Is Mom Home Yet?




Oh kitties… Even though I am having fun with all my blogging friends, I miss you too and promise I will be home soon… Please don’t be too mad at me – I will have lots of great swag to share with you!!

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  1. Robin Hubbard says:

    Beautiful cats! I love how my cats greet me everyday when I return from work. What a wonderful thing to come home to after a hard day at work. I know you can’t wait to get home to your beautiful fur babies.

  2. Jo Singer says:

    Know just what you mean. But everyone loves purrsents. Surprises always welcome.

  3. toni says:

    So sweet…and I know they do miss you! Funny, with our unexpected overnighter this week…Abby was fine (because she had Roxanne)….Roxanne on the other hand didn’t eat a bite until Mark came home. She KNEW that something wasn’t right. I think Abby was just happy that Roxanne didn’t go on this trip…bless her little heart.

    Hope you’re having a blast!!

  4. There better be a lot of swag to leave such beautiful kitties.

  5. Sue Brandes says:

    Awww she will be home soon kitties.

  6. Mommy will be home tomorrow. After you collect all your gifts, you can then ignore her and go back to watching squirrels. At least, that’s what we’d do. Purrs and hugs Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  7. Ha ha ha–your Mommy better have treats and presents when she comes home to face the music! Thanks for your good wishes this week–I am feeling waaaaaaaaaay better now!

  8. Flynn says:

    Your mom will have a lot of making up to do to make up for deserting you. I made my mum feel really guilty when they came home from their holidays.

  9. I wish I can have lovely cats like you have. They look so cute. Also, you have amazing photos. Keep on posting! 🙂