It’s Time for Dog Time’s Pettie Awards 2012 – Nominations for a Cause

Since the beginning of this year, I can say that my life has taken on a profoundly distinct and new direction in the realm of the cat world. My blog that was once strictly a vehicle to share stories and pictures about my feline family, has expanded and brought me on such a journey and growth of knowledge and caring, that I still marvel at the scope of it all.

From the vast catalog of stunning photographs, to videos (ranging from fun to highly educational and informative), to interviews on subjects such as the misconceptions of feral cats, TNR programs, the cats in the aftermath of the Japan disasters, pedigree breeding, and the Loews outdoor cat controversy, I have really spread my wings in trying to help educate and inform people about cat responsibility in a well-rounded, informative, and compelling way.

I have also run the gambit personally – I have bared my heart more than once about my own personal revelations as an author and cat blogger, even bringing me to a third grade class to talk about the process of writing a book and I have struck a strong nerve with readers as I shared my thoughts on blogging and social media and how to reconcile these time consuming entities while maintaining a private life.
All of which brings me to the catch – it’s that time of the year again for  Dog Time’s Pet Blog Awards (aka the Pettie nominations).  While I am not completely comfortable asking you dear readers for help, when there is an opportunity  for worthy rescue organizations and shelters  to benefit, I feel I have to give it a try, as so many of them work so hard to make the world a better place for animals and really could use some financial help.

This year is especially amazing – there is a “Pre-Pettie” Contest where a registered non-profit 501c shelter or rescue within the United States can win $10,000 from Dog Time! All you have to do is go to this link and submit the required information for the organization of your choice. You can vote once a day between now and June 29th and the winner will be selected the week of July 9th. The winner is based strictly on whichever organization receives the most eligible votes.

A photo of Zoey and I from one of my favorite posts, "Lessons Learned."

Part two of the contest, and that is where all the begging and pleading comes from, is for you to nominate Zee & Zoey’s Chronicle Connection for as many or few categories you feel appropriate. We clearly understand we will not win the “Best Dog Blog,” (if we did, I would suggest someone protest that) but there are some  other great categories to choose from such as “Best Designed Blog,” “Best Cat Blog,” “Best  Blog Post,” and “Best Video Post.” And please vote for the other categories that don’t apply to us for your other favorite bloggers. For all of us that win an award, we will be given $1000 to donate to the rescue organization of our choice!!

The organization I will be donating  to if I win a Pettie, is  a local one, Abandoned Pet Rescue, that is near and dear to my heart. I have adopted several dogs through them (don’t tell my cats) and they started out many years ago in the living room of a very kind hearted woman who was taking in stray cats and dogs. The organization has since expanded to a wonderful facility in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and is the one of the largest no-kill shelters in Broward County. They are completely dedicated to TNR programs and are incredibly active in their efforts to find homes for all the animals they take in. Funding is based on donations, so this prize money would be extremely helpful for them.   

This is strictly the nomination process – you can vote once a day – here is the link – and the voting closes on June 29th. Once the nominees are announced, then the official voting process will begin, with the actual awards being given out in September. I know it’s a lot to ask – we are literally looking at months of us subtly stalking you for votes and we understand that you are all super busy. Truly, any amount of  support you can give us would be greatly appreciated.  And please, feel free to share this and stalk your own friends on our behalf to vote for us… we would appreciate that as well! This is our blog url:

All of us – me, Dan, Zee, Zoey, Mia, Peanut, Rolz, Harley, and Jazz, we thank you so much for letting us into your homes and hearts as we share our time together in this journey. We would truly be humbled if we were nominated –  not only because we would have the potential to help a worthy organization, but because it really is an honor to be recognized and appreciated for our dedication to making Zee & Zoey’s Chronicle Connection the best blog we can.

I hope you can take a few minutes to browse my sites for some of your favorite posts and videos, but just in case you want some ideas, here are some of my favorites and top readers picks – just click and it will lead you to the link: 


 Lessons Learned – One of my favorite posts as I discuss the personal struggles of maintaining a personal life along with trying to keep up with the heavy demands of social networking that writing and blogging brings with it.

    The Loews Cat Controversy – A Rally for Change and a Plea for the Rights of Outdoor Cats Nationwide. 

  This was the first in my series of interviews about the surviving cats in the aftermath of the Japan disasters of last year.
On behalf of World Spay Day, I did a Top Ten post on ways to encourage pet responsibility.

After an unfortunate tragic event, I had the opportunity to teach a class of third graders about what it was like to be an author – turns out they taught me instead.

 In my most recent series on pedigree cat breeding in a world of rampant cat overpopulation, I share my personal revelations about my life with my own purebred cats.
A very compelling look into cat breeding as I interview pet expert, Steve Dale, about this controversial subject.

 VIDEOS: – In our most popular video to date, we share the antics of our cats with a special nighttime camera footage. – This video typifies the magic a cat feels when the door to the backyard is opened and they are allowed to explore and express their inner wild feline side.  – The Misconceptions of Feral Cats -Video 1 – An interview with Christine Michaels of Riverfront Cats. – The Misconceptions of Feral Cats – Video 2 – A day in a life of a feral cat with Christine Michaels of Riverfront Cats. -The Misconceptions of Feral Cats – Video 3 –  A day in a life of a feral cat with Christine Michaels of Riverfront Cats.

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  1. Ingrid King says:

    Good luck to you, Deb!

  2. Your blog is top notch…so I believe you’re a shoe-in for at least one of those categories!!

    • Deb says:

      Thank you so much Julia – it really would be wonderful if we could present Abandoned Pet Resuce some much needed funding!

  3. oh I so hope you are successful! I will tell my former shelter to register and see if can get lots of clicks…they could totallly use that 10K! They are small but mighty! and very deserving thank you for telling about this

    • Deb says:

      Thank you Savannah and so excited that maybe your former shelter could win some $$$ The small organizations work just as hard as the big ones, and often they are overlooked, so that is why I encourage EVERYONE to participate in the Petties!!

  4. Just cast my ballot for YOU on some of the categories!! Good luck! Yay!!

  5. Marg says:

    Deb, we think you should be in the running for an award. Guess you want to be in the category of best post. So we will nominate you for that. Good luck to you.

  6. Carolyn says:

    I am sure you will be in the running, Deb. You deserve to be as I have seen your blog grow and develop xox

    • Deb says:

      One never knows Carolyn – there truly are so many amazing bloggers out there, but we will give it a shot!! Thank you for your kind words and I appreciate you recognizing that the blog has been developing!!

  7. RumpyDog! says:

    You go girlfriend!

  8. Best of luck to you, Deb! We love your blog and we’ve been busy nominating and sharing some love! xoxo