it is not even remotely an issue. They barely lift their heads when Dan grabs the camera and there is no fear or interest whatsoever in the black object he is pointing at them.

I am using these cat pictures for everything under the sun – for my book, my blog, articles, guest posts, contests, facebook, Pinterst, and so much more.  I have noticed an interesting trend however. Me, who used to be the inspiration for Dan’s camera is all but a ghost nowadays. I am no longer the star and have taken a glaring back set to my feline family. Not that I am complaining – my days of close-up shots are long gone, but I do find that once in a while people are requesting pictures of ME WITH MY CATS. What?? Since when was it about me?!! Okay, I’m game for that and ask Dan if he could help me out… what’s the big deal about that?

This is Peanut looking all sweet and innocent with me as she smiles for the camera. Moments eariler, I was trying to hold her and she nearly ripped me to shreds...

The big deal – those darling cats that never leave my side and practically pose for the camera for Dan act like I am picking them up for a bath when I try to have my picture taken with them. They do that thing where they stretch their body as far away as they can from you and can’t wait to be let go from your inhumane and torturous grasp. Seriously? Just two seconds ago, one of them was peacefully napping on my lap and another was drowsing next to my keyboard. The rest, sprawled out on the couch without a care in the world. Jeez…  what a bunch of traitors…

Look at these sweet little darlings... not a care in the world with the camera around. L to R - Peanut, Rolz, Zee on ottoman, and Zoey bathing Mia.

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  1. Marg says:

    Oh that is so terrific that there is going to be or has been a protest. Sure wish I could be there. I would tell that sorry person that started all the abuse on the cats a thing or two. Please give us an update on how it all went. Take care.

  2. Deb says:

    Wish I could be there too, can you take some pics and share later? Good luck

  3. Your memories of the old time photos made me smile with all the quirks that happened from old time photos. Esp. the dreadful red glowing eyes of kitties and dogs . Your photo with Peanut is absolutely gorgeous and Dan always seems to capture you and your babies at your best, Deb which isn’t hard to do. A.J. has nothing on you : )

  4. Deb:
    Let us know (as I’m sure you will) what things were like at the protest rally! I’ve never participated in anything like that before!
    And as usual, love your blog post with the photos…so remember the older style cameras!! I’d be so cautious taking pictures – trying to make them as perfect as possible – since you had to PAY for each one back then to be developed! Now – HA! I’m snapping left & right – maybe doing a quick check to see how one turned out & if it’s crap – delete!! Ahhh-so much nicer!!

  5. Carolyn says:

    Good luck at the rally. I look forward to seeing you on the international news!!!

    Your reminiscenses with photos certainly rang some bells. How we have got used to 16gbs of memory card and taking about 1000 shots just to get the one that works! Before, we used to take each picture as if it was directed by Spielberg! And yes! The cats never ever pose nicely lol x

  6. I hope the protest goes well. I would go if I didn’t live clear across the country.

    Digital technology really has changed photography a great deal. I actually have one of those “forgotten” rolls of film and would love to know what is on it. If I had to to guess, I would say … cats, cats, and more cats. 🙂

  7. Bernadette says:

    What’s that? A human? What’s that doing there?! But if there weren’t humans who would protest Leow’s?