Silly Caption Caturday and Trying to Move on…

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Rolz-smile Hey Everyone! Rolz here…

Like my buddy Mr. Jazz who just passed to the Bridge last week, I’m a cat of few words and don’t like a lot of fuss made about me. You can look at me and admire my handsomeness, but please don’t touch me. And don’t ever think I’m gonna jump on that cozy lap of yours and settle in for a nap…

Anyhow, the human Mom being who she is, had to make a big deal out of his passing and really put Mr. Jazz in the spotlight our last couple of posts, causing all of you to cry and stuff (I think she owes you all of a box of tissue at the very least, don’t you?) She meant well and we all really loved him so much, so we can understand, but enough of the gut wrenching sad stuff. We can still grieve and mourn him, but it’s time to lighten up just a bit and so I decided to take matters into my own paws (which is shocking even to me, because quite frankly I am extremely disinterested in all this blogging stuff) and I have put together a montage of some of my favorite captioned feline funnies we have posted from the past couple of years. If you have trouble seeing the text, just go ahead and click on the image to enlarge them to make them easier to read!

Here it goes:


Oh Harley…. gotta admire your willingness to try!


Peanut who is normally such a sweet and loving girl shows her more possessive side when it comes to her toys!


Yeah… that’s me… football season is here and I am one cool cat who knows how to watch the games in style…


Aww… poor Zee…


Huh…. image that… it’s me, Rolz, as the headliner on this popular cat-tabloid magazine…


MOL Zee!!


Geez Zoey… if I didn’t know better, I’d swear I was looking at the human Mom… she has the same look of joy on her face that you do…

See! Just because I appear to be completely bored and aloof, it does not mean I don’t have a good sense of humor, so I hope you enjoyed these feline funnies as much as I did! Happy Caturday all and thank you again from all of us for all of your kindness and sympathies this past week. And a special thank you to the human Mom… she has been trying really hard to heal her broken heart and has been giving all of us kitties lots of extra loving, play time, treats, fur brushing, and petting. I know it helps her feel better having us around and we like knowing that we are so special to her.

Oh, and just one more thing… Kizmet is sad that he did not have a funny picture to share, so he asked if I would post this video of him from last year when he was still a baby… he says he thinks it will make you all smile, even though all it is, is footage of him being his usual pesky self with us kitties. But, since Mr. Jazz does make a cameo appearance, he does make a good point and it somehow seems right to share it…

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  1. Carolyn says:

    A great selection for a good LOL and I loved the video :))

  2. Me and my mom-person LOVED all the LOL´s and the video with Kizmet too !

  3. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    dood rolz…ewe knead ta use thiz pick sure for talk like a pie ratz day next week !!! N we loved de mewvie;
    kizmet….we could use sum oh that energeez ya haz…can ya put sum ina bottle N float de bottle TT way;
    we iz at nautical milez 35NW by 73 WSW due east…ona good day… when de tide iz low !!! N sinz we
    iz all bout ree cyclin…. we will send ewe de bottle bak with sum shrimp inn side !!! ahoy !

  4. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    rolz….we haz loozed R minds…..we rited a commint N posted it….we hope it went on yur site coz other wize who ever getted it iz knot gonna haza cloo what we iz talkin bout ~~~~~