Remembering Scrubby for Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day 2018 and Blog Hop


I founded Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day back in 2015, a couple years after my beloved Ragdoll cat, Mr. Jazz crossed the Rainbow Bridge on August 28, 2013. While the day was created in tribute to his passing, today I thought I’d share a memory of another very special cat in my life, one from back when I was in my late teens, early 20’s, which was around the late 1970’s, early 1980’s.

Scrubby was born the runt of the litter, a sweet little polydactyl tabby cat with one eye partially formed and limited vision in the other. Being a misfit myself for most of my childhood, constantly being bullied in school for wearing thick, coke-bottle eyeglasses, having long, stringy hair, being shy, and always the shortest kid in class, I felt an immediate connection and protective bond with this scrawny, precious being and took her under my care.

My sweet little Scrubby. I loved her so much.

When I took her to the vet for the first time, I was horrified to learn he thought I was there to put Scrubby to sleep. All I wanted to do was make sure she was okay – was she in any pain, would her eyesight get better, would she experience any growth spurts, those kinds of things. Regardless of any of the answers, I would have done anything for this kitty who had stolen my heart, and with a proud resolve, I quickly took Scrubby home and made a note to find a new vet.

Scrubby snoozing on the couch.

Just like any other cat, Scrubby loved sitting in baskets, even those too small for her…

Scrubby was a couple years old before I got married at 19, and that’s when my husband was introduced to my propensity for animal rescue. I don’t think we were even married a year before we had three other cats (Meagan, Friday, and Tosha), as well as an Old English Sheepdog we named Murphy. Never once did Scrubby hiss at any of them, rather she was joyful to be around them, in particular, Murphy, who Scrubby adored.

Scrubby sharing a chair with cat-mate, Meagan.

Scrubby and Murphy – best friends. Doesn’t this picture just melt your heart?

She was an incredibly happy-go-lucky cat. Anywhere I was, she wanted to be and often she would ride on my shoulders, munching on my hair. She also loved to go outside and we had an apartment in which I would let her walk down the sidewalk on a leash for her safety. It must have been her depth perception, however, because she never once veered off the sidewalk to the grass. Even so, you could sense her happiness at the freedom of being in the fresh air and passersby would get such a kick out of seeing a cat on a leash!

Scrubby was a very affectionate cat and depending on where I was, she would find a way to be with me.

Scrubby loved being outside and I was taking her for walks on a leash long before it became a popular thing to do with cats.

Scrubby remained unusually tiny her whole life and never experienced a heat cycle. She never cared she had a disability or was different, and I loved her all the more for it. She lived with me for 10 joyful years before I had to help her cross the Bridge, a moment that broke my heart at the time. I haven’t thought of her in a while and this post was a beautiful trip down memory lane for me, reliving all the wonderful times I shared with her and the enormous happiness she brought to my heart and life.

Scrubby standing on the kitchen chair, no doubt waiting for a treat. No matter how many times I see this picture, it never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Thank you for being part of this special day. We are hosting our annual Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day Blog Hop here at Zee & Zoey’s and we also have an event page set up on our Purr Prints of the Heart Facebook page if you care to share there as well. Blessings to you all – I know the day can be sad, but I also hope it has also provided some joyful and happy memories for you. And to all my dear angels, I love and miss you so much.

R.I.P. my beautiful, precious angels. I love and miss you all so much.

Lastly, for those of you either looking for a personal way to help someone through the grieving process, or if you need help yourself with grieving, please consider reading the book that started it all for me: Purr Prints of the Heart – A Cat’s Tale of Life, Death, and Beyond. While clinical, self-help books on grieving serve a great purpose, sometimes a true-life experience that someone can directly relate to is the best way to help a person process their feelings, so they don’t feel so alone in the complex range of emotions they are experiencing. Purr Prints is a warm, spirited, and poignant tale written in the meow voice of Mr. Jazz that has touched the hearts of those who have read it. Please visit our books page for information on how to order the book, including options for personalization for those who would like the book autographed in tribute to a lost pet.

Thank you for joining the Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day Blog Hop

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  1. Cathy Keisha says:

    Scrubby sounds like she was a treasure. What a wonderful tribute.

  2. This is a lovely tribute to Scrubby. Every cat deserves their chance of life, so thank goodness it was you who took her to the vet and let him know euthanasia was not an option. Our Kitty Yumbum was also the runt of the litter and never grew bigger than 5 pounds.

  3. Aww… lovely cat. Great tribute!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  4. What a beautiful and heartfelt tribute of your very special, beloved kitty Scrubby <3 Soft Pawkisses for this very special Remembrance Day <3 <3 <3

  5. Ellen Pilch says:

    Beautiful tribute to Scrubby, she was a beautiful kitty. I love the collage of all your angels. Thank you for hosting and for coming up with this day for all to remember their angels. XO

  6. Beautiful tribute.

    The Florida Furkids

  7. I wore glasses and an eye patch too! My brother and sister did too, so we were in it together, somewhat. Angel Scrubby was adorable!

  8. Amy Sandy says:

    The picture of Scrubby with Murphy certainly did melt my heart. Thank you for sponsoring this day and blog hop.

  9. Comedy Plus says:

    I had a kitty like this too. She would follow me around wherever I went. When it was time to go to bed she would go with me. Never had another kitty that did that. I loved her so and I too miss her so much.

    Have a blessed rainbow bridge remembrance day. ♥

  10. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    What a really great remembrance post Deb ! I enjoyed reading it and learning about Scrubby; she
    reminds me of Dude; in appearance only, as he LOATHED other cats 🙂 ♥♥

  11. Annabelle says:

    What a loving tribute to a beautiful Cat.

  12. jmuhj says:

    Are we sisters who got separated somehow, Deb? Your growing-up description mirrors mine so closely! Aren’t we glad we survived all that and grew into strong, cat-loving, capable women?!!
    Scrubby was adorable! What a sweet little face. My big brofur growing up was a large, longhaired black tabby who shadowed my every move. We did everything together. He was my best friend. He left us when I was 15 and he was 18 or 19, according to our best guesses. Then there was our brofur who joined us when I was a little older — he was found in the street beside his mom, who had not survived a hit-and-run. He was quite a guy.
    SO many beloved ones up there! While I probably couldn’t endure an actual day with rituals, I remember and hold dear every one, close to my heart, and I know they are all up there watching over me, and us, until we are reunited in due time.
    May we all know this and may it comfort us all.

  13. thank you for sharing your memories of Scrubby. that was one very fortunate cat that he connected with you and not someone who would have euthanized him right away.

  14. Beautiful tribute to Scrubby. Purrs

  15. We can see how special Scrubby was. Sending lots of purrs on this day…

  16. They live on in our hearts forever. Thank you so much for this beautiful post and for organizing/hosting this special day each year.

  17. Andrea Dorn says:

    You did a wonderful job in your tribute to Scrubby. I love that picture of Scrubby and Meagan in the wicker chair. I have one just like it and my lovely Lady Butterfly looked a lot like Meagan. Here’s hugs to everyone today.

  18. Oh Deb how I LOVED this story! I don’t recall ever reading about Scrubby before and I am so happy you shared this beautiful story!! I am so happy you and Scrubby had 10 years together (and that name is darling). The photo of Murphy and Scrubby is too precious (I used to want an Old English Sheepdog sooo badly!!). Thank you so much for this heartfelt story and for giving Scrubby such special love. Also thank you for creating this pawesome day. xoxo

  19. meowmeowmans says:

    Scrubby was quite obviously an amazing cat. Thank you for starting Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day. Love, hugs and purrs as you remember your beloved angels today, and always.

  20. Wonderful memories of little Scrubby. It is always bitter sweet to remember our furbabies that have passed
    Hazel & Mabel